6 Powerful Reasons Why the PEN IS MIGHTIER Than Sword

Do you know the reason, why most of the people in the world are saying this thing that, the pen is always sharp and mightier than the sword or knife?

Actually, they are not meaning the sharpness. They mean the power of Pen's nature of WRITING. Yes! Writing has so much power. Writing had changed many countries, it's history, independence freedom, happy living, and many unbelievable things. 

Meantime, the sword or knife can be used to cut things, killing the people, seeing the blood, etc. In the past times, people have used the knife and sword for these purposes only. That means sword and knife are separating things. But the pen is a powerful thing which is connecting everything!

The pen can be used in a positive and negative way too. But in the past decades and now, the pen is the main thing that is been used to help people in many ways. How?

1. Mightier Writing Has Emotions!

Apart from speaking, the pen is mightier and it's writing is another important medium that will pull people and readers' emotions well! It may be in newspapers, books, posters, or anything. When the words were written more clearly and maturely, then it will pull the audience's emotions in an expected way! 

Don't see it like words in Ink. The proper and mature style of writing has tremendous power in making the changes inside the human body & it's chemical reactions. The writing will show the images in mind. The imagination of writing will run as film visuals. So the audience will stick into it deeply. When writing has something towards life-changing or enlightening, then it will make the necessary changes with the reading person for sure! 

2. Mightier Writing Threatens!

That's why even the top government officials, cops, all other people who are working under government and other levels of higher positions are getting afraid about the PRESS AND MEDIA PEOPLE. Because writing about a particular person may destroy any kind of people's entire career in any field as the writing will reach many people and the mentioned person's details will be visible to everyone!

As the pen is mightier & it's writing has more emotions to trigger the people, when a writer purposely planning to destroy someone's career who did a wrong thing and activity, it will threaten everyone who is living their life against the country's law, rules & regulations. As the prison is always there to punish the people who did wrong things, when the writing was published with proof, then not only the career, actually the whole peaceful life of a wrong people will get sentenced.

3. Mightier Writing Gives Fame!

As writing has a very huge impact on making the audience read and getting emotions, the writing people and also the writing mediums has a certain level of readers as their followers or fans. So when the writers and other writing people planning perfectly to writeup about something or someone, then it will reach more people. As a result, they will become a famous person or material among others.

So the readers will come to know about the written details. Further, mentioned persons will get fame around society. Because of the article, news or essay, the people will become famous and also they will grab more opportunities from this society to earn money and fame. So when it is about the common audience in society, they need to know about something to speak about it. To support this, writing gives that popularity everywhere! That's why people say the pen is mightier!

4. Mightier Writing Gives Respect!

Any person can write with a pen or pencil. But all those writing can't get fame or respect. The mature, valuable, and meaningful writing always has a huge fan base around the world. No matter even if you are sitting somewhere unknown. If your writing has emotions, needful maturity, worth content, enlightening knowledge, and more in-depth materials as an explanation, then it will grab all kinds of audiences for sure. 

They will become a fan of you. And also they will start to respect you more because of your brilliancy in writing. Even though if you don't like to show your face to the people, they will turn as your ardent follower for your writing. 

No matter wherever you are, you will be followed by your followers around the world. Your social media platforms, blogs, or any other mediums will grab the huge audience base. The increasing number of the audience says that you are gaining huge respect for your writing as the pen is mightier! 

5. Mightier Writing Can Create Revolution!

When the emotions were triggered by the brilliant writing of the writers, then it can create any kind of revolution! For instance, take JALLIKATTU (The Ancient Heroic Healthy Sport Between the Bulls & Humans) issue. P.E.T.A filed a petition to stop this game from Tamilnadu, India. Actually this is not a painful game to Bulls. 

Due to the international politics on Healthy Milk of A2 by Tamilnadu Cows, and the reproduction of powerful Bulls Breed, milk selling mafias planned to stop it to encourage the unhealthy A1 milk from imported cows to Tamilnadu & India. 

But to save the ancient sport, save the culture and pride of Tamil Society along with healthy A2 milk, because of the media's EMOTIONAL WRITINGS everywhere around world about saving this ancient sport, millions of people gathered in Chennai Marina Beach & their respective places around the world for weeks, did Jallikattu Protest against Government and PETA & finally won the war! As the pen is mightier and the people got emotions, this history was created!

6. Mightier Writing Becomes History!

Swords and knives can kill millions of people. It can be history too. But it will be on the bad side of history. Because killing is always a negative thing. Depending on some situations the positive or negative side will change. But killing is not recommended mostly. 

The written things about the life secrets, tips in ancient medicines, winning ways in spirituality, ancient architectural ideas, universal needful explanations, and all other treasures found by ancient enlightened human beings were saved in writing to help their upcoming generation. 

It stands as history too! If we are finding something useful, then we should pass it to the next generation. But how? Through the writing and visuals only! And it has a huge impact. Taking Notes of history can be done in these ways only. We are getting the treasures and antique clues from this way of writing only, from underwater mysteries and under the soil treasures. 

Whatever we are enjoying in this life is the almsgiving of our past generation's respective and divine people only. They left the earth's treasures to us. They left the secrets and tips to us to live this life in more healthy ways. They wrote and gave all these details as History! So that we are enjoying all of these things by their written guidance! That's why the pen is mightier than the sword, knife, or any other things always!

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