7 QUALITIES: Being a Good Friend What Should You Learn

7 QUALITIES: Being a Good Friend What Should You Learn

About Best Friend & Ways to Be a Good Friend

From homeless people to rich people, everyone has friendship as per their level and wavelength. Friendship can be used for your entertainment needs, dating a best friend with dating signs, business needs, motivational needs, and all other personal and official needs. Every place has many people. If you visit somewhere and you like someone or someone liked you, you both will get into friendship.

Getting friendship is really a good thing. But in this world, as of now, most of the friendships are being used for selfish reasons. They really don't know the real meaning of a good friendship. Using drugs together, traveling the places together, boozing together, sighting girls together, and doing all other useless and harmful activities are not called Friendship. It is a harmful and Useless Coalition

The real faces and the real character of the people will be visible only in your hard times. All of your friends will run away from your bad time. Only mature & valuable people will stay with you at that time! No one will like to face your loss or downfall. All they want is to enjoy until you have energy and money and other needs. Once you lose it, you will lose them. Good friends are hard to find. So how to find a good friend and what are all the best qualities in Good Friendship?

1. Being a Good Friend You Should Scold!

Yes! Being a good friend, you should scold your friend when they do wrong and bad things in their life. Don't hesitate to scold! They should understand the seriousness of the issue. If you always support them in everything, then they will not know the problems and aftermaths of their activities. 

Praise them in the right places, support them in the needful places, and also scold them without mercy when they do something bad and wrong! Even if they don't like it, just do it! Because even if they hate you at the start, and you lose their friendship too, because of the bad results of their activities and life punishments to them, they will value your words later! This is one of the best qualities & signs of a true best friend.

2. Being a Good Friend Advice Them!

Many people don't like advice. But when your friend needs it, you should advise them! Because their illusion mind on something will hide the backend issues as they involved deeply in something. They may not know how to find solutions. 

Being a good friend, 2nd person to your friend's situations & as you are not attached to it, you can easily give them the solution. There is a mature way to give advice. You should follow it and advise your friend. Because your advice should change them in the right way and should make them think about it. They shouldn't hate it! So advise them in the right situations with utmost clarity!

3. Being a Good Friend Be Loyal!

Money and fame will come and go! But loyalty's respect remains forever! Your friend will like you so much and also they will have so much trust in you! Even though if they are not loyal to you, you should be very loyal to them! 

This quality will change the bad people to good people! It is really hard to get loyal people and friendship in this world. So when you be loyal to your friends and also in all other places, then you will gain huge respect and also peaceful living for your loyalty. Even if some people irritate you for your loyalty, you will always feel happiness and peace inside the heart always! Ask your best friend list about it!

4. Being a Good Friend Stay in Hard Times!

Everyone has ups and downs in life. Everyone will have some problems and life-changing issues in their life. So you should realize that, if you are in a safe position, the negative things may enter your life anytime. So when your friend is suffering from health or wealth issues, you should be with them and give your fullest support to win it! Be a motivational best friend always! This will be a good gift for best friend.

Don't expect anything in return from them. Because if you have expectations, if they won't support you in the future, then you will feel so bad and broken. So do the good without expecting anything in return. This quality will always save you from any kind of issues by keeping safety for your needs always. I mean, you will not expect anyone to support you as you are always ready with the needful things.

5. Being a Good Friend Teach Good Things!

Everyone is learning something daily in our life. Something you know, your friend may not know. All the experiences are called life! Some experiences will have more pain and it costs so much money to cross it. So don't give the same bitter experience to your friend. 

Being a good friend, you should take care of them by teaching good things from your learning experience. This will make them avoid the same mistakes in their life. Apart from highly confidential secrets, you can teach the needful life lessons & worthy life experiences to your friend always! Teach them more without Ego or Pride, and they will love you like anything! In this way, you can be an inspirational best friend always.

6. Being a Good Friend Don't Be Selfish!

This is a Good line for friend! Always love to spend for your friend. Don't keep so many secrets. Don't be selfish in all other things. Because when they come to know that you are hiding something with them, it will bring conflicts and gaps between your friendship. So, find a worthy & same wavelength friend first. 

Once you trusted and start to share with them from ideas to everything, that is called transparency. This is the mentality of GIVING & it is a very rare nature in friendship. Give them their needs if you have! At the same time, helping a friend is not always good. Because it will make them lazy! Teach them to earn it by their own selves too! This will give them self-respect and self-confidence!

7. Being a Good Friend Don't Depend on Them!

A good friendship doesn't need dependency always. If you always depending on your friend for something, then you will lose your uniqueness and quality. You will indirectly lose your efficiency and ability. So being a good friend, don't depend on your friends always. 

You should run your life track separately and keep your self-respect alone. For your good life, you can expect help from your friend. That is not a problem. They will like to help you too! But don't be dependent on them always! 

It will irritate any common person. So live with your ideas, plans, resources, and also your self-respect. This will lead to a long time healthy friendship and they will say "Thanks for being a Good Friend" till their last breathe! Goodlife bring a friend with love and respect.

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