5 DIFFICULTIES: The Real Extreme Yoga Challenge

5 DIFFICULTIES: The Real Extreme Yoga Challenge!

Extreme Yoga Challenge

Yogam, Yoga & Yogasanas (Tamil Names) are the very great and best boon from our ancient Enlightened Gurus (Teachers) to the people for the great and healthy living. Researches say that these highly powerful and irreplaceable ART was found by Tamilian (Indian) saints, spiritual people, and gurus. The people who learn this art, when they follow and practice the actual techniques taught by their current yoga gurus, will live for a long life span with a healthy body and soul.

Yogasanas are being practiced for a healthy body! Yogam & Yoga both are being practiced for the inside body LIFE (Soul). 

People generally call it Yoga. So we also let's call it Yoga for your better understanding. The person who is regularly practicing this without any gap, they can prevent aging and all other diseases. Because the Yoga will induce the cells to work and regenerate it in a needful way. The blood flow in the body will go properly. And clarity about life also will come.

Because when a person controls his body and mind with the regular practice of Yoga, then they can control the actual reality. Because the mature Yogic people know very well that, our body is the mini form of the great universe. The real extreme yoga challenge starts here. How?

To realize the self, people are mainly practicing Vipassana, Vaasi Yoga, Navakanda Yoga, Pariyanga Yoga, Siddha Vidya, Kriya Yoga, Hatha yoga, Atma Visaram, Atma Dhyana, Gymnastic yoga, Acro Yoga & more. 

So after continuous practice when they realize the self and world illusion and control their body, then they can easily create or change the actual reality in life! That's why the enlightened people and mature people always request common people to practice Yoga on a daily basis! 

Because, as they had experienced healthy results, physic powers, high level willpower, and also the supernatural powers through high-end deep Yoga practices, they want this world to know their fullest potential. They want to give liberation from everything! That's why they are continuously saying us to practice Yoga to live life in a very clear and happiest way without any depression, stress, or any other problems! 

When this clarity comes out about the self, then you will know the entire universe's truth from a sitting place! That is the power of yoga! 

I am not saying all these. 

Thousands of spiritually enlightened people are saying the same thing! The destination is the same. But the routes only different. Yoga's benefits are unexplainable and it won't fit in a small list as it will go till the universe ends! So I hope you got a little clarity about Yoga now. 

When you decide to learn yoga and practice it daily in your life, then you will face some difficulties. To come out of it and getting the ultimate results from yoga will be really tough if you don't have maturity and understanding about it. 

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But do you know what is the real extreme yoga challenge? How it feels? How will it give its toughness in real life? It will only come when you practice Yoga in your daily life. What are all those? Let's see!

1. The Main Yoga Challenge is Consistency!

You may learn easily the yoga and its process from videos or direct yoga teachers. They also will teach you to get the benefits for yourself. Because all they need is your care and their expectation of your success in it. 

Some yoga teachers will get money and teach you. Some other yoga teachers will teach you freely without any cost. If you learn yoga without cost, then there are many possibilities for your lethargic attitude to stop practicing yoga as it came free. Some other people even paid for it, they are leaving yoga because of their worst laziness

So money or free not a problem. Your mind is only a problem! Millions of people are losing their interest easily in the daily practice of yoga. Some people completely forgetting it. So the first and main extreme yoga challenge will be your CONSISTENCY! If you fail in this, you won't get the miracle highest results!

2. Expecting Quick Results in a Short time!

Many people do this foolish mistake. Because the humans' mind was programmed like that by the humans itself. They always expect the benefits first. But no one is ready to give the needful commitment to the needful outcome! 

You can't expect the fruit on the same day of sowing the Seed! You have to give the needful time and wait for it!

Yes, yoga is so powerful and it will cure many diseases in body and mind problems too! Yes, it will give clarity about life! Yes, it will make you realize yourself too! Yes, it will give you miracle supernatural powers too as you were made out of Atoms. But what is the big deal in this extreme yoga challenge? 

One Practice! Same Practice! And Regular Practice! 

Do the duty first... The result will automatically come to you! Thinking always about the results will disappoint you. And also you will go out of the track by expecting quick results. It's not possible in this way of urgency dear!

3. Fast Yoga Practices Will Make Nerve Problems!

Yes! Don't rush in Yoga practice! This will be an extreme yoga challenge. If you make urgent in doing yoga, then some of your nerves and bones may get crack. There are more possibilities for the blood block in the flow too! Weeks of sprain problems also will come. It is not a game or play for urgent! You should do it with full concentration and also with needful patience. 

If you do it just like that as work or job without involvement, then you will get affected by it badly. That's why saying, be gentle, mature, calm, and patient while doing yoga! Don't do it like a commitment. Do it with full of passion and acceptance! If you fail in this, you will get affected badly.

4. Destroying the Ego is Very Biggest Part!

This is a very extreme yoga challenge to be won! Some people are doing regular yoga practice and as a result, they are getting many health and wealth benefits from it. More deeply to say, some yogis are getting some supernatural powers also. But badly to say, after they reach some higher level in mind and special abilities, the Ego also will grow to a higher level. They are feeling as special.

So these kinds of people won't respect other people and also they will see all other people like cheap and worthless. When this kind of Ego comes, then there is no use of getting all those abilities and benefits. Because the bad Karmas will follow them. 

Even though they reach higher levels in Yoga, they can't go to the final stage of BEATIFIED. So it is so important to Notice your Ego and continuously try to destroy it. I am not saying you speak with all and care for all the people. I am just saying you respect everyone in your mind first. When it sprouts, then everything will travel to higher levels positively! You can call it extreme yoga challenge...

5. Keeping Secrets of Yoga Experiences!

This very very important in practicing higher level yoga practices. When the people go deeper and deeper in their meditative state or other yoga methods, their Kundalini energy awakening, third eye opening, or other Chakras will get activated. As a result, the people will get supernatural powers as per their body condition and the blessings of the existence. 

Exactly to say, many yogis can come out from their physical body and travel anywhere around the universe with their Astral Body, within seconds creating gold from iron or other objects, exactly predicting the past and the future too, giving life to dead humans and other dead creatures, disappearing in one place and appear in another place within seconds, appear in more places in the same time with same look and body or different bodies, flying on the air, walking on the water, going into fire & more!

There are thousands of people living with this kind of power in current society. But they won't talk so much or reveal anything! So when you get this kind of power through your consistent and deep yoga practices, you should keep the secret with you! 

If you fail, the powers will go out from you. And you may not get the same again. Because the universe always loves to keep the secret and it will give this kind of treasures only to the valuable, reputed, and committed Yogis. Don't underestimate the existence and its power! Isn't it one of the extreme yoga challenge?

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