4 Healthy Things to Note When KISSING With LIP GLOSS

4 Healthy Things to Note When KISSING With LIP GLOSS

Kissing With Lip Gloss

Marry a Man who often wastes your Lip Stick & Lip Gloss! Not your Mascara!

The lovely care of a girl with a boy will make him travel and live more peacefully and happily! Exact term to say, "HAPPILY"! Because girls are the most beautiful creation in this world. Their beauty, impressive girl attitude, and their girly nature will make a boy fly immediately in the air! Yes, that kind of feel-good experience a boy will have when a girl cares him with most romantic and caring intention.

That's why till now, the boys are longing for girls and that pleasure. Love and Lust both are different from girls and boys. But when a girl overflows her love on a boy and when it turns as lust, then that enjoyment can't be described in words! Because that experience will be the most unique and memorable one in your life with a hot lip kiss!

Girls caring have many types. Girl caring for her father and mother is different. When a girl cares about her siblings, that is different. At the same time, when a girl cares about her friends and strangers that is also different. But when a girl cares about her husband or boyfriend, that is completely different! 

Love is the same. But the limitations and precautions are there in relationships!

So when a girl cares about her boyfriend or husband, the love, care, affection, and lust everything will go beyond the limit! She can shower her love or lust as per her need. That kind of freedom and power is there to express in this relationship! In this case, love or lust with her beloved guy, KISSING has the greatest part to take the relationship into more levels! 

When a girl always loves to kiss a boy, then it means that she likes him so much. So that she is kissing him often even without any reason!

A good and long kiss burns many calories! Most romantic and conscious kissing cures stress and depression! Often kissing in lips, and in all other parts makes the human body to feel the pleasure! As a result, it will lead to lovely living, caring intention, understanding each other, and also the satisfaction in the relationship! Love and Lust also won't end in this way of often kissing! It will be so healthy forever!

When we talk about girls kissing boys, there is one thing to note on her lips. That is called LIP GLOSS! Girls putting lip gloss for impressive look and the pulling up romance. Positively the lip glosses seduce the men mostly! 

Many boys are always like to see the girls with lip gloss as it gives some eye-catchy pleasure experience. Many girls love to kiss her beloved person with her lip gloss. Boys also lovably accepting lip gloss and kissing with it. So what are all the main things that girls and women should note when kissing with lip gloss?

1. Note Your Partner's Desire/Will

Lip gloss is really lovely and impressive to see. It will seduce the men well! No doubts about that! Many men love it. But there are more men who don't like it too! Yeah! If you really love to take your relationship to a healthy stage, then you should understand your beloved person's desires, especially in Dating things and in all other ROMANTIC THINGS! 

Because romance, love, and lust are the most needful things in this world. If a man didn't get a sufficient and fulfilled feel from it, then he will hate you! Some men don't like lip gloss completely. Some other men don't like the lips gloss only in kissing time because of taste, health reasons, or unexplainable intention. 

So when you are kissing with lip gloss, you should sense your partner's desire and will about it! If they like it, then proceed without hesitation. If they don't like it, you can notice it in their facial expressions or reactions. If you want to know more clear about it, ask them directly about the comfortability in kissing with lip gloss! If they don't like it, then remove it and kiss with full of love and romance in mutual understanding!

2. Note Your Own Thoughts & Mind

Perhaps if you came to know that your partner doesn't like your lip gloss completely or in kissing time, your own mind will see the Ego! Yes! Because of his hatefulness with lip gloss, you may hate him too for his intention. 

So when he says you to remove it, without seeing Ego or seeing your self-satisfaction, remove it! Mainly you should note your mentality and thought process when he says NO to your kissing with lip gloss! Because your mind will hate it and will make the romantic session into an irritating session. So it is a much-needed thing to note your thoughts and mind when he says NO to kissing with lip gloss. 

When you feel tense or irritated because of his NO, you should calm your own mind by saying, fulfilling the partner's need and GIVING MENTALITY in a relationship is most important to enjoy the life long pleasure and benefits! 

So be mature, be in the mentality of giving, easily accept his desires without seeing Ego, and mainly give the fullest satisfaction in Kissing! If you follow these, then he won't leave you forever and respect your acceptance and maturity in the relationship!

3. Note Lip Gloss' Unharming Level

Even though if you are using costly lip gloss, it will be definitely made with light chemicals. Without chemicals, they can't produce the product in high quantities. Many cosmetic companies are mainly valuing money only! Not the health care of consumers. So they will need a profit only. Even though some sellers will say like, the lip gloss is very natural and organic, please don't trust it completely. 

Research more and buy the best one which is not harmful. As the lips are directly connected to the inside body, whatever we eat or do lip to lip kiss it will go easily inside the body. So if there are so many chemicals mixed and you are using it daily, it will spoil your own health first. 

Further in love and lust, as kissing has a very important part when your partner is kissing you with lip gloss, it will affect his health too! So always beware of the cosmetic products that you are using! Especially when it has direct contact with lips!

4. Realize the Importance of Lip Gloss

Many girls and women are using lip gloss without knowing the actual need and importance. Just for beauty related things & sexy lip locking, the girls are using it and also kissing with lip gloss. But sadly to say, 

Lipstick and Lip glosses have more Dangers and Toxic Metals, says webmd.com 

It may be, kiss broadway lip gloss, jellicious lip gloss, kissing potion lip gloss, kiss beauty matte lip gloss, kissing fruit gloss, kiss me lip gloss, hot lips kissing fruit lip balm, flavored lip gloss for kissing or anything! If you are using it just for impression, once you impressed someone in your life, then try to avoid it thereafter. Living a life with health is more important than living with self-earned diseases by ignorance.

I am not saying you to avoid completely. Just use lip glosses in the functions, parties are other important occasions. Don't use it in daily life or don't do often kissing with lip gloss as it is a slow poison!

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