3 GOD FACTS: Do Humans Need Meat?

3 GOD FACTS: Do Humans Need Meat?

Do Humans Need Meat?

If you ask me this question, I would say that I am not sure about humans; But definitely, the animals, birds and all other creatures completely hate it! And they are cursing you for themselves being killed!

Size & Colour only different with all creatures included humans. But the life is same for all!

Do you know really why are we eating the meat? If you go behind this question deeply, then you will find the deep answers clearly! Because your family and past ancestors were eating it. They taught you this to eat meat. Only because of their teaching in meat are you eating? No definitely!

Because you love the taste! Moreover, the doctors and the majority of the Non-Vegetarian people are saying that the meat is having healthy proteins and all other vitamins. 

I am not denying that! 

But do you know what? There are more vegetables and veg related items have more vitamins than meat! Did you hear about it?

The main problem with human society is, people are following the things what is been continuously saying by the majority of people, even if it is bullshit and completely wrong! But they won't consider the truth and healthiness. For instance,

Running is Good for health! Yes it is! But do you know, if a fat person runs continuously on the Ground without practice, they will get nerve and spinal cord problems!

Same like this, people are misunderstanding the truths with common sayings

The main problem in Food and everything is, they are just following the majority of people's activities. But they are not using their own 6th sense and analyzing the facts. When a person uses 6th sense, then they will open the deep side of the knowledgeable living! But people are not doing it.

Do you know what is the main reason behind it? The laziness and the Glamourous attraction of Luxury living even if it has many health and life problems. The affected people even in small age only know the value of life and the problems of their ignorance. So we should use our brain and knowledge to analyze everything to live life in a more efficient and safe way.

Is Eating Meat Bad For You?

Do humans need meat? I am not going to say the scientific reasons behind it. But let me tell you some of the main and needful clarity about eating meat with humanity and the care on other living creatures. To say this, we no need to be a member of P.E.T.A, Blue cross or other NGO organizations. A little care with little clarity about this earth is more than enough to discuss this.

Firstly, put yourself in the place of animals and birds which are we killing to eat! Without Seeing Ego and mercy, you have to put yourself in that place and see it. Then only you will come to know the pain and truth!

In this birth, you born as a human. Suppose if you were born as Goat, what will you face? 

Yes, being a goat you will have goat mother and goat father. And also you will have fellow goat siblings too. Being a goat you will think that this beautiful earth was created for you too! And you too born here to enjoy this world's resources from the place of goat as per your needs. And you thought the 6th sense human creatures were born to care you.

But what will you do if someone takes you harshly and with cruelness cut your head and kill in all other ways to eat you? Did you give any permission? Or god said it? No! Do you accept this end of your life while you are happily living your life as a goat here? Not at all! 

You will cry like anything before you die! 

Because you too have eyes. You too have legs, mouth, brain, heart, liver and everything! Which means, being a goat you born to live here with all organs same like humans. But humans are killing you to eat. Being a goat you too have feelings and pain. There are more scientific proofs for that! 

The only problem is you don't have any communication language to speak with humans. And they are killing you easily! Isn't it so worst and cruel activity of humans? Even if you are a chicken, pig or other creature, this is the same scenario to all!

You may say, some people are using "HALAL" and killing with the acceptance of God without pain! There is nothing like that. If you say this, it will be like,

Asking your fellow human friend that, Close you eyes dear... Because I am going to cut your neck and kill you! It is going to pain only for some minutes, and you will die forever!

Will your human friend accept it? Or will you do it with your friend? No right? Because it is called stupidity! We have hands to care, not to kill! We have the mouth to speak good, not to preach killing of other creatures.

As the goat, chicken, pig, cow, bull and all other creatures don't have communication language or their welfare society to complaint you to get justice, we are killing and eating everything that we like! This is completely injustice and God won't forgive this sin! 

The karma will follow badly! Understand that, all the creatures' feeling will hit the universe hardly and it will get them a right justice! Yes, it may be not in society law, but it is in God's law! Life lessons of COVID-19 are the best example of that!

Then Do we need Meat to Survive?

Not at all! Flexitarian also not recommended! In fact, there are more healthy things and vitamins are in Veg items! 

You may ask me then,

In the question of "Do humans need meat", Plants and Trees also have life. Aren't we killing by plucking those and eating in Vegetarian food? From organic farming itself?

Yes, a sensible question. Actually, we are not killing the trees. If we are completely cutting them, then it is wrong. Being humans, we should encourage the counts of trees and plants for Greenery living. 

In this case, if we are getting the fruits, leaves and other useful things from it, then it is called the production of the trees. If you leave it, it will go waste. The fallen fruit won't grow as a tree. The eaten fruit's seed by birds, elephants and all other creatures only growing as trees!

Other birds and animals can eat other birds and creatures. Because it is in the food chain and also it doesn't have 6th sense. But we humans have it and we should use it wisely! 

More clearly to say, assume that your house is on fire. And you are keeping a cat and parrot as your pets. While the home is on fire, will you take the pets out first to keep safe or will you take fruits and vegetables out from the fridge to keep safe as it also has a life?

Isn't it foolish? 

Yes, because you itself know the value of the real living life! That's why you are taking out the pets always and not even considering anything inside the house. So do humans need meat?

We may say any silly reasons to become a brilliant person to keep our place safe to eat the meat again and again just for taste. 

Because we don't have the courage to face the truth as we got addicted to the taste of the meat. If we see justice, we have to leave the habit of eating meat. That's why our mind is not accepting the truth and it always wants the taste. The stomach doesn't need taste actually! Only your mind expects it! Not even your tongue. Because the memory of the taste was stored in your mind. That is only inducing you to eat often!

More clearly to say, can you eat chicken, goat or any other kinds of meat alone without adding any other salt, masala, or added taste flavours? 

You can't right? Then why do humans need to eat meat?

Because you know well that, the meat is only the rubber even if it was fried or cooked without adding extra tasty flavours. So understand that meat is not giving the taste! It is only like Rubber! Flavours give a taste. All these days you were thinking that meat is giving the taste. But it is an absolute lie of your mind

If you use your knowledge well, you will find the truths and you have to leave the useless things in your life. Your mind won't like it. That's why it is not leaving you in the way of wisdom.

So that the enlightened people are saying that, your mind is your main enemy first! You have to understand it first to know it's cheap playing. Once you get the gradual understanding of it, then you will rule wherever you are!

So whatever other people say, live life by seeing the ethics and morals. You no need to be a good person always. But the ethical and moral way of living means, living life without harming others! Especially you should be very careful with the innocent beings. 

As they don't have the source to explain their injustice, you have to be very careful and mature to handle those things. Because it will turn so bad in your life! If you have more efficiency and talent than other people and creatures mean, it was given you to care for others! Not to destroy others!

The maturity and humanity exactly start when you start to see everything as you!

How can it happen and how can you see everything like that?

I said earlier in my previous posts that everything is the formation of cells and atoms. The atoms are the same in all over the universe. In this case, Goat, Fish, Pig, Bull, Crocodile, Chicken, Chair, Car, TV and everything in this universe are the same here, because of the formation of Atoms! 

So, do humans need meat? I say No! Not at all! After knew this truth, many humans stopped eating meat. With humanity and the care towards other living things, don't expect the benefits of not eating meat! You should be in the mentality of Giving! And also don't get fooled by seeing the outlook of the things and creatures by your ignorance!

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