How Can I PROTECT MYSELF Without Weapons & Martial Arts?

How Can I PROTECT MYSELF Without Weapons & Martial Arts?

How Can I Protect Myself?

In this daily life, you won't go to fight with everyone every day. If you are such a person who is intentionally going to fight with other people physically or mentally, then this post is NOT for you! 

I am completely writing this post for the common people who want to save their life from unnecessary fights. In very rare cases only, the physical fight will come to a person unexpectedly. At that moment, if you don't know martial arts or any other self-defense practices to protect you, you can't win in that fight. Sometimes you can win in it too. It's all are depending on the situation of the opposite person.

Assume that you are a shopkeeper. At that time some robber is coming with a knife or gun to steal something in your shop. They may threaten you by showing the weapon. You may not know any self-defense thing to protect you. But at that moment, by using your mind and smart physical activities you can save yourself from that robbery. There are more example videos to this on YouTube and Vimeo.

How it happened? The situation & destiny decide your life along with your smartness and decision making. 

Now, I am coming to tell you to save yourself from useless and painful fights with others. How these fights are happening mostly? That is mainly because of the different thoughts, conflicts in thinking, loose talk in speaking, lethargic activities that will lead to anger, intentionally looking for dangerous things like speaking badly about politicians or bad people, controversial discussion about powerful people, etc, etc.

If you are talking something like this, you may get famous easily among people, as most of the people are afraid to talk about it. But there is no guarantee for your well being and safety for a long life span! 

I am going to tell you some needful and important safety precautions in this daily life to protect yourself. People say it, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! If you keep the distance from certain people and topics, that doesn't mean that you are getting afraid! It means you are avoiding the useless and time-wasting bullshits. Because

Avoiding certain people and things to protect your emotional mental health and physical health are not a weakness; It's WISDOM!
I hope you got my point! Further, when I mention the term as FIGHTS, you take it as speaking & physical fights both. Ok, Let's go in detail now...

1. Control Your Anger Outbursts!

The main reason for the fights is your anger only! If you don't know to control your anger outbursts, it will create chaos & fights immediately. Because the common people are mostly living with ignorance. So if they are seeing you with the idiotic activities or irritating anger, even though if you are right, you will end up with the fight. So you have to learn to handle your tension and anger mainly! Did you notice my word? I said you to control! Don't suppress your anger!

Because when you try to suppress it, then it will get stored in the body's parts and also in mind. The more you suppress your anger, the more it will burst out somewhere! You should also understand that anger is the DISEASE! Not nature! It won't go away just like that if you don't know the way to handle it! When you are enough mature to control your mental emotions, then you will go far away from useless tensions and fights in daily life! Protect yourself easily from many life problems in this way!

2. Avoid Painful Words!

To protect yourself, apart from anger, when you speak with someone, if you use the irritating words it will pull someone's anger automatically. They may be completely wrong and bad people too. But that is none of your business. You must save yourself first. Because when the fight rises with you both, then the shame will come to you too! Isn't it useless? 

So you should speak very politely and also carefully! Always be careful with your words! Because of the usage of the wrong and painful words many people lost their own life, their beloved person's life, and also some of them went to jail. Because the hitting and painful words will manipulate the mind of anyone and it will make them go crazy. As a result, it will end up with very bad and painful results.

3. Don't Go Behind Controversial Things!

This thing is more dangerous. In the starting, it may be like the most familiar thing among people. But completely there are many loopholes for yourself get portrayed cheaply later. Don't underestimate the people who are all watching you. Depending on your words and character, they will judge yourself easily. 98% of people are not a Buddha or Mother Teresa here to accept yourself or words. 

Even though you enjoy the benefits of controversial things involved in the start, you will definitely worry and hate yourself one day because of this activity when you realize the deep mistake. Moreover when you enter this kind of thing, then definitely the people who are all connected to the topic, will come back to you with vengeance! One day you will realize PEACE & HAPPINESS are more important than money and fame!

4. Don't Dominate Others Always!

You may be in higher position or some other cases you may not. If you have the ability and position, use it for the right and good things to raise yourself and also others positively. Don't misuse it. When you dominate others with your words and attitude, no one will like it. Till some point, they will hear and do the works for namesake. But after some point, they will burst out when you cross the limit. 

This is a very common and universal truth. So don't dominate others even if you are more brilliant and efficient! Instead of showing dominancy, show love and affection to get your works done. It is really hard to show love always because of the bad activities of others. So you can show anger and dominancy sometimes to save your respect and save the position of something. But it shouldn't be your all-time character when you like to protect yourself from chaos.

5. Don't Do Back Talking!

If you want to speak something about someone, do it straightly! Don't do it behind their back even if it Good or Mainly Bad! Because no one will like it! Your straightforward talking in important things will bring you more respect and also it will set the situation more calm and cool after some time. 

But if you do back talking about someone badly, then if they come to know that by chance, you will be suffered badly by fights. You will lose your reputation too! Don't try to save your good character. I am telling you to save your inner peace in all situations by attached to nothing and connected to everything! 

6. Consider Other People's Situation Too!

This is a very very important thing in wisdom. Don't always think from your side. You have to think about the situations from the opposite person's side too. When you come to this understanding, then they will respect you more! Because it is really hard to behave like this in unexpected situations. 

But when you train your mind and speaking style to behave politely and maturely, then this whole universe will come forward to support you and your needs. Even your enemy will do good for you! All you need to do is, don't be selfish always. Consider other people's situations, thoughts, and respect always. When you live your life like this, then no one will like to leave you! They will love you like anything even in your worst situations.

7. Spend For Others Happily!

This is the greatest secret of all enlightened masters! Yes, this universe will give you after seeing your good and bad. So when you are in the mentality of helping others and spend on their needs, then they will get happy and bless you. Even if they are kids, their blessings matter a lot! Their happy smile and fulfillment will get the needful things for you from Existence. 

So don't be stingy and selfish always. You will only take the Good & Bad karmas only after you die. Not your money or properties! Keep it in your mind always. Especially to say, when you come to this realm of helping others, then the invisible protection shield will start to save you from any kind of bad situation in life. Even your competitors will start to love you personally because of your good things with society. This will ultimately save you and protect yourself from the bad people.

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