1 Calm Way for How to WALK FOR DEPRESSION


Walk for Depression

Walking 30 minutes a day has more health benefits to humans. But currently sad to say, even though the people know that, there are more health reasons and benefits in walking, they are not valuing it. As their body is working and running daily without any problems, they are thinking that, This is more than enough.

But actually, they don't know that, when the body stops running and started to get illnesses one by one because of non-caring the body and soul, after some point, they will feel ill and get into realization towards caring the body.

If we see the health benefits of walking, it will take many posts to discuss in detail. As the walking gives the workout to the legs and also to some other body parts, it is working like a LUBRICATION SERVICE to the body organs. People should understand that if you are working and able to live in this life without body problems till now mean, it is because of your health condition and the age factor. 

But understand that, your body won't work like this same for a long time. Like you are caring for your personal laptop, bike, and all other accessories' healthy operational condition, it is more important to take care of your body too! 

With your body only you are living in this world, enjoying the benefits and pleasures through your body and doing all other needful things in this world. So you must take care of it first then all other things and earning money! Even if you have earned millions, without a healthy body you can't enjoy it and you will feel it as CURSE!

Without a healthy body, you can't enjoy anything in this world. Even if you are in spirituality and hating this world and fakeness, to go the deeper level of self-realization and seeing the ATMAN (SOUL), you should keep your body alive, safe, and healthy!

Without Wall, You Can't Draw The Portrait!

To take care of the body, there are more things like all Kinds of Exercises, Yogasanas, Breathing Practices, Jogging, Running, Cycling, Going Gym, and all other things. 

You no need to do all these things for healthy living. If you are following any one thing continuously, it will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this, Walking has some important part in health benefits. 

Especially to say, SLOW WALKING WILL REDUCE DEPRESSION. Do you know how? Let's see the connection between slow walking and depression!

Note : Normal walking is different! But the walking for depression is different!

Because in normal walking you will consider health and body benefits. So you may walk as much as you can. You will also walk speedily to finish. But when you walk for depression, you should feel each and every food step and also make your emotions and tensions to come out with the comfortable breathing! 

Walking speed should be very comfortable and also slow. Don't rush! Avoid brisk walking. It should be easy going flow walking! I mean, you should be like slow going water!

You can be a morning walker or nightwalker too, to get this benefit. But avoid the noontime if you feel sunny and exhausted.

You may be walking at home or no matter where you walk! You should start walking in a peaceful place without seeing your prestige level or life status. Take a vehicle somewhere nearby your place. Don't go so far. Just to your nearby place. It should be calm and connected with nature and trees. 

The place no need to be like a ground or big area. The small place also ok! But it should be calm and cool to look and feel. Perhaps if you are getting high-level ground also it is ok!

When you walk there, mostly avoid taking your mobile phone, wallet, costly ornaments, and all other supportive things with you! If possible, leave all those things in your home itself. Or if you have a car, keep it in the dashboard or other safe place.

You should be Alone! Like you born in this world alone and going out of this world alone!

The reason why I am saying this means, You will feel alone and also empty in hand and mind! This empty hand feel will set your mind free and teach you many truths about life! That is the benefit of walking in this way.

The moment when you realize the power of being alone, you will hate the Gold Mine too if it appears in front of you!

After some maturity, you will come to know that, there is no company better than your own self! And you will feel the whole world and people are fake! 

After your slow waking, thoughts will come and go. You can't stop it & you no need to fight against it too. But you should feel free and start to feel it and experience it by open-minded.

Mainly you should think that, when you are going to walk for depression, tell yourself that, for the next 30 minutes, 1 hour or more as per your fixed time, even the earthquake, flood, or hurricane comes, you will not drop the plan of walking before finishing! I mean, your mind should be completely on walking only! Don't worry about anything! 

Yes, you may be in the tension, irritation, depression, and more negative things in mind. It is not a matter at all! 

While walking, leave your footwear somewhere, and walk freely. Feel each and every step that you place on the ground! Feel the fresh oxygen that you are inhaling! See the available things, trees, plants, and all other creatures around you. Don't consider your thoughts or problems. For some time, do what I said above! Same as I said! 

If possible, go to the tree, dog, or any other unharming things or creatures. Without urgency or namesake instruction follower, with wholeheartedly touch them, feel them, smell them, and speak with them! Even if you are not getting any replies from it, just do it!

Because your depression will come as exhaling air and get converted to Love & Care towards other creatures and things. At the start you may feel crazy. But you will feel light and stress-free at the end!

Don't worry about your surrounding or anything! 

If you need instant peace and happiness, you need to do it! Watching people won't come to help you! The audience is already in so many problems. They don't know the way to come out of it. But you have found a good remedy for depression! So use it properly & don't consider anyone!

Understand that, feelings are temporary! You can't hold it for a long time! 

In daily life, depending on seeing visuals in reality and thinking in mind visuals, it will change from time to time! You only giving life to your emotions by considering and holding! If you are not considering your emotions, it will come and pass just like that! From depression or any other emotions, you only holding it! If you freely leave it, the emotions will pass away. 

So while walk for depression, many thoughts,  depression related things, and other memories will come. Don't worry about it! You can't control your emotions as the subconscious mind storage has more memories. 

From you born all you saw, heard & felt was stored in you! Your mind storage only became as your CHARACTER now. So depending on your memories, the emotions will flow. You no need to react for each and every thought that is coming from you. 

If you react, it will convert as emotions and you will get to the stage of experience the emotions.

Let the emotions come when you are in depression. Feel it for some seconds and let it pass. Don't hold it while you walk for depression! This is the most important rule in walking for depression.

While walking, don't be in the mentality of going home soon or going out of the place. Commit yourself fully with full of desire to come across. When you walk, the emotions will come out as tears, body pain, or other emotions. Don't worry about it and don't try to stop it. Let it come out

It means that you are making a way to peace. When the bad comes out, then the peace will occupy your mind and heart!

All you need to do is, walk slowly by watching your footsteps and seeing all other things, with full of consciousness for some time!

Now the last main thing is, after you walk, sit in a comfortable and clean place for some time. Now close your eyes and start watching your breath! It is not like meditation. You no need to do any other things, same as meditation

Just watch your each and every inhaling and exhaling slowly and consciously! Continuously and calmly do it for some time.

In the starting stage, your mind will tell you to get up fast. Don't do that. Take a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Don't see the time while you watching your breath. Concentrate fully on your breathing. Many thoughts will come. Don't consider it. Just watch your breath!

There are no recommended steps per day in this method. It depends on your wish. 

Mainly don't do it like a power walking or other walking exercise! And this is not that kind of walking for weight loss too! Mind it...

It should be in the flow freely! Once you finished all of these things, you will feel the peace and pleasure instantly. Because the calm nature and surrounding, stress-free walking, touching and speaking with other living things and creatures, conscious breathing will break your mind blocks of any emotions and make your mind enter into the state of peace.

Depression is the STATE OF MIND. Understand that, emotions are not permanent! This life also not permanent! So when you realize this truth and live, then you will take all other things very easily in life. Perhaps if you feel hard to come to this kind of "LETTING GO" mentality in life, you can do this walk for depression whenever you need it!

It will positively give you relief from depression!

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