7 Importance & Role of Sense of Humor in Our Life

7 Importance & Role of Sense of Humor in Our Life

What is the Importance of Humor?

Sense of humor is the most needed thing for everyone. If someone doesn't know to speak with, sense of humor then at least they know to smile and laugh at comical situations. If you don't know to laugh or if you are purposely avoiding the situations to laugh, then you will get more stress and depression in your life. So it is a much-needed thing to laugh at yourself and also in front of others when you feel it humorous. 

Humor has excellent and ultimate power in common human life. It will convert anything very easily. Also, it will grab the audience's attention very easily. Moreover, if you know to speak with humor, then you will easily earn your fan base. Because the humor will enter into people's minds and hearts very easily. As a result, you can achieve your needs in your daily life. And also you will feel comfortable wherever you are, as you have the great material called HUMOR which will entertain anyone at once!

1. Convincing Is Very Easy!

The main role and importance of humor are, when you speak to someone, it will take more time to make people understand your words. At the same time, if you are a humorous person, within some of the humor words you will impress them very easily. They will love to hear from you more. Because you made them listen by your sense of humor. 

Even though you are far away from the topic, your way of approach with sense of humor will convince people like a piece of cake. Humor has that magic! Because it will entertain people. Whenever the people are getting entertained, then they are forgetting the reality and entering to the BLISS. Even if it is for a second, you actually made it happen!

2. Can Change The Situations Upside Down!

Many people are getting confused when they got stuck in between conflicts and bad situations. In that kind of situation, if you are a humorous person, then you can use your sense of humor brilliantly depending on a person. So you can change the entire situation upside-down which will be favorable to you!

Yes, even if you couldn't completely come out of that bad situation, you will at least safeguard your position, and also you will get respect there. Humor means brilliancy too! Because without brilliancy, you can't crack a joke in worst situations as you will suffer more badly! So know the importance of humor and react on behalf of that.

3. Less Stress & Less Depression Life!

Even though if you are a humorous person, you can't come out of stress and depression life completely until you learn the reality of the actual life and its truth. But being a humorous person, you can live your life with very low-level stress and depression. Yes! Because you will easily handle the things in your daily life with your sense of humor. 

Wherever you go, you will gain your audience. As a result, you will make things easy for you. When something happens fast and easy to you positively, then you will feel light. Moreover, being a humorous person you will love other people's jokes and comedy. That nature will lead you to laugh more. So you will keep distance always from stress and depression in life.

Those people who don't know to laugh and maintaining some level of prestige, paying thousands of dollars monthly in recreation and welfare clubs and often attending the LAUGHTER THERAPHY to handle their tension, anxiety, stress and depression! 

Isn't it a pity in the importance of humor?

4. Humor Makes You Special Everywhere!

Yes! When you deal with things with your humor sense, then you will automatically gain your set of audience. They will turn as your fans too. As a result, you will be like a celebrity to them always. They will always expect your presence to get entertained. 

It is such a gift of god. So you also should use it to entertain your circle of people. Don't make them disappointed. If possible, particularly get prepared for those entertaining moments. So when you see the people with your nice jokes and humor things, they won't leave you forever!

5. Mainly You Can Handle Your Wife Easily!

The biggest problem nowadays with every man is, handling the wife! In this case, if you are a humorous person, even if you did mistakes in your life when your wife comes to know it, then the bomb will get blasted at home. 

To avoid it, you can use your sense of humor. Even the situation is very worst and bad, when you know to use your humor appropriately which is matching to the situation, then she will laugh just like that. Even though if she is not laughing, your humor will change your wife's mood automatically towards forgetting it! Same as that, you can run your life easily with your wife.

6. You Will Get The Blessings of God!

This is a very important truth! Whenever you make someone happy, then that thing will get counted in God's Good Books. Because God always wants someone to make someone happy. Happiness can come in any way. In this case, very importantly your sense of humor will make someone get happiness instantly! 

It means you are spending your valuable time to make someone laugh and happy. So it will get counted positively and you will get an equal positive gift in your life. Entertaining someone is not an easy job! It is the job of God itself. So if you know the importance of humor, you will be specially treated by the existence & its benefits.

7. Long Life Span!

Those who know to laugh much will feel light in heart and mind and they will get a long life span. At the same time if you are a humorous person and making people happy always through your humor, then that satisfaction will make you live a fulfilled happy life. 

That fulfillment will give you effortless results in life span. As I said earlier you will get the blessings of other people as well as god, living in less stress and less depression, easy-going mentality as you are a humorous person, you will live a healthy life for long on this earth.

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