6 Impressive Reasons to Like Someone Instantly

6 Impressive Reasons to Like Someone Instantly

In some scenarios, you will like someone instantly even without long time friendship or any other relationship! Apart from physical appearance, you will like someone immediately! Did you notice it? Yes! There are some impressive and interesting reasons for it! Some people have that much uniqueness and also their attractive nature in their lifestyle. 

So that after seeing someone in your life, even if they are new to you, you will get attracted to them. You may not tell that to them. But your heart knows it well. Whether the relationship will go nicely or not, your mind & heart will like someone instantly on the spot! Let's see why.

1. Physical Attractiveness!

The very first reason is physical attractiveness. Because before the judgment of the opposite standing person, our eyes will like them immediately because of their lovely dressing and also their physical appearance. From our small age itself, our mind has more storage like, what is beauty and what is not beauty. 

Further, your mind also fixes everything for your character for what needs to be loved and what needs to be hated. As a result, if you see someone with an impressive physique and lovely dressing sense, if it is matching with the pre-fixed data of your mind in likes and dislikes then it will like them immediately. All it takes just seconds. Not even minutes. The mind will work like that very fastly! This is the main reason to like someone!

2. Previous Birth Connection!

It is a little hard thing to believe. But this is another main truth of this existence. Because of your strong previous birth's connection, someone will enter your life. So when you meet them, without any reason, you will like them instantly! Because in the previous birth they may did many good things for you. Or you were in a strong relationship with them. Because of that, they are entering your life again to settle the previous birth karmas in this present birth positively.

That is another main thing to like someone without reason. As your superconscious mind has all the data of this universe which also has the date of your birth secrets, when you are seeing someone who is very closely related to your past birth, you will automatically fall in interest with them. In sometimes they may not like you. But you will follow them as your superconscious loves to do it! In some other scenarios, you both will like each other. They may be male or female too.

3. Positive Aura Glow!

Some people will do continuous meditation practices. Some other people will think and do always positive. Some other people will always love someone. Some other people will help someone always, even strangers. There are more positive activities of people like this. So when the people are doing this kind of continuous positive things, then their body's outside AURA GLOW will glitter more. 

It will get expanded automatically. To explain about aura and auric field, there are more scientific proofs are there. Positivity will increase the value of Aura and length. When the aura is so clean and so impressive, it will automatically work like a magnet to attract the people whoever! Many enlightened spiritual people are like this only! If we are going to them, without reasons our mind will get silent and also we will like them immediately! 

Even with normal positive people also, we will feel the comfortability. Because their positive mentality and nature have immense power to attract people instantly! Wherever they go, they will work as a special blessed person to impress! This is another important thing reason to like someone.

4. Same Wavelength & Thought Process!

When you ask me the reason to like someone, some people like cooking more. Some people don't like cooking. Some people like reading books. But some other people hate reading books. Same like this, there are more things in human nature and habits. So if you are in some thought process and some level or character and attitude, when you see a person in the same taste, then you will get attracted to them automatically. 

At that moment, without any other reason, you will like their thoughts, attitude, character, and their activities which are all same like you. In this case, they also will like you for your character. This is called the same wavelength. The same wavelength may be in talent, nature, thoughts, vision, mission, goals, etc, etc.

5. Impressive Talking Style!

Some special people have a very unique and impressive talent in talking. Talking is not a small thing! It has great power to convert any people easily! When a person triggers the words with clear planning and impressive style, then it will impress the hearing audience very easily! If a person knows to use the words appropriately, then they can even create the terrorists too by their pulling up crystal clear approach! 

By using words and speech only, many world leaders conquered the biggest places and political power. So it is very easy to impress the people by using the speech as per their needs and expectations! Especially if a person is a mind reader too, then they will impress any kind of person very easily just in some seconds. This is another important reason for you to get impressed by a person instantly!

6. They Helped You In The Needful Time!

Yes! Some people will help you with some expectations. Some other people will help without expecting anything in return. So when you are suffering from life's very important situations, if you are really a good person, then God will send their messenger to help you. 

At that moment, you will literally see a helping person as God, as they are helping you in a very crucial moment of life. That help is really like a boon and impossible one. So you will be grateful to them forever. In that kind of situation in life, you will feel blessed and you will like that person unconditionally! Once you started love them, it is really hard to forget someone you love.

Even if you like them or not, they won't consider it. They will just do that help for you as a token of love or instruction of their mind. There are more people who were enjoyed this moment unexpectedly and surprisingly in moments. 

When you like someone from this kind of situation, then you will always respect them more and you will value their presence forever. Some people are enjoying the help of others and further not even considering their respect. They won't expect anything from you. But giving needful respect and valuing their concern towards you is needful humanity! Don't forget it forever!

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