3 CLARITY: Should I Believe Spiritual Rituals?

3 CLARITY: Should I Believe Spiritual Rituals?

When it is about spiritual rituals, some people have a belief in Spirituality. But some other people don't believe it. Because of their previous life experiences and their thinking level or ignorance people will come to the conclusion from their knowledge.

But we can't come to the conclusion like this. Because, if something is happening, there will be a reason behind it. Especially in spirituality in any religion, there are more hidden reasons for the better growth of the common people. These Spiritual rituals were created by enlightened human beings and also the messengers of the supreme power.

The main problem with humans is, they are believing only the things which are they seeing. They are not believing other things than this. But very true to say, there are more things that are happening without our knowledge.

From the blossom of a flower, growth of a plant, movement of earth, etc, etc are happening around. We can see the final result. But we can't see it's progress lively! In this case, can you say that is not true? No right?

Many things are going beyond the visuals and also beyond the hearing level of common humans. So if we couldn't see or hear such things, we can't say that it is not there!

Assume that you have knowledge. If I ask you to show me visually to see or touch your knowledge, can you do it?

No right? Same like that, there are more things truly. But we can't witness everything in our life. All we can do and capable to get is, FEEL/REALIZING.

The human eye only can see between 430 to 770 THz. Humans' ears can only detect sound between 20Hz to 20 kHz. These ranges make up a fraction of the total sound & light frequency range. This means there is a lot going on around us that we can't see or hear!

Spiritual rituals are the same as that. Many brilliant and supreme levels of powerful people created rituals for some needful purposes for humans to understand their real potential. Some spiritual rituals were created to safeguard us from negativity. Some other spiritual rituals were created to prevent us from diseases. The types and varieties of rituals may get changed slightly. But the result and effect will be the same depending on the belief of the people.

For instance, people mostly SALUTE for their senior or valuable people. Do you know why? 

Because there is one important chakra called AJNA CHAKRA in the center of the two eyebrows. That is the main place of all 72,000 nerves around the body to get joined in one place. People also call it as Pineal Gland or Third Eye

Once someone activated this chakra by having a higher level of consciousness, then that person will do supernatural things very easily. There are more proofs for it.

To activate it, people should have awareness, on that place. That's why, our ancestors created SALUTE, BLESSING JESUS SYMBOL, TAMIL CULTURE STYLE OF PRAYING GOD, GREETING PEOPLE, etc to remember that place of Chakra. It is the sign language to remember God and Activate our fullest potential.

Lighting the lamp also has some important reasons. Because, when the lamp was illuminated, scientifically it will eat the negative energy around the place and give the positivity. That's why lighting the lamp is important in sacred places and especially in the negative place to repel the negative energy.

Praying God before eating also has some meaningful importance. Because the food which is in your place is also called LIFE. Because the vegetables, fruits, trees, and plants also have life. So when you get it to eat by cooking, you are killing it. So when you pray before eating, the negative effect called BAD KARMA will get vanished as you are surrendering to your supreme energy for your daily eating to life. This is called the rituals of karma.

If you are eating MEAT, it will not apply. Because the pain and bad results of killing living animals and birds are very high.

Same like this, each and every ritual in every religion has some important reasons for your well being. There are more scientific reasons behind it. To explain everything before doing it, it will take more hours. To avoid time consumption only, people are just doing spiritual rituals without explaining it fully.

The main people who are doing the spiritual related rituals in Muslim marriage rituals, Christianity, Hinduism or any other places, death (ancient greek burial rituals or any other country) ancient beauty rituals, naming ceremony, other functions, spiritual related places like unification church rituals, temple rituals, mosques rituals, the rituals of Ayurveda, cleansing rituals, etc have more power and energy behind it. 

So don't underestimate any religion and any kind of spiritual rituals. Depending on their culture, lifestyle, way of living, and spiritual gods and messengers, people will follow the spiritual rituals for their good life and satisfaction. There are more people who are doing the rituals even without knowing the reason. But the benefits will be the same. There are no changes in benefits. But if a person knows the value of the rituals, then they will concentrate more on it while doing the rituals. So their focus will bring more energy. This understanding also avoids unnecessary conflicts in the discussion.

Rituals are secondary only, but the intention is main! The intention will make a big difference! You can even be silent without doing anything by sitting in the same place. But in mind, if you are thinking about someone continuously by keep on focusing, that person will think about you or they will call you magically! Ya, it will happen!

That is the power of focus. Same as this, when a priest or a ritual person is doing the spiritual rituals in any place, depending on their understanding level, belief, concentration, and care, the things will get power. Assume that a client is entering into the newly built house. Before entering they are doing some rituals by a priest. In this time, when a priest is so focused on your care and doing the rituals perfectly, then they will bring abundance, joy, care, affection, wealth, health, and all other positive things to your newly built house. Intention & Focus matters!

Especially in the spiritual rituals, from lighting the lamp, chanting mantras, calling the god, blessing the living souls, giving the food to animals and birds, doing meditation and everything has deep meanings behind it.

So there are more healthy things behind the rituals. All you need to do is, getting the proper and focused ritual person to your needs. If he is powerful and good, he will make your life more beautiful. So, Should I believe spiritual rituals? Yes, you should! There are more powerful reasons behind it. If you take those things, it will be a supportive thing for your life growth!

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