2 WISDOM: What Can We Discover From Calendar?

2 WISDOM: What Can We Discover From Calendar?

Discover From Calendar

To know the date & month, the calendar is helping us daily in our life. Do you think the calendar is showing only the date, month & year? No! Depending on our viewing ability and understanding capacity, it has more wonders and wisdom secrets behind it. If you watch it clearly by thinking a deep level, then the calendar will teach us life's very important lessons!

Yes! The calendar has these wonders. All we need to do this, just seeing with relaxation and finding it's nature. If you are able to do this, then it will tell us important things and also the needful info on human life. Very commonly, people are using the calendar just like the easily available things in the house or workplace. But apart from the common view, the resources have more meanings inside it. The calendar is the one among those. Let's see one by one!

Once we get up from the bed, to know the date & day, we are using the calendar on the wall or phone. It says it perfectly. After seeing the date and day, we are rushing to do our works in our daily routine depending on the priority of the date and day basis. Assume that, today is a holiday in your country. What will you think about that day? You will get up freshly and enjoy each and every moment on holiday. Why?

Because you are thinking that, in the holiday no one will disturb you. Moreover, other people too enjoying their holiday. So you are enjoying the day as per your wish. It is really appreciable. Because you got your free to time enjoy each and every moment as your mind was fixed that, it is a holiday.

Do you really think, you can enjoy your life and each and every moment only on the holidays? Did the existence make anything like that for your happiness? To enjoy your life will you wait for the holidays? Until that what will you do? Worry and waiting? What if the holiday was not approved by your office or higher officials? Can't you enjoy your life?

See! This life was given to us to enjoy and live happily! Not to do the works always! We all are thinking that after reaching the destination & life goals only we can enjoy happiness. But it is really not like that! Unnecessarily we are pre-programming our mind by giving the instruction like,

Hey mind! I will get happiness only after reached my desires and goals!

So what will happen after this once you fixed like this?

Actually, you will suffer and worry a lot till you reach your fixed destination and life goals. The real wisdom exactly starts here! Do you know how? Just change your mind little & you can enjoy each and every moment of life, other than waiting for a long time to feel the happiness in body and mind

How it feels living in a society who thinks being busy means, being productive when really it's not about reaching the DESTINATION, but ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!
Yes! You have to enjoy each and every moment in life! Fixing your goals is not a problem. But don't forget to enjoy your journey while you travel! Everyone is running like mad and blind persons by carrying many tensions, pressures, stress and depression to reach their goals. 

Their whole life becomes so many struggles. But when you are in the Mentality of Letting Go and enjoying the journey, then everything will fall in your place!

You will start to see the miracle results. Even if the big problems come, it won't affect you! It will come and go just like that without harming much in your life! Because you found the secret of life travel now! Don't be so aggressive or so dominant about your life journey! Just take it easy with full of consciousness! Just relax. You may reach, little slow. But, you will enjoy everything! I assure you!

Same as this, you no need to wait for the holidays when you got the secret and discover from calendar. If you train your mind by saying that, each and every day is new and you born here to enjoy life travel and not to worry or struggle here, then this mature understanding will take you to great heights with fulfilled pleasure. Your mind will think each and every day is a holiday and you can enjoy each and every moment of it!

If you take a job as work, then it will be like a very big burden to you till you finish it. At the same time, by speaking to your mind and make it to understand that, 

This is Not a Work, This will bring more positive things and pleasures after finished it properly, 

then your mind will take command of it and it will be happy about the benefits and it will work like passionated job! So your job will get finished easily and also you will not feel the pressure on it! 

Your mind operates everything! If you train your mind properly to handle the things anywhere, then you can enjoy every day as your big day and winning deal!

Apart from this understanding, there are some other important things too, to discover from calendar!

Each and every day we are seeing the date and day getting changed in the calendar. Yes, it is getting changed each and every day without fail. But what is your positive change while comparing to yesterday?

People's thoughts and intentions are getting changed each and every hour. But not positively! The majority of people going on the negative side and conflicts only! To know this clearly, remember your childhood!

When you were a kid, without reasons you were enjoying everything. And you were excited about everything in God's creation. Happiness was completely there inside you. But after a teenage, when the knowledge grows and the judgment towards people and life comes, you lost your happiness gradually! You itself analyze it! While comparing to your childhood, are you really happy now more than your childhood? Not at all right?

So what is missing? The knowledge ate your happiness! This is the truth! 

I am not telling having knowledge is wrong or sin! But you should know when to use your knowledge and when to behave childishly to get your happiness back! You forgot that formula completely now! I am just here to remind you, that small but powerful thing! It will bring you more happiness whenever you need it! Just take it along with your life travel! That is the biggest secret of your happiness!

Being mature is really needed. But not all the time. Happiness is more important than anything in this world! Don't go behind your pride, fame, silly needs, or bad things. It will completely eat your happiness and peace. Always trust the existence's creation of how it made us! It won't go wrong forever! I hope you will discover from calendar more in your point of view.

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