Why I Hate Everybody & Dont Like Anyone Around Me?

6 REASONS: Why I Do Not Like Anyone Around Me

This common world was portrayed as being with fellow people and living with them only called life & those who are living in this world alone are not healthy and mature. This is actually not the truth. We can live our life as per our intention and desires. It is our life. So we only should live. We shouldn't let other people live our life or rule ours. 

Living with many people has good entertainment and happiness. At the same time, living alone and knowing the self also has more peace and happiness. So we can't underestimate anything. You should choose what you need! In this case, many people are feeling alone and feeling like they don't like anyone in this world. What are all the reasons behind it?

1. Someone You Liked or Loved May Left You!

You may have liked or loved someone at the most. In the past, you may have thought that they will travel with you for a long time. As life has more twists, they may be left you at some point. So, that irritation and isolation will make you live life alone, and also you will feel like this life is not valuable. The irritation of some special and needful person's disappearance will make you think like that mainly. 

But that is not the truth. You have more life span to live. You have more things to experience positively. So, understand the reality of life and let it go! There are more valuable and special people who will make your life more beautiful! Don't let your low-level emotions to kill your happiness and maturity! Yes, it is really hard to come out of that feeling. But there is life always after something even the Tsunami hits hardly and kill everyone! So come out of sadness and start to live your life more positively!

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2. You May Have Realized the Fakeness of Common People!

Yes! No one is true in this world if you know the formation of a specific person's character and attitude. Depending on seeing visuals, hearing things, and also the outside world only you are getting your own character. Other than this, there is nothing like your fixed or stable character and attitude. Depending on the situation, it will also change from time to time. 

So when you have found the people's idiotic activities, irritating things, cheap behaviors, and also their fakeness in living, you may hate them completely. When you have found a person's behavior pattern, then you will apply it with all and get clarity about all. 

The more wisdom you attain, the more you look crazier to the common people!

So that you are feeling ill about the sick people and their fakeness in life. There is nothing to feel bad about it! If you came to know this, then you have attained the needful wisdom of life! Appreciate yourself and keep the distance from deep level attachment with everyone. It will give you liberation from everything!

3. You May Love The Nature & Other Loyal Creatures Than People!

In this case, basically, your character may like attachment to nature, other loyal people, and other loyal creatures in this world. Which means you like the truth mostly. And also you love to be with the unharming things and unharming style of living. This kind of character says that you always love to be alone and also you will love to live your life with the same mentality of people. 

So when you see other types of people and negative wavelength people mainly, you will hate them immediately and wish to go away from them. Especially to say in this, you will even spend hours of time with a tree, plant, or cat. But not even a single minute with negative people.

4. You May Have Attained Spiritual Enlightenment!

In the past scenario, you have attained clarity only about people. In this case of spiritual enlightenment, you may get complete clarity in Self-Realization! The one who found their own self, then they will find the entire universe's truth from the sitting place. Self-Realization will say about each and every material and living things in this universe. 

It will say about all secrets and truths about life. So when someone attained this level, then they will hate the complete fakeness of the earth's life and will love to mingle with the divine to reach the level of beatified. This is another rare and important reason for hatefulness with everyone in life. The people who attained this enlightenment, there are two possibilities that can happen. One is hating everyone and reach the divine. Another one is loving everyone and help them to reach divine.

5. You Maybe in High Level of Stress or Other Mental Problems!

Stress will come to you for any reason. It is all about how you see things and how you take the situations. If you are not enough mature to handle things, then it will eat your complete happy life. You will feel sad about everything. 

Even a waiting period for the bus also will make you worry! Even a small kick from an unknown baby too will make you tensed. So peace and happiness are not coming from outside! It is completely in you! So you must understand yourself first and find the reasons for your stress and depression. 

Once you know it's deep reason, then find the best way to come out of depression and stress. If you allow the anxiety and anger outbursts and other mental problems to rule your life, then you will live the complete life as living hell!

6. It Maybe Your High-Level Self Esteem Too!

Yes! Because of your high level of self-esteem, you may easily underestimate others and undervalue others. Self-esteem is really a needful thing. It will lead your life in a good way. But when you always expect a high level of self-esteem, then you will go to the judgment often with all other people. You will always consider yourself first. Then only others. 

In this case, you will always put yourself for respect. Because of this nature, you will hate other people who are not worthy. The main problem in this is, Ego! If you always expect this, then the Ego will rule you. And also it will steal your happiness and peace. Instead of looking for love, you will earn hatefulness with other people. Depending on your mentality and understanding in life, you will get your happiness and peace!

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