8 Cruel Activities Show The Monster Among Men

8 Cruel Activities Show The Monster Among Men

Monster Among Men!

Monsters are not always seen like the movie's imaginary character or like in devil form which will threaten the people by look itself. In this common living world, the character and attitude of men clearly resemble exact monsters which will give pain and kill the peace and life of many living people. The look is an illusion. But the character takes the main part in monster activities.

We can't portray someone by the look that much easier. There are more people living with ugly and cruel appearance with very good character and intention in their life. But unfortunately, they born with threatening outlook. In another case, there are more handsome boys and men who are all living in this society with top positions. 

They have money, power, ruling capacity, and more. But we can't say they are good and charismatic! Because their inside character and activities may be killed and threatened many innocent people's daily lives. They are living with the very worst and bad character. Their behaviors threaten many people knowingly and unknowingly. So who are all real monsters in this common world?

1. Raping Women & Girl Kids For Self Pleasure!

This is the most painful and high level of sin. The pain and sufferance of the very young age kids and the women are very high. Because many common girls and kids are so sensitive and innocent in their sexual life. They are living just to earn and eat. All they are looking for is the little happiness in this big world. Their expectations are not much. 

But there are such men who rape these kinds of girl kids and poor women for their self sexual pleasure. When those girls and women experienced such experience in their life, they are committing suicide. In some other cases, they rapists themselves killing women and girl kids purposely. In some other cases, the victims are living their whole life with these unforgettable and most painful memories which will disturb their needful sleep and happiness in life.

2. Losing The Knowledge and Sending Parents Out to Beg!

In the past years, the parents only took care of the boys and men. They only took care of everything! Men may say that it is their responsibility. Yes, that is. But why should they obey it? They may have killed the men, right? But they didn't do it. They didn't mix the poison in the men's food. That's why the boys became men, studied books, got the education, experienced partial life, and also got some of the properties of parents. 

Even though if the parents don't have any assets, it is men's fundamental responsibility to take care of their parents. But after marriage, the greed, ignorance, and also the cheap mentality make the men think about parents as overload and useless, and they are sending them to old age homes or to beg on roads. Aren't they really monsters?

3. Abandoning Women!

Women are completely believing the men and coming forward to enjoy the marriage life with men. They are trusting completely the men only. They are expecting the complete safety and security from men only. Because this society has more problems for women. So 

Being men is not an Opportunity, but it is a Responsibility! 

Even though knowing all these things, they are leaving their girlfriend or life partner just like that to start the new life with another girl. Abandoning the worst women is not a problem. But there are more men who are purposely enjoying the pleasures in all ways from caring women and girls. Especially to say, after used them sexually and financially, they are leaving them. Yes, No doubts! They are real monsters!

4. Hiding The Truth & Preaching The Fakeness!

This is another important and most unforgivable sin. Because through their impressive talk and male dominancy in society, they are using it and preaching the fakeness in everything. In religion, politics, sports, education, food, medical, and everything! 

As they are in the position of high, people are believing everything blindly. The high-level majority of men also using all mediums like media to everything to make their wishes to come alive! They are playing with us & our emotions!

5. Drinking Blood & Eating Flesh!

Only to earn money on a big level, by using the mind & it's power, the top-level men are using the millions of common people's complete body efforts, mental efforts, stress, pressure, depression, diseases, and more negative things to enjoy the luxury living. 

The ignorant people also getting stuck in the biggest traps. I am not only saying the daily wages. The upper middle-class people too, being trapped in financial things like Using Credit Cards Blindly, Getting Loans, EMI schemes, etc, etc. 

6. Stealing The Opportunities!

Opportunities are very rarely happening to common people. Existence has a calculation for everything. But the cunning men are purposely planning to steal some other person's needful credits, awards & rewards by using it unethically. 

Competition is different. But stealing is completely different! Many poor people are committing suicide because of their most expected results was stolen purposely in negative way! So we can call them "Polished Monster Among Men"!

7. Fake Hope!

Yes! The men who are giving fake hope also called monsters! Because your small hope may run a common person's life more reliably. They will expect it completely. They will live for it with the most expectations. But when they come to know that, you lied and gave fake hope, all of their expectations and dreams will get broken completely. So they will live in living hell because of the fake hope(s).

8. Murderers!

We don't have any right to kill our own life itself. Because it is not our property and it was given by the supreme power. In this case, can the men kill another person's life? Not at all! It is a very very painful and cruel thing ever in life! Just for money, people are killing fellow people. 

They are very cruel murderers. In some other cases, people are killing others for some other reasons. Whatever may be the reason, we don't have any rights or hold to kill! Life is there to take care of everything. Murders are the worst and most painful happening around society by the living monsters called men only majorly! Aren't they real Monster Among Men?

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