7 Disadvantages of Using Navigation Apps While Driving

7 Disadvantages of Using Navigation Apps While Driving

Mental Problems in Online & Offline Navigation Maps Usage

There are more navigation apps like Google Maps, Maps Me, Waze Maps, Here we go, Navionics app, Sygic car navigation, mapquest app, igo navigation, sat nav app, and more! These apps and services all are helping humans to reach their destination. Many people are using it in their daily life. Even if we visit the living area's unknown places or new countries, it is completely helping us in finding new places and reaching the destination on time.

I am not denying all these things. This is a really helpful thing in technology. But there are certain important disadvantages in using these navigation systems. Mentally you will get low and you will have more chances to lose your brilliancy and also other mind related problems. So you should reconsider using these apps and available navigation services. I mean only in crucial and most important times. This is for your good only! So what are all the disadvantages of using the Navigation System while driving?

1. Many Chances For Accidents!

Yes! This is the very first and important thing. When you switch on the navigation system in your smartphone or car, you will lose concentration on the road for sure. Even though you are a good driver, you can't concentrate fully on the road. Your half of the mental concentration will be on the navigation map only. So within some seconds, even if you drive perfectly when the opposite person comes wrongly, they will hit you and you will be met with an accident. 

Thousands of accidents are happening daily because of watching and using mobile phones in all ways. Without your consciousness, your mind will cheat you and divert you to watch the visual route of navigation. So better switch on the voice output from the navigation system and drive the car. Or else give the responsibility of route to the fellow passenger.

2. You Can't Remember The Route Again!

When you always depending on the navigation maps, automatically you will forget the route as you are partially concentrating on the roads. You will forget the main landmarks, iconic buildings, roads, and all other needful remembering things to identify the route again. 

30% of people only will remember it easily next time when they go on the same road without navigation support. 70% of people fail in this. The majority of people will always use the navigation support to find the same route and destination.

3. You Will Become Lazy!

To live in this world and win in this materialistic life, you will definitely need more memory power to perform well everywhere. In this case, when you always trust your navigation system, then automatically you will lessen your efficiency in memory power. Your mind will start to work like lazy!

It is all about how you are training your mind! When you always expect the technology, then you will completely forget your fullest hidden potential which will miracle you in the needful times. Technology will make you lazy for sure. So use it as a pickle by having detailed awareness of it!

4. You Will Lose New People Interaction!

Material Life is all about connecting with people. From buying to selling, knowing to forgetting, and everything is about people. People are running for the world and running into the world. Without people, nothing is possible in this common life. So when you are a common man who needs to achieve something here, you should have more experience. 

Each experience is new to you. Each people are different. I am not saying you to speak with all. But you should speak with possible people who are all coming into your life. They will tell you something new. You will know something new about them or know from them. So don't always speak with your phone and navigation apps. Open the door and speak with seeing people to know the route and place better than your apps and phone.

5. Technology Can't Help You All The Time!

Assume that you are in the remote village area. And your phone battery is totally down and it is switched off. What will you do? Of course, you will find the naturally available resources to find the route right? In the past, as you were always in the situation of expecting support from your phone and technology, it will be difficult to go with actual available natural resources. 

You will suffer a lot at that time when they say route by mouth through words. You can't remember it for long. You should have practice for this too, to remember! So train your mind to take notes in mind immediately even without the support of technology!

6. You Will Lose Respect With Fellow Passengers!

We no need to worry about the people who think whatever about us. But when it is about their life which is in your hand, then you should consider it! Yes, when you are in driving, if you use your mobile often for navigation or anything, they start feeling insecure to travel with you. 

Some people will hesitate to tell you. But you should respect and understand it. Some other people will tell it frankly. You should obey it without seeing the Ego. Because of your silly activities in the car, you will lose respect for sure.

7. You Will Get Stuck in Strange Areas!

The navigation maps won't show the right route all the time. It will just show the available route depending on the data on the server. Many of the people faced the worst experiences after followed the complete route of the Navigation map. It ended up with dead ends, water surfaces, small space to enter, sudden diversion in route & more dangerous difficulties. 

In these kinds of things, when you travel at night time, you will have very little safety for you and your belongings. So try to communicate with the nearby areas living people in the night times to know the availability of routes and diversions. It will save much of your time and also useless tensions. 


I am not saying you to avoid the Navigation Maps completely. But you should know the disadvantages of it completely and then use it appropriately by putting safety into your life. Technology shouldn't dominate the human brain or humans' efficiency! Because the technology was found by humans only! So use it only in the needful times and save your valuable time and life.

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