4 Healthy Truths: Is It Ok to Skip Breakfast?

4 Healthy Truths: Is It Ok to Skip Breakfast?

Is it ok to Skip Breakfast?

The honest and open truth about skipping breakfast is, Yes YOU CAN SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST!

But to do this, you have to understand some other important things about eating breakfast and also food eating habits. When I say you that, you can skip your breakfast, then you will immediately come to the conclusion like, I am saying and you are accepting. But that will be not healthy all the time. Especially in health-related things, you have to be very careful in reading posts online.

The body is the same. But health condition and body condition is different to each and every person. So you can't take someone's advice blindly in health-related things. So, getting knowledge about the deep reasons and intentions of the health advisor is more important for healthy living.

In this case, mostly everyone says that morning breakfast is so much important to continue daily works from morning to evening. Without morning breakfast, people will feel low and tired because of work pressures or tensions. Yes, that is true. But there are more things to notice deep in this.

Firstly to say, humans should listen to their bodies! Shouldn't follow fixed time in eating. 

It is like, giving the needful things to the people at the needful time. Useless things in useless time will divert the people in the wrong way! 

Same as this, the body is running!

We should only give its needful food at the needful time! Shouldn't give the food at the useless time. Understand one thing very clearly now...

Actually, when you eat your food at any time, your complete body parts will go to the digestion process. It means you are giving work to your inside body organs. So when it is started to process digestion, you will feel low and tired. Why?

Because the body parts are running in the fire to digest. So that each time when you ate your food, you will feel to take rest for some time! You itself recall the past. Immediately you can't work actively! It will take much time to give your energy level. 

The digested food will convert as energy in some hours. Until that, you can't be active. Even though you will feel like to work after ate immediately, you will work like a tired and less energetic person only. That is the truth behind eating. So what will give you instant energy? 

The truth is following HALF STOMACH EATING always! 

The PRANA (Life Energy) will be very forceful and energetic when you eat for half stomach only! Binge eating will make you tired and sick for sure.

More clear to say, after you ate your food, it will take some hours to convert it as energy to make you energetic. This is called land energy as you are eating the foods which came from the land. 

To live your life healthily, you will also need Water Energy, Air Energy, Fire Energy & Cosmic Energy. So you can now understand that all these types of energy only will make you live a healthy and long-living life.

So we shouldn't always think that, eating food only making us energetic. To receive the energies from all sources, we should make our stomach and body to work freely. So we shouldn't dump the food in the stomach by thinking wrongly that food is complete energy.

When you have your stomach half (Not Empty), then the body will get the ability to get the energies from other sources from water, air, fire & cosmic. Moreover, half of stomach eating habits will set you at the same energy level always. You can't come to this practice that much easier. Because your past life food eating styles and habit won't leave you to follow a healthy lifestyle.

So you should take more care and consciousness while eating food. The taste of the food will make you eat much. So you should be very very careful while eating the food. 

After understood this truth, now let's go back to the topic of skipping breakfast.

Is breakfast Important?

People commonly say that, if you don't eat breakfast, you won't get energy for your physical related works. Yes, that is the truth. So you shouldn't avoid breakfast. Is skipping breakfast bad?

In this technological world, currently, the major people are not giving importance to physical works. They are mainly into less physical jobs only. I mean, most of the people are giving works for the mind. Not to the physique.

Even though some people are working hard, that is not like cutting the tree which is giving so much work to the physique. In this case, you no need to eat compulsorily. Breakfast is needed, but that is not compulsory. So what happens if I skip breakfast?

As per your past day eaten food you may not feel hungry the next day morning. Many times you may felt it. That means your body is saying that there is no need for this food.

In these times, you can skip your breakfast without hassles. But you should be ready to eat again when your body asks you to eat after some time. Make yourself available for eating in the needful times. Don't compel yourself to eat in the same routine time! Eat only when your body needs it. Just listen to your body.

Many people are finding many things in their life. Inventing many things. But they fail to know about their body & working nature. If food had a mouth it will ask many questions to us.

Sometimes you will not feel hungry in the morning. Some other times you will be so hungry in the morning. Depending on your body's requirement, eat your food accordingly. It will make you live for long years healthily.

Your body is the best & first doctor. It has so many wonders in it. So it is your fundamental responsibility to listen and understand to your body. It will always try to help you and your needs. All you need to do is, giving the right fuel only the needful time. 

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