6 Reasons for Why Should You Go To Mountain Often

6 Reasons for Why Should You Go To Mountain Often

Go To Mountain Often!

We may live in the town side anywhere around the world. So we may not know much about mountainside living people's lifestyles. There are two types of mountain areas. One is people living areas. Another one is a completely reserved forest area. Mostly the travelers love to go to the mountains for their entertainment purposes. Some other people will go to some other works. Some of the people are afraid of traveling in the mountains. But most people are fascinated by it. 

That is because of its excellent view and scenery resources. To say about go to mountains, I am not telling you about actual Mountain Climbing. But I am saying about lovely travel and needful trekking. There are more benefits of going to mountain areas often. You may not have a mountain in your nearby areas. But don't leave it without visiting just like that! You should search for it and go to mountain often. If you can't visit it often, at least you should visit twice a year! Why? Let's see the benefits one by one below!

1. Respiratory System Will Be Reprogrammed

To live a life, a very basic need is oxygen. Without oxygen, we will die. In another view, even though the oxygen is there when you don't have a healthy respiratory system inside the body, then also we will die soon. Because that is the much needed part and organ in the body. Our life span is basically calculated on Inhaling & Exhaling counts of breathing only. 

When you breathe slowly, you will get a long life span. For instance, Tortoise mostly breathes 3 to 4 times per minute. That's why it is living for more than 100 Years. The dog breathes 25 to 40 times per minute. That's why dogs are mostly living only for 10 - 15 years. Breathing has that much importance in life! So if you want to live for a long life span, you should know the art of breathing through "PRANAYAMA" or "VAASI YOGA" or any other breathing practices guided by masters. 

If you can't attend any of these and can't do it regularly, at least you should visit the mountain often to reprogram your respiratory system. Because when you walk on the mountains, your breathing level, breathing pattern, and healthy needful nerves will get activated. So you will get a newly programmed healthy respiratory system. Perhaps if you are a smoker, you will get the very least level of benefits comparing to non-smokers.

2. Great Workout For Whole Body

Most of the people are lazy in Doing Yoga Exercises and other kinds of body workouts even though they've paid for it. So visiting mountainside areas and walking thereby putting full efforts may give you body pain and irritation as it is a new experience for you. But you should spend a lot of time in walking on mountains and visiting places by walking itself. 

Because it will give the whole workout to the body! Hands, Legs, Thies, Respiratory system, and all other organs will start to work completely. All the past days in your life, you didn't give any needful workout to it. When you walk in the mountain, the blood flow will go entirely to the whole body. As a result, you will get refreshed and also there are many possibilities for the blood or nerve blockages to get removed at that time!

3. Healthy Surrounding

Mostly mountain areas are non-polluted parts in the country. So utilize it properly! It is really rare to see non-polluted places in the world. When the greenery is there, then the food cycle and nature's lovers called animals and birds will do their regular activities for saving nature. 

So when you visit there, you will observe fresh air, fresh non-polluted oxygen, knowledge of seeing another part of the natural world, etc. Going to mountain areas often will make your body completely relaxed and healthy. If possible stay in the mountains for a week to enjoy the complete undisclosed benefits given by existence.

4. Mental Relaxation

This is a very very important benefit in the mountain areas visit. Nature, sounds of birds and animals, scenery, visuals, calm and composed pleasant stay will make your mind to remain in bliss. Without much effort, you will enter into the realm of relaxation automatically. That area and surroundings will give you that feel and results instantly! 

You will love it completely and your mind will enjoy it. When you started to enjoy it, then you will come out of mental stress. As much as you stay there you will taste that pleasure completely. The outside technological world can't give you this pleasant and liberation feel!

5. Many Chances to Experience the Miracles

Most of the spiritual saints and the supernatural power holding God's messenger are living in mountainside areas and forests only. Because they don't like the materialistic common world. All they need is freedom from common people. They love to live the freedom of life after self-realization. So when you visit those areas there are more chances to see them. 

If they like you in any way, they will immediately appear in front of you and help you to come out of your life problems. There are more examples and happenings to explain this kind of situation. We can't assure you that you will definitely have a chance to see them. But if you are lucky and blessed, you will definitely get a chance to those situations!

6. You Will Get Solutions For Your Life

A very basic thing is, when your mind is free and relaxed you will get motivated. The mind was programmed like that by existence. In daily life, we can't make our mind to be calm and free. It will run with many thoughts without a gap. But when you visit relaxed and stress-free scenery locations like mountains, then your mind will run with very few thoughts. As a result, the mind will find the solutions automatically for your life problems. 

All you need to do is, make your mind free and relaxed. No one is having the answer for your needs other than you! Your mind is the great teacher and it has the greatest power. If you make it free, it will find a solution for you! People are doing meditation to find solutions. Those people who don't know to do the mediation can enter the areas which will make it happen from outside. Going to the mountains will do it for you!

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