3 Wisdom Truths Behind Copyright Infringement

3 Wisdom Truths Behind Copyright Infringement

Copyright Law & Copyright Infringement

In this world, when people found something through their knowledge and brilliancy, they take the rights to it. They also say it, they are the founder and copyright holder of that concept. It may be anything. Creative content, product, services, or anything. When people are finding something new, or developing something from after seeing the other people's concept, they are taking the privilege of that particular concept or something.

This is what happens around the world. People also taking PATENT RIGHTS to claim further royalty, money, and also fame. We should really appreciate it for maintaining and keeping safe of our concepts, ideas, and creations. But some people are stealing the concepts and ideas of others. So the copyright holders are claiming their rights in courts and other possible areas as Copyright Infringement. This is what commonly happening around.

In these Copyright Infringement things and Copyright Law on this earth, we should think apart from common people's point of view to know something better than common happening. The actual real happening and reality will open the gate of wisdom in our life. If we are mature to observe these things as it is, then we will see life in a totally enlightened point of view! What are all those? Let's see now.

When we were born in this world, we didn't choose our mother and father here. It happened automatically. Yes, we didn't have the rights, power, or option to choose our parents. Some persons are getting born into a rich family. Some other persons are getting born into a poor family. Rich families' kids are not getting shined. Poor families' all kids not getting worse. Every kind of family people nailing certain examples in their lives. That is the beauty of this existence.

The second thing is we didn't choose our body shape and there is no option for our desire pick in Male or Female born too. It also happened automatically! In this particular thing, your mother and father also didn't have any rights or power to choose their kids as male or female in a natural way. It is just happening as it is by the calculation and creation of the Existence.

Then some persons are born with diseases. No one will like to have diseases. But how is it happening? That is also happening automatically without our desire. Some other people getting diseases because of their bad habits and bad activities in life. Even in that also, we didn't design the diagram or certain outcome or results for our habits and activities. Which means someone designed these things as results for certain activities. Did we create it? Not at all! We didn't have the raw material or hardcore formula for those diseases. 

Our body's parts also like HEART, LUNGS, EYES, NOSE, KIDNEYS, EARS, TONGUE, TEETH, FLESH, BLOOD, CELLS, ETC, ETC wasn't created by ourself. It was created automatically. We didn't wait for anything. Nature / Existence took all the efforts and care to give the proper size and shape in all organs to come out lively in perfectly working condition! 

Then being a human, what is our part in this world? 

Actually Nothing! That is the honest truth! 

From the body, mind, and everything was created automatically! The reproduction system of each and every creature including humans and all of its detailed hardcore formula and detailed design wasn't created by us! It also came and happening automatically!

So at last we came to know, nothing was created by us. Something called Nature / Existence created us and everything in the world. In this case, humans' activities are happening and it is called as WORLD MOVEMENT

So who are we? 

We are nothing! We didn't create anything here. Everything is happening automatically! Nature / Existence is using us as a TOOL to make its wishes to be fulfilled here for some deep reasons.

When this world is completely running by the support of nature and all other natural things by the support of the existence, then how can we take the copyright holding power or take the badge or label of CREATOR OF SOMETHING, when actually everything is happening automatically? Did you ever think about it? 

I am not saying you don't claim copyright on anything and leave the world. Because when you don't keep the copyright on something that you found, then the people won't let you live here. They will use you and kill you! Copyright infringement also will happen often in your life.

So I am just saying you to know the actual truth of this world by REALIZING this in deep! All the things and happenings are the same as this only! Then what is our part here? Just a helping tool of an ultimate giant creator called EXISTENCE / NATURE / GOD!

Because when you come to this understanding about this world and fakeness, then this realization will give you INSTANT LIBERATION from everything that you hold in mind by your IGNORANCE! 

Assume that, tomorrow the sun will not rise and the all oxigen level of the entire world is going to end. Can we live more than an hour? Not possible at all right? Why? 

Because, if we need to live here, we will need the support of this nature for sure! So be keen, humble, and polite always in this world to live with happiness and liberation. We are daily getting the support of this NATURE / EXISTENCE. Without those, we will die! If you always have the hold on something mentally by taking ownership deeply, it will affect you more and give you more pain!

So your ownership and copyright holding things should be on a paper level only! It shouldn't enter into your mind! When you allow those things to rule your mind and life, then it will ruin your complete liberation and happiness of life!

Always think that, did you born here just to work and earn entirely? Or did you born here to enjoy this life travel? Of course the second one right? So live here to enjoy life. Don't hold the unnecessary things uselessly which is actually spoiling your life's needful happiness. This grand realization will set your mind free and make you live the grand and happiest life mentally and also physically!

Sex in Body is Ok... Money in the pocket also Ok... But the Problem is when they enter into your MIND!       -Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Don't take anything into your mind deeply by taking ownership of anything as the actual truth is completely against your current ignorant thinking. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is nothing in the actual truth of this life. So don't worry about anything! When you admit this truth to live here, then nature will guide you to live in its irreplaceable miracle frequency!

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