4 Actual Facts Behind Unethical Police Behavior

 4 Actual Facts Behind Unethical Police Behavior

Unethical Police Behavior & Police Officers Rudeness!

I am not telling all the police officers are bad. But there are more police officers all over the world, in each and every country showing their rudeness with the common innocent people. Why are they doing like that? What is inducing them to do like that? Do police officers really have that power and intention? How common people should take care of themselves?

What is making the police to behave so rudely among people? Even though some good police officers are there, still there are more police officers are behaving so unethically and also lethargically with common people. Why? Let's see the actual reasons behind police officers' bad behaviors.

To know about police officers' bad behavior, we should know about human mentality and it's working nature first. Then only we can understand the truth behind police nature.

Each and every human's character is completely based on their outside seeing visuals, hearing things, lifestyle & the outcome of their thoughts. How the thoughts are coming? It is the outcome of our belief & observed things from this society. 

So you should basically understand that all our activities are based on our thoughts. Thoughts are based on Mind. The mind is been working as per our consumption of the outside world. More clearly to say, as per the data of the outside world which is been receiving by our body & it's sensory things, our mind is getting operated automatically. You are not operating your mind! Actually, your mind only operating you! 

Except for enlightened wisdom humans beings, all other common people are living in this world by the operational control of the mind only!

In this case, your character may change from time to time very easily! Yes! Your character is not a fixed one! Your character will get changed at any time. For a deeper understanding, for instance, 

Assume that you are an ardent follower of a SPIRITUAL MASTER. You became so connected and impressed by his speech & sparkling thoughts. As you received his vibrant speeches about moral living lifestyle, you left all your bad thoughts about Girls & Sex! In the past months, your character was like a playboy. But after you consumed your master's speech, you became a good person now! You left all your bad intentions about girls and sex. Now your character changed to good. 

After some years you are coming to know that, your fake spiritual master's real SEX TAPE is getting leaked and goes viral online. Your master reacted completely against his moral speech now. Now, what will you do? You can accept him as him. Or else you will hate him for his past lies. 

So again your mind will think that our master itself having sexual affairs, so why don't I continue my happiness in sex affairs?! This whole world is fake! Yes, many people will come to this conclusion! Can you notice that your character was changed again now?!! Yes, that is the outcome of receiving visuals & data to the inside mind! You couldn't find honesty with them!

So that I am saying, your character is not a fixed one! It will change from time to time easily!

Police officers' characters also like that only! If a police officer is daily going to the security for the Pure & Sacred Place like Temple, Church or Mosque, as per his seeing visuals, hearing things & approach of the innocent disciples, that police officer's character also will become so soft and gentle! Yes, the police officer's mental state will get tuned into the positive state. That is happening because of the outside receiving data to the inside body!

Perhaps if that same police officer goes to the area of the police station and other investigation areas, as they are seeing all the terrorists, thieves, murderers & all other kinds of negative people, that police officer's mind also will start to work in a negative way! Like they will always think about the situations from the murderers, thieves & all other negative people's point of view to find the truth. Their character also becomes rough & tough. Because unknowingly they've trained their mind to behave so rude as their workplace is like that! 

Unfortunately, after some point, their whole character will become so bad as they are dealing with the negative people daily! To behave so well, gentle & nicely, the police officers should have a very very high level of awareness & consciousness about their thinking, thoughts, body movements & activities! That is really not possible by the common police officers in such negative places! The Energy Level should be so high and so positive to recover their mind from negative aspects!

A high level of Practice is needed to win in this! 99.9% of police officers will fail in this!

This is the main reason behind police officers' rudeness and behaviors. Many police officers are getting bribe and leaving criminals. Killed the innocents in hanging rope by fake cases. Shot many innocent people. Beaten many common people. I am not telling their activities are right. But they are not in control of their activities. That's why we say,

This world doesn't need SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE anymore! We are really in the need of more HEALERS, MOTIVATORS, POSITIVE PEOPLE, HEALTHY ENTERTAINING PEOPLE to change the society!

The government really should form a special mental health care counselors to each and every police officers. I am not telling you, they are MENTALLY ILL or LUNATIC FRINGES. But I am saying it is the same as periodic service to the CAR even though the car is in good condition! Yes, mental health is so much important to all people!

Especially to those people who are having high powers in society! Power can rule the people, power can dominate the people and power can destroy the people too! So it is much important to give the power to the healthy mindset people.

Many police officers are joining as good minds only! But after some time, after seeing the fellow police officers' attitude, opposite criminals activities 24/7 in their daily routine, their MENTAL HEALTH goes so bad! They are behaving so rudely after some time without control! When the mind started to rule them with such badness and negativity, then the Ego also will grow silently inside them! So even though if they do bad, when someone comes forward to advise them, they will react ruder with them!

So police officers are behaving so rude and worst just because they got their job & they have their power to dominate the common people! Power is the biggest drug! Those who have power in this society should have more caution to deal with others! Especially police & the police attitude!

Because power means RESPONSIBILITY, not OPPORTUNITY!

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