5 Bitter Truths Behind Continuously Watching Television

5 Bitter Truths Behind Continuously Watching Television

Watching Television

Television became one of the best supporting technology which is entertaining the people around the world. It is really giving relaxation when people get tired and they like to get into entertainment. Entertainment is the greatest industry which is entertaining the audience in many ways. In those mediums, television is the greatest technology which is doing its great job in society.

Television Satellite Channels also making millions of dollars as their income through advertisements as the audience base is very huge in most of the countries. Corporate companies and small companies also giving advertisements on Television Prime Time to sell their products to the audience. It is really working for everyone! I am not denying anything.

Even TV channels are offering Movies, Series, Songs, Albums, Reality Shows, Game Shows & more to entertain their audience. Positively most of the citizens of the country have a TV in their home. Even though some parents don't like to watch TV, because of the kids' compulsion, parents are buying the TV for their Kids' wishes. As a result, the evergreen market for the TV & It's related huge business is still growing to the next levels.

It seems like Television is really doing its job great. Also, you will feel Television is entertaining the audience well. Yes, no doubts about that! So what is wrong with Watching Television? Let's see the bitter & honest truths behind continuously watching television one by one now!

Media is The Shadow Medium of Ruling Powers!

Yes! 99% of the Media sources & funding is been happening by the Ruling Powers, Unofficial Government People, and also by the Corporate Companies. Without funding, no one can run any business. Especially to say, Media is the biggest industry in each and every country. So without the support of the biggest financial supporters and investors, no one can run and compete with other TV channels. 

Outside it may seem like one channel is opposite to another channel and they are in rivalry. But in the deep fact to say, everyone is having tie-up to take control of the Audience. They will go any end to save their TRP rating, Earning Money & Following the Instructions of their Funders. As the TV is there in each and every house, the high level of people is taking advantage of injecting their needful info as Visuals into the Audience. 

More clearly to say, with the support of nice Background Music, Beautiful Casting, Pulling Up Dialogues & Moody Light Setup, they can justify the NUCLEAR BOMB too so positively to keep in your home and sit on that! Don't underestimate the ruling powers! Yes... With the support of the television, the ruling powers are injecting the needful info daily to us without our knowledge. This is called the MIND READING & NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING method by the MIND RULERS!

We Forgot Our Fullest Potential in Entertainment Addiction!

Yes! Entertainment is for free time & time pass only. But nowadays people are expecting 24/7 entertainment! I am not saying everyone to take the gun and go to the country border to save the country. And I am not even saying you should work always to shine in society. But I am saying, 


Each and every human has unbelievable power and potential inside them. The addiction & fame on entertainment is hiding & destroyed everything. Still, you can come back. But you have to realize the truth!

Comfort is more dangerous than DRUG! Once you get used to it, it becomes greatest ADDICTION! Give a weak person continuous stimulation, good food & cheap entertainment. Defenitely they will throw their ambitions & goals right out the window! The comfort zone is where the DREAMS & LIFE GO AND DIE!

You completely forgot your fullest potential. Humans used only less than 7% of the brain all these years. There are still more than 93% of efficiency and potential inside our brain! Our willpower too will do more magical wonders. But we forgot everything, left our ancient methods of knowing the self & truth of this universe. As a result, EATING, WORKING, ENJOYING & SLEEPING became our 24/7 routine. I am not saying you to avoid Television. But I am saying to you that, you are far away from the needful source point which will make you enlightened!

Most of The News Are Fake!

Yes! All the news you are seeing on television and in all other mediums are portrayed and fake! You can't find the reliability in anything! Money is ruling everywhere. Moreover, people want to hide their real faces to live their life behind dark addictions! 

Rulers are funders. Funders are the powers. So they set the trend and society as per their need and taste. So you can't see the truth in the News. It is like namesake time filler to earn money and useless duty by the news hosts. They will telecast only what they wish to show you! Understand this truth and don't watch tv everywhere.

Entertainers Became Ruling Leaders!

There are more efficient and honest persons who are giving their complete life to society. They made many sacrifices to make this society stand more strong! Some of them lost their family too. Some of them lost their entertainment, health, wealth & everything to help this society to glitter with people's goodness. They really want to save the next generation. But what are we doing? Seeing them as MAD & SILLY POOR PEOPLE. We are more cheaply thinking about them too. 

As a result, after seeing the heroism of the entertainers in TV channels and movies, we are getting addicted to their fake image. Further, we are expecting them to appear as the RULING LEADERS to lead society! Entertainers are getting money to act & entertain you. That is the exact stopping point. But the people are pulling them into society related issues to raise their voice. Isn't it really madness? Some entertainers are may be good and efficient too. But that is not the needful Quality of being a LEADER! Leader, the term itself has more powerful hidden meanings inside! Value it!

Fame Closed Your Wisdom Eyes!

Most of the people like to appear in front of others and get publicity and fame. When these two things are there, then the money will come automatically. So the majority of people are fascinating about being a visible material to others. To achieve this point, our half of the life span will be gone. What will happen next once you reach this stage? 

You will fee cursed & irritated for sure!

Why? Because there are more celebrities suffering out there because of their needful freedom in life. All these years they liked to reach that stage. They gave their life span too for that. But in the end, many celebrities feeling sick because of their achieved position! They finally come to know that this is not the answer they were searching for! Yes, the search won't end even after you become a worldwide celebrity! So don't get into the illusion trap like common people! Wake up from the ignorance! Live life in a more efficient & needful way after finding the real purpose of life!

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