3 Causes of Anger Will Change Your Thinking Forever!

 3 Causes of Anger Will Change Your Thinking Forever!

Causes of Anger!

One right understanding will change your entire thinking about angry or anything within minutes. Yes! All you need to do is, just listen most carefully. This basic and actual understanding as it is, by the supreme power will give you instant relief and clarity about Anger. You no need to go to class or attend regular satsang for the better change with your anger.

This basic understanding of anger will change your entire thinking perspective. So what will happen after you knew this truth? Can you leave your anger and sadness instantly? 


The change won't happen that much easier within days. It will take time to see the complete change in your character. Then what is the benefit of knowing this truth about anger?

You will immediately find what is going with you, and you will immediately leave that unnecessary tension which is making you angry! I mean, within seconds you will react anger with others. But you will immediately find that it is useless and you will come back to normal mental state within minutes.

Isn't it a great thing? Yes! It is... How & Why?

Because in the past, you will travel with that anger for days, months, and even years! What is the result? You will hate the people and you will spoil your own health too. Getting angry means, burning your own healthy cells. It will get burnt inside! You only will get affected more unknowingly. So how to handle the anger?

Actually, you no need to handle the anger. Just understand What is Angriness! When you understand it, then it will give you complete liberation in life

What is the main reason for angriness & Psychology of anger?

When your expectation is not meeting with the outcome or result, then you will get Angry!

For instance, you are giving some diagrams to make a product to the manufacturer. That manufacturer is making it wrong. And they are giving it to you lethargically. So what will happen next?

You will get angry! 

Now you can react in two ways. You can deal with them by showing anger or not showing anger. But when the product is so important and you also don't have any more time for correction, what will happen? Definitely, you will get angry! And there is a justifying reason for your angriness too. 

So you may ask me, how do I behave and accept the material WITHOUT EXPECTATION???

Right question! Without expectation, you can't get the proper output. The expectation will tell the manufacturer about the DETAILING in that product. So my above-said sentence of "Expectation is The Main Reason For Angry" went wrong now, right? 

It may seem like that. But not like that! There is a secret behind it! The enlightened people will think more maturely in this same situation! They won't get angry about this! That is the difference between normal people & mature people! How? 

First of all, if you need the product properly, then you should follow that manufacturer from time to time without making them irritated! It is your responsibility! Perhaps if you are a busy person, you should arrange another person to take care of it. You didn't do that too! 

At least you should see the progress in getting the images or video call confirmation about the product's status. You didn't do that! Then what did you do? By believing the manufacturer much you just gave the order and waited for final output. What is the result? It didn't come well!

So you have to ACCEPT the mistake of yours first! When you start to accept your mistakes, then only the WISDOM's doors will get opened! Without knowing the self-value and self mistakes, you can't see the truth or clarity in anything!

So when a mature person faces this same situation, first they will take responsibility that it is the fundamental mistake of mine! As a result, they won't get angry. Instead of getting angry, they will accept the mistake and accept the situation too! Again they will do the needful thing for the product and situation! I mean, 

They won't REACT, but they will RESPOND to the situation!


In 2nd scenario let's take this same situation. You did all the things right from giving the order, seeing visual images confirmation, getting video call confirmation, and all other types of confirmation! When you go to receive the material, it came wrong! So what will you do now? Now there is no mistake from your side! You did everything right! The mistake is on the manufacturer only! So? You will get angry with them for sure, right?

What will the mature enlightened people do in this same situation? Even though they did everything right, when the mistake comes, they will understand that It is happening for another reason!

If you focus on the HURT it pains... When you focus on the LESSONS, you become mature!


Good learners always learn from everything and every situation! So what am I saying to you? Shouldn't you be Angry?

No, I didn't say like that. You can be angry! But you should consciously know that you are getting angry! And it should be in the needful situations only! It shouldn't be your whole time character! Of course, without showing angry we can't live in this world. Because the outside people will cheat you in many ways. So, to save yourself you can be angry like a Dummy Gun. But it shouldn't affect your inner well-being and soft nature! 

You can be wonder now! How enlightened people are being so calm & cool in every situation? 

Wanna know? Because they know the UNIVERSAL SECRET & TRUTH! It is maybe little hard to believe. But it is the truth! What is that?

If something has to happen, it will definitely happen! If something is not to happen, definitely it won't happen!

This is how the entire universe is doing its duty! You are thinking that you are a DOER! But it is absolute ignorance!

The greatest DOER of all the time is the EXISTENCE/NATURE/SUPREME POWER/GOD. You can name it whatever! 

You will meet the right people, at the right time, at the right place, for a right reason!

There is learning in everything! So the enlightened people know that everything is happening for a reason. So instead of being negative and worry about it, they will learn the needful lessons from the creator called supreme power through their life incidents/accidents/happenings!

How to believe that I am not a DOER? 

The inside material which is giving the energy to our body to living on this earth is called ATMAN or SPIRIT or LIGHT. It is also called LIFE/ENERGY! That does not belong to us, We belong to it! It runs everything! We are just tools & players.

The one who understand it deeply, won't get angry for anything! Even though they get angry as they have their previous life's memories and habits, they will easily come out of it within minutes. They won't hold that angry for a long time! That is called realizing the truth!

So you came to know that everything is happening by the instruction & calculation of the supreme power. So what now? Can you react badly and behave so worst to the family and society now, as everything is not in your control?

No! This understanding & secret is for your liberation from the hidden traps! Through this liberation, you should make others get benefited. If you can't help others, at least don't irritate them. You shouldn't hurt them in any way!

Help others. Or else, just stay away from them and make yourself more mature by keeping yourself alone.

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