1 TRUTH: How to Realize It is Fake Life & Fake Living?

 1 TRUTH: How to Realize It is Fake Life & Fake Living?

Living a Fake Life!

To break the whole building, you have to bomb it in the right pillar or right basement. So that the building will get demolished properly without damaging others. And also we can build a new building as per our taste in the same place. When the bomb was placed in the wrong place, then the explosion will leave many parts without demolishing. That's why the bombing persons are analyzing the bombing placement areas properly.

Same as that, when a human breaks the most needed place inside their mind, beliefs, and visual images, then everything will get break automatically. I didn't mean wrong! It will break everything means, the unneeded and most pain giving parts from your life. When those things are getting broken from your life, then you will bear again inside yourself as fresh and new!

Those who want to see the truth in this universe, then it is completely like going into the live fire! Yes, LIVE FIRE! But we no need to worry about it.

Because it won't fire YOU. Actually it will always fire and remove WHAT YOU ARE NOT!


That is called finding the truth in this illusion world. You no need to worry about walking into the fire. Because when you finally come out, you will experience the ultimate and life-changing BLISSFUL experience of this same world. All these days you were thinking the world is not good & the people are not good. But you will come to know it is a wrong thought. 

The world is really more good, but your UNDERSTANDING & MIND was not!

You will come to this conclusion and understanding about life. But, till coming to this level of REALIZATION & UNDERSTANDING, you will feel more pain, struggles, and self hurdles inside of you! You have to win it! Win it means, not fighting against it. 

Just ACCEPTING EVERYTHING as it is. That acceptance will give you pain at the start. But when the realization comes at some point, acceptance of each and every moment in life, accepting the inability of winning the MIND & NATURE, you will blossom like a flower and you will become UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS!

How am I saying this now? Let me tell you more clearly!

Assume that you are watching a movie. It is your most beloved genre with most impressive scenes with the most interesting casting. At that time till the movie ends, you will see many scenes like comedy, romance, fights, vengeance, murders, thrilling, erotic, cunningness, and more. 

While these kinds of scenes go in front of you, as visuals, those VISUALS' play will make your inside organs to secrete a certain level of chemical reactions. Those chemicals and inside hormones only giving you the feel of each and every scene enjoyment which is making you mingle with the scenes.

You know very well, that is the MOVIE & the CHARACTERS are fake to entertain you! But how are you feeling so realistic? Even though you are knowing that it is fake, which is making you feel? For instance, you are seeing the most emotional scene in the movie. Immediately you are crying for it! What made you feel like that?


Your brain's stored data doesn't know the film, dream, assumption, or anything. When the mind goes into the visuals in the movies, dreams, or even thinking as thoughts, that running visuals will make you feel so deeply. That's why you are reacting to the visuals even if it is an illusion.

You have to understand one thing very deeply in this!

Yes, you are reacting for many unnecessary things which are all making you sick and giving you pain! In interesting moments maybe it will be interesting and happy. But in real life, 80% of the time you will feel so bad experiences because of the VISUALS which you are seeing! I mean each and everything you SEE!

For instance, You can't remember and witness a TREE as a tree, without the support of your brain's stored data of TREE's image, TREE's SIZE, TREE's smell, TREE's touch & TREE's colors and all other things of a TREE. It was stored in your brain's cells and data place. You will need the complete support of the brain to recall it to say as TREE!

You can't say just like that as it is TREE!

So when you come to know that all the seeing visuals are not true and it is the complete stored data of the inside mind and brain, you will come to know the fakeness of this illusion world. 

This understanding about the seeing visuals in this life is called MOST NEEDED PLACE, PILLAR OR BRICK to place the BOMB! When you bomb it properly, then the whole building will get demolished properly! The whole building means, the whole FAKENESS of your past beliefs and life!

At the moment when you understand the seeing visuals are not true, you will find what is an illusion in this universe. And when this door is opened alias brick was broken, then the next steps in your life will be so happy and blissful without worrying and getting pain about anything!

Because you realized the TRUTH now! Anything you see and feel is actually not true! It is the reflection of the IMAGES! Images are running as visuals. And the visuals are getting stored in your mind and brain.

When you find that nothing is real, then the attachment in everything will get broken. When there is no attachment in anything, then you won't suffer for anything more here! 

And that is called LIBERATION! That's why I always say,

Liberation is not in LEARNING, its in LEAVING! - Bramma Sri Mahavishnu

Yes, because learning new things again will give you more storage. It won't give you peace. But at the time you leave everything that you learned as you came to know the world is not real and visuals are fake, you will immediately step into the realm of permanent peace!

So what now? you are still living in this world. Stopping Learning in life will affect your daily needs and career. So should you stop learning?


You can learn whatever you need. But you shouldn't have any attachment on the learning. The learning should be like WATER ON A LOTUS LEAF! 

Watch it clearly... Both may seem like mingle and connected. But when you keep it upside down you won't find any water, not even water's stored sign on the leaf!

You should be like that to live life with second by second peace and happiness!

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