1 TRUTH: I couldn't Show Love on All, Is It Wrong?

 1 TRUTH: I couldn't Show Love on All, Is It Wrong?

Showing Love

Most of the mature people are saying that showing love with all will increase our possibilities of the happiest living in this world. Why are they saying like that?

Because when you start to show love on people, even if they are not capable to get it then they will feel you like a special person. Because normal people can't show love with all. Depending on the opposite person's reaction and words, immediately they will react to it negatively.

Very few persons only won't react negatively to all. Because they know that their words will manipulate easily. Instead of reacting to the words and the opposite person's activities, they will maturely handle the situations. What will be the result of it? They won't hurt others and also they won't get offended too. That is the mature way of handling people.

Love means, not only called Live-in relationship, Life commitment, marriage, or something related that. Actually love means, it can come on any kind of materials, creatures, and people. Yes! Love is the very common and pure word which can come on all! That is the beauty of love.

Why the experienced mature people are saying the common people to show love on all other people without showing partiality? Because it will open the gates of all the positive things! When a person is started to show love without limitation by continuous practice, then that person will be an exception of all life hurdles! Why?

Because love has that much power! It will break any hard doors easily towards the most fruitful results! It will achieve any needful things easily! That is the biggest secret behind showing love! To tell you more clearly, to someone to give you something very costly (it can be anything), what they will need? 

The intention & desire!

Yes, when they have these both, then immediately they will give it to you! Whatever it may be! So what should you need to get it? You should win their heart! Your unconditional love will make it happen effortlessly for sure! This applies from a layman to the president of the country! Yes, all they need is just the intention & desire!

Your love will help you to get it from anywhere around the world! That's why it is been the biggest secret of getting our needs in this world!

Even though some people know it well in knowledge level, they couldn't show the love to all. They struggle a lot to show love on others. They know that "If I show the love, I will get more wonders." But they couldn't react with love. Due to their previous life activities, they will show a negative attitude and character instantly. So everything will get broken.

They really try to show the LOVE with all. But they couldn't do that. What are all the main reasons behind it?

Because the opposite person's reaction will be so irritating and tense. They may speak unnecessarily. Some times those people will react weirder without reasons. Some people are so selfish. Some people are so greedy. Some other people are so bad in activities like stealing, hating, showing anger, complaining & more negative.

As a result, the one who takes the oath to show love on all, when they see these kinds of negative people, immediately they will get triggered. So they will react oppositely than showing love. Showing love always is not a small deal. Because you will face more situations like this. So being in the same mentality of showing love will get shattered negatively.

There are more people who were living a common person's life, after known this truth, they won many people's hearts by showing love! Even they won many negative people's hearts too! It took years to be in the same wavelength and frequency to reach that level by putting themselves in always showing love.

But with the majority of people, it becomes so hard in showing love and winning hearts. Some people are frankly telling me that, I couldn't show Love with all. I am getting irritated because of their irritating activities. I am getting failed in showing love most of the time. So please tell me is it wrong?!

This will be their main question to me. Let me say you the frank answers very clearly. 

If you show love, no one will come and question you. Even if you don't show the love, no one will come and question you. If you show love by practicing for a long time with a winning mentality on the oath, then it will get you more wonders and needful things in your life. When you start to show love with all, you will literally start to see the completely different dimension of life. Miracles will start to happen towards you! This universe will bless you with more needful things.

But when you can't show love with all, you will start to live a common person's life only! To achieve the biggest things, you will need more dedication and compromises in your life. Because big things are big! It has certain levels and it needs certain qualities to get. 

If it comes with all, then it won't get value. So when you can't show love with all, it is not the loss for others. But it is the greatest loss for you. I am not saying you can't live life. But I am saying, you will live a very normal problematic life like others even after knowing the secret of getting and achieving needful things.

Good things take more time. But once you reach that level, it will be with you forever. Small and negative things take very little time. It may seem very easy and effortless. But you can't get good results for long-lasting. 

You can avoid certain people to save your mental health when they are negative. It is really appreciated. But when you avoid them, it should be very gentle and mature. Yes, they need to be avoided. But do it in a sensible and lovely way. They will know that you are avoiding them. But they can't mess with you as you are dealing with them so nicely even in avoiding. This is also called showing love even in AVOIDING!

So if you can't show love with all. It is not wrong at all. But, you are far away from the happiest and peaceful life! Mind it...

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