1 Main Reason For Difficulties & Daily Life Problems!

1 Main Reason Difficulties & Daily Life Problems!

Daily Life Problems!

When the problems are happening in human life, then it will be based on mainly two things. One the physical problems. Another one is mental problems. Deeper to say, in many times the physical related problems also coming based on mental related changes only. When the mind is not clear and healthy, then it will bring many issues to human life. That's why keeping mental health in good condition is the most important thing to live a healthy life.

So what are we seeing after knew this in real world problems?

Mental health is the very first thing to keep our body and mind safe. After this understanding, you can come to know that, what are all the main things to know about real life daily problems? How to overcome these kinds of problems very easily? 

I am going to reveal the truth behind each and every human's life. Some people may know it. Some people may not know it. Even some people know it, they don't know the value of regularly following it. The achievement and victory are exactly there on consistent remembering and following this secret only.

Once you knew and realize it, I am not saying that the problems won't come into your life. But I am saying, whatever problems come, it won't affect you. it won't give the pain to you. You will come to know the formula to come out of it very easily. That kind of energy, power, and also the realization will make you more mature and strongest person to handle everything!

So what am I saying now?

Yes, you will get balance half life problems too hereafter! But, it won't shake your basement! You will pass it just like a piece of cake!

The Secret of Peaceful Life!

Understand that, 


Yes! It is really hard to believe. But it is the fundamental truth! Let me explain to you clearly now.

98% of the people are thinking that, their complete body as THEM! They are identifying their whole body, mind and everything inside the body is THEM! But that is not the truth actually!

That is the ignorance and misunderstanding about the "SELF". Then you may ask me 


Well! That is the trillions of dollars question! When you find this truth after asking this question WHO AM I, continuously with your own self, then you will find the secret of this whole universe. 

Because SELF-REALIZATION is the highest form of wisdom and knowing the truth of this living. If I start speaking more deeply on this, it will take us to the deepest level of spirituality. It will take more posts and more time. So let me come back to the topic of only your real life problems.

As of now, you understand this, then this truth will teach you all the needful things in life.

Yes, You & Your Mind both are different objects/materials. All these days you were thinking that you are running your life! No... That is not the truth! Your mind is operating you! Your mind took the whole power of your body & life and it is ruling you!

How to believe it?

For instance, sit in a place and try to do NOTHING! I mean nothing! You shouldn't do anything when you sit. Your mind also shouldn't do anything! Your mind shouldn't think anything! It should be very silent! 

Can you do it? No right?


Because even though if your body keeps silent without doing anything for some minutes, your mind will run with many thoughts within some seconds. Even if you try to control your mind, you can't do it! It will raise many questions to you. It will bring many visuals to you! You can't take control of it! 

Yes, this is what happens in your 24/7 daily life! That's why I am saying, you are in the control of your mind. As per the storage of your mind and visuals, it is operating you completely. That's why your life is full of problems.


From helping someone to killing someone, moving from a place to another place, doing any kind of activities in your life, you will need the support of your mind. Yes, it will help you to do your outside activities. But it will help with your needs of 10% only. Balance 90% you are working for its wishes & compulsion!

That's why saying your life is not in your hand! Depending on your mind storage of stored information visuals and data, it is operating you completely. That's why you are facing difficulties in life.

Understand this truth and try to come out of your mind's ruling gradually by WITNESSING IT'S THOUGHTS AND COMPULSION! Just WITNESS everything which are all coming from your MIND!

When you do something in your life, you are thinking that you did it. But it is actually the OUTCOME OF YOUR MIND'S wishes and desires only! Not yours. Even if it is good or bad, that is the outcome of your mind only! Not yours. Outside people will say that you did it. Even they will praise or blame you more for it. But you should understand the truth of life to handle your mind and enter into the state of PEACE.

If you are afraid to accept the truth, then you will suffer until your life's last breathe. 

So don't take the pride of anything! Don't take the credits of anything! And don't take the guiltiness of anything too!

As per your past life habits and mind storage, it is operating you in this world. For the outside world, it seems like you did it. But you were just a tool! The operator was/is different. But the world will say it's you! 

So it is your most needful realization that YOU & YOUR MIND BOTH ARE DIFFERENT!

When you realize it inside the heart, then you will gradually come out of tension and all other mental stress and depression. How?

Because all these days you were suffering as you took the responsibility of each and every activity of you! You took the credits, so you took the pain. At the moment when you leave everything after this realization and enter into the state of understanding, then you will feel the LIBERATION & FREEDOM completely inside your body! That's called PEACE!

There is one more thing to notice mainly in this!

I told you the secret to come out of your daily life problems which are all giving you pain. So you can be free after understood your mind is operating you, and you are just a tool of it.

But you shouldn't take advantage of it and do the bad activities in your life continuously by harming others as you came to know you and your mind are different. This is the greatest SECRET & TOOL OF THE ENLIGHTENED MASTERS! So don't misuse it! You can't blame your mind for your bad and immoral activities by saying that your mind only did it!


So each and every activity of yours is counting on you. This society's law and enforcement will give you the needful reply as you are still living in this society only. Even if you escape from this society law, the universe's karma calculation & supreme power's law will put you in more suffering than past! So beware of your activities & do only the good things to the people.

So be moral and a good person to help this society to come out of their life problems too. If you can't teach them, at least don't disturb anyone. Just enjoy your liberation from your boundary line. 

As you got this secret today, it will break many hidden walls inside your mind. It will take you to more bliss and realization towards the truth. Enjoy your life at the same time don't hurt anyone for it! Because many people are suffering out there without knowing this truth. 

Yes, the LIBERATION is inside you only! Not outside. Understand dear, 

Nothing in the world can bother you as much as YOUR OWN MIND, I tell you! In fact others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, IT IS YOUR OWN MIND! -Sri Sri Ravishankar 

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