7 Intelligent Tips on Saving Yourself From Cunning People

 7 Intelligent Tips on Saving Yourself From Cunning People

When a person still in this materialistic world and wants to live with more needful things and show himself/herself to the society with pride and prestige, then they will definitely deal with many types of people in this society. In those, There are more Toxic People than Good people.

Dealing with these kinds of toxic people won't end as the world has many varieties of characters in this. Earning money and fame also connected with this society only. No matter you want money or fame, to live for basic needs also you have to face these kinds of cunning and negative people mostly. All the cunning people are not bad. But the cunning people will cunningly plan & put yourself down in the needful situations to save themselves.

In some places, the cunning people will be at a lower level than you. So you no need to fight with them. Dealing them little maturely is enough. But there are more cunning people in higher positions than you! You can't deal with them that much easier. Because their position, support of others, power, and also their deepened cunningness will make you suffer more.

So dealing with cunning people will become the biggest part of your daily life. Many innocent common people are suffering a lot to deal with them. Instead of using brilliancy, the common people are creating chaos and fights against them which will make more trouble to the self. Why?

Because the cunningness of the opposite people brilliantly wins you! So what should you do to win them? Actually, you no need to win them. Just give them the FAKE satisfaction feel! Make them believe that you are under their control. This will help you to go next levels financially and also fame level! How to do it? Let me give you the intelligent tips below.

Before going to the tips, you should know about the cunning people's needs and their mentality first. Then only you can play with them easily without their knowledge for your growth!

Cunning People's Mentality!

Whoever it may be. Why are they being so cunning? Definitely, there will be SOME NEED. Without a need, there will be no cunningness. So you should find why are they being cunning and for what! Like, they may need to save their position, getting good name with their superiors, appreciation from the needful people, earning much money, getting fame with fellow people, show off mentality & more. There may be many reasons like this behind it. So you should find it. If you are a little mature person, you will definitely find it to know why are they reacting like that.

Whatever may be the reason, every people in this world will come under the NEED OF HAPPINESS. When there is happiness, then they will enjoy it. Happiness can come under the appreciation, flattering, complimenting the physique, dressing, smiling nature, work or anything, respecting them, accepting them, hearing them, etc, etc. 

So when you do this kind of thing, they will immediately like you. Even the cunning, very bad and worst people too like you. Why? Because these powerful tools will break their heart and your image will go straight into their heart. Yes, no one can pull you out! Result? They will start to treat you special from cunningness. Yes, you will be the exemption. 


Because you gave the needful FOOD to their NEEDFUL MIND. Their mind is in the need of more things like this which can't be given by everyone. So when you give these kinds of things, their mind will eat it and think about its taste always! So whenever you appear, they will feel you so special and unique! 

To achieve this level, mainly you shouldn't see Ego, prestige, character or anything! Because their cunningness will make you suffer more! So you should safeguard it more intelligently than them!

Understand one thing... Nothing is permanent in this world! Everything will pass away. In this truth, your character and attitude also won't remain the same. It will get changed from time to time. So you can bend for the positive changes in your life with others. No need to bend so much which is spoiling your needs. I am saying you to bend and act in front of others for your needs.

There are no problems and mistakes in this. Because your needful acting with cunning people is most important to get your needs in this world! Because the whole world is a movie and everyone is ACTING as per their needs! If you mature, you will understand it. So you should act better to get rewards and awards. That's what I am saying! Just bend a little more as per their needs. How?

Giving Them Winning Feel!

Don't make fights with the cunning people. Because even in your sleeping time, they will cunningly plan something to destroy you! You can't be the same as them to spend hours to destroy someone. So the only way to deal with them is, GIVING THEM THE SATISFIED FEEL! 

Purposely go forward and act depending on situations like you were defeated. You lost it. The cunning people will like it more. At the same time, beware of your acting! They shouldn't find that you are acting in front of them!

Appreciating or Flattering!

Not only cunning people, actually all people like it! Especially when you want to win the heart of cunning people, then you should do it. Some cunning people need appreciation. Some other kinds of cunning people like flattering. So you should appreciate or flatter depending on the needs of them. 

It can be about their work, achievement, food, style, lifestyle, gadgets, projects, costume, dressing sense, handsomeness, beauty, happenings, situations, their handling, maturity, or anything! When you do this often at the right time, they will be so special with you! They will always expect your presence! At the start you will feel it hard to manage. But it will be the greatest winning weapon of you at fingertips!

Don't Consider Their Mistakes!

There will be always another person to make their mistakes into questioning! If you want to safeguard yourself, then you should be keen to hear them. Listen to their words. I am not telling you to go purposely with them often. But when they approach you, just listen to it without stopping. And also don't consider their mistakes. Because the KARMA through other people will take care of it. 

If it has to change and cut in mistakes, it will happen at any cause by others at the right time. This whole universe is happening in that way only! So you just relax and enjoy the play around you! When you become like this, you will literally start to see life growth automatically! There are no mistakes in this! As life is a movie, and we are the great actors who are all acting in each and every minute, just give more perfection in your ACTING!

Be In Touch But Not Often!

This is the most important thing in handling enemies and cunning people. Because their character and mentality will stick with you! So use these intelligent weapons appropriately at the right place and right time! When you do this properly then you will start to see the drastic changes from them towards to positively. This is the greatest secret of mind play! They will come closer to you as they like you. 

You shouldn't avoid them at the same time you shouldn't be so close to them. Always put the invisible barrier guard between you and them. It is for your inside well-being mentality! Don't go often to them. Just use them in the right way. At the same time if they come forward to see you, just enjoy the moments. Don't avoid it. Even it is a bad and useless narration just witness it like a WORST NIGHTMARE.

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