6 Valuable Responsibilities in Captaincy or Captainship

 6 Valuable Responsibilities in Captaincy or Captainship

Responsibilities in Captaincy or Captainship!

All humans can't be a good administrator or will have leadership quality. In another term, we can call it Captaincy or Captainship. Both words are standing for the same meaning only. So hereafter let's call it as captaincy for an easy understanding. People really love to be in top places. They really love to be praised by others. They really want more fame & money to glitter in this society. But what is happening actually? All the thinking people couldn't shine in their own fields.

What is the main reason behind it?

That is because of the efficiency and ability of the self. Some people born with unique talents. Some other people learning all these valuable things in their daily life after experienced many things personally and officially. The experiences only making people more valuable and also more efficient.

Apart from this, there are more people who will not learn anything even after the biggest and needful experiences. They are just living life without any needful changes. But their greed and desires are so high. So what will happen to this type of people? They will die with more desires and negative thinking. They will not learn anything from this world and also from their own life experiences.

Why am I speaking about efficiency and talent much about the topic of CAPTAINCY?

Because it has a very pivotal role to describe more clearly about captaincy or captainship. More clearly to say, this captaincy won't go with all. Captaincy means, it is the biggest responsibility! 

Many sacrifices were included to have this position. That's why the respect, power, responsibility, value, and position is so high to a CAPTAIN when compared to other common positions.

Where can you hear this word CAPTAIN commonly?

You may hear this word mainly in Aircraft Pilot CAPTAIN, Ship CAPTAIN, Cricket CAPTAIN, and also other games CAPTAIN, Political Party's Designation CAPTAIN, Kitchen to Tables Serving CAPTAIN & more are there.

What stands for captain? What are all the values & responsibilities of them? Why the captains and their captaincy is so special? Let's see!

1. Caring Others Much & No Selfishness!

The real captain will always care for the team's goodness, positivity, winning needs, assuring the fellow people's healthy mindset, taking care of their needs, commanding the needful & valuable things without selfishness, and more towards the positivity! The captain always puts himself only in the needful situation. Apart from that, he/she will like to see the performance of the fellow people who are all coming under their captaincy!

2. Won't Care Own Life!

To explain this more clearly, assume that the ship is going in the middle of the ocean. The captain is giving the route and instructions to reach the destination properly. Suddenly the hurricane storm comes and damaging the ship. The ship is about to sink into the ocean now. Who are all traveling in the ship will try to save themselves first in all possible ways. 

But the captain will wait till all the passengers going to the safe zone. The captain will instruct all the safety-related things to the fellow workers to make it happen. So that it will save many of them! In this happening, the captain even will like to die for others! That is the most emotional responsibility of the captain!

3. Motivating Capability!

All the situations won't be the same. Even though all the people are good and staying in focus, any of the bad happenings will demotivate them from the track. So they will get offended easily by others. That's why the captain is there with the administrating power to handle the chaos at any circumstances. 

No matter whatever problem comes. The right & efficient captain will motivate the people more to make them focused on track! This is the most powerful and valuable talent of the captain! That commanding nature will impress and convince more people easily!

When you are a powerful person, and the DEVIL comes to you, you will make the devil too listen to your words!


4. Always Thinking Outside Box!

In all circumstances, the captain will be a responsible person for everything. So the captain will always think about all the problems and it's solutions. Some times the problem will come from many unexpected places and things. 

So the right captain will use his/her brilliancy and mind to think from all the sources to avoid it or ready for it to face more brilliantly without losses. That's why I am saying, the good captains will always think from all the available and unavailable sources too to handle everything!

5. Taking Blame For Others!

Yes, this is another most important thing with captains. Assume that the captain and the team are heading towards killing the terrorists. The captain is giving the most needed command. But the soldier is avoiding it and using his other idea to handle the situation. 

Unfortunately, the main terrorist is getting escaped and the bomb blast is killing most of the soldiers. The captain and very few soldiers only coming back to base safely! Due to the idiotic decision of the fellow soldier, the captain will take the blame and will be answerable to the higher authorities as the soldiers went under his captaincy! Isn't it a pity?

6. Non-Egoistic Approach!

When the power comes, then the ego and laziness will sprout automatically! So it is so much important to take care of their mental health. When the captain has such power to control many people, then other people's respect, afraid and commitment will make the captain think that he is in such a high position and everyone hearing his words and waiting for his command! 

This feel is the very highest form of DRUG! When this feeling hits the captain's mind very deeply, then he will behave so mad and rude after some point! When he started to behave like that, then the team's unity and respect towards the captain will get vanished. So it is the most important responsibility of a captain to live his life without EGO while doing his Job!

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