What is The Concept of Going To Jail or Prison?

 What is The Concept of Going To Jail or Prison?

Learning From Going To Jail or Prison!

In this society, there are many criminal happenings are happening in daily life. The criminal offenses have many types. Like murder, stealing, cheating, intellectual offenses, copyrights related issues, financial forgeries, commitment related offenses, money laundering, rape, and more cases like this. When a criminal was proved that he did it wrong then he/she will be sentenced accordingly as per the proceedings and country's law, then he/she will go to jail or prison.

Most of the countries in the world have courts to give punishment to the criminals. Sadly to say, in many situations, there are more innocent people are getting affected in fake cases unexpectedly and went to jail. They went through years of jail experience as a criminal. Still, there are more people being affected like this by the compulsion and the forcing of the influenced people and also the wealthy people. If we talk about innocents and their facing tragedies, it won't end. So let's stick in the concept of the jail only.

To know about the jail concept, let's take actual and real criminals for better understanding!

Why the country is advising and compelling the criminals going to prison life after they did something wrong? What is the main intention of it? What will happen inside the jail? Is that concept really useful? Going to jail will help the criminal in any way? What is the benefit to society?

As of now, the inside jail officials are working in so negative way by supporting the criminals after getting bribe from them. They are supporting the convicted criminals in many ways like giving the cellphone to use, allotting the special places for luxury living inside, giving special food, allowing visitors often, allowing them to go outside world, not caring some inside murders by the criminals and more.

But let's take the actual concept of the real jail and it's real rules to know it's good intention to make the criminals live their better life further!

1. No Connection With Outside World!

When a person goes into jail as a criminal, then they won't have any direct physical contact with the outside world. They will start to feel lonely. Basically, human minds always like to see new things and experience new happenings. So when a person is being alone and doesn't have new varieties in people, food, visions, and everything, then they will gradually start to feel so bad about their biggest mistake in their life which made them enjoy the jail life badly. 

When there are no contacts and connections with the outside world, then the own mind itself will start to question the self more cheaply and badly about their past activities. That is the most needed concept of the Jail which will make the criminal to avoid the same mistake again!

2. Silence Teaches Many Lessons!

Silence is the most powerful teacher! Apart from speaking with fellow prisoners, a criminal mostly will be alone physically and mentally. So when there is no much work, then the mind won't stop thinking about many things regarding the previous and future life. 

When the new desires started to come inside, then they will like to live a new life without getting into the same mistake or new mistakes again. That silence will teach many lessons about their life and worst mistakes. 

3. Same Place & Same Routine Will Make Them Mad!

When there are more ideas, concepts, thinking, and thoughts about the common man living life, then a person will like to go out at any cause. Even if there is no other go, at least they will try all the sources to come out to experience this world with positive intention. So when a person always lives in the same jail, same normal food, and the same inside work routine, they will get irritated more. They will go crazy!

Even though they like to adapt to it, their inside mind will think about the outside world, family people, friends, society, life goals, needful habits & more! That's why the jail's rough and tough handling will make the criminals avoid the mistakes next time!

4. Needful Beatings!

In a criminal's past life, they may have lived a decent life. They may not be beaten by others. Even if some people beat them, that might not often. But when an intense criminal enters the prison, then the jailers and other higher officials will beat them often. Sometime they will bleed! 

Because the criminal offenses may be at a high level. So the jailers want to make a criminal to understand the pain and situation of others! That's why they will beat a criminal like anything. These needful beatings will bring the most needed understanding and clarity about life and others! So they will go out of jail with the afraidness of jail!

5. Prisoner Tag!

Even though some people come out of jail after finished their sentencing, they can't mingle with the common world that much easier like the past. Because the outside people will get afraid to have a relationship or contact with them. They will keep the distance from them. 

They will always see them as a prisoner even it crosses years! So a previous criminal has to move to a new place with new things to start a fresh life. Or else the inside family, relatives, friends, and neighbors will isolate him/her like shit. 90% of common people will do this. To say in a sentence,

When a murderer gets out of the Jail, because of the outside people's activties, still they want KILL THAT PRISONER TAG BRUTALLY which is on them hiddenly!

So he/she will always think about their mistake and the mature people will avoid the same mistakes again in the future to save themselves from the same jail experiences.

6. Learning Good Habits!

The inside jail not only has punishment. It is also having more good things inside. Like working, planting trees, watering them, tailoring, going to the library, reading books, motivational speeches by outside motivators, inside jail games, inside jail volunteering service, writing books, participating in outside events from inside the jail, and more! 

These kinds of good happenings and activities of a convicted person will have desires about living peacefully in the outside world. So they will learn many new habits inside the jail that too on punctuality! Because there will be a time to time compulsion and discipline. 

It will teach them many life lessons automatically. So when a common person went through all these things, will live a healthy and silent life after coming back to the normal world! I didn't mean the serial killers and the criminals who are all doing it as work and just for money continuously! I am telling you about the common people who did mistakes and who went to jail.

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