3 TRUTHS: Who Is The Reason For Suicidal Ideation?

3 TRUTHS: Who Is The Reason For Suicidal Ideation?  

Who Is The Reason For Suicidal Ideation?

When the problem comes in human life, people will tell many persons as a reason to commit suicide. The problem will have many areas like financial, trust, vengeance, greed, angry & more for feeling suicidal. Because of any one of these, the person will feel very low and get depressed. As a result, they will commit suicide. The main reason for the majority of the suicides around the world is depression and tension only. 

As they couldn't bear the pain physically and mentally, people are committing suicide very easily. No one will commit suicide when they are at a high level of happiness or peace. Because happiness won't kill a person. But the depression will do it. Depression has that much power to kill anyone in seconds. So it is so much important to notice our own thoughts and intentions.

So who is the main reason for committing suicide?

It is none other than OUR OWN MIND! Yes! Our own mind only thinking many things, making us believe that we are in a critical position and can't come back. So its getting ends up in committing suicide. You have to notice one thing very clearly in this thing. 

The biggest destroyer of your own life is, your OWN MIND only!

How am I saying this? Let's go more deeply to understand the ruth. Assume that someone is continuously coming to your home and asking the money which you borrowed from them. The financier going to the next level by insulting you in front of others and neighbors. So what will happen next?

You will feel ashamed of that situation. Notice clearly in this! You are not feeling ashamed. Actually, your mind is feeling like that. Yes! You and your mind both are different objects! Not both are the same! 

So that it is giving you the insult and shame. As a result, all these years you saved your respect around you. As the financier came to your home and insulted in front of everyone, your OWN MIND felt so bad and ashamed, and you are committing suicide.

Think about this same scenario in another dimension now. The same financier is coming to your home and asking the same money. You are not in the position to give back. So he is insulting you in front of others. 

Now how can you come out of this situation? Which thoughts can save you from committing suicide?

Even though if your mind says that you got insulted, you should speak with your own mind that, you are not in the intention of cheating others! But your situation only making you to being a borrower without settling the money. So you can tell your mind that, insult is nothing when you have the quality inside the heart! Even the outside people think bad about you, your own heart should know that you are pure and you are still in good intention!

Still, the law & living rights in the country are securing you as you are a good person. No one will come into your house and steal everything when you are a borrower of something! Like this, you should train your mind to be calm and strong when the suicidal ideation comes! 

Your maturity and confidence only will save you from suicide and many mental problems. Whenever you feel low and depressed see the motivational videos regarding the subject of your sorrows. 

Speak with positive people who will make you more positive. Avoid negative people who will put you in more mental pressure and depression. Recall your good things, your good memories, your good happenings in the past! It will give you instant energy to live in this world with more confidence!

Moreover, you should understand that there are no problems that can't be solved! Everything can be solved easily! But you should have patience and maturity to handle it in the right way! When you lose your stability, then you will lose everything! Even your self-holding trust and confidence! Your self-confidence and good nature will make negative people think positively about you! 

It will give them more confidence that you are right person who is capable to settle everything back! Even if you don't have a single penny in your pocket, your pure and clean heart with a high level of positivity will make the people trust you back. But you shouldn't lose your confidence!

Read the history of many successful people. They've crossed many problems and hurdles more than you! They begged even for a one-time food. They begged in many places to get opportunities. But their trust and confidence made them millionaires now. Some people are not millionaires. But they are living a happy life even without money! Self-Realization & Enough mentality gave them happiness! Their consistent trying and high level of self-confidence gave them the results miraculously.

I am not motivating you, dear! But I am telling you the truth! You are your own motivator! You have more energy inside you. All you need to do is, concentrating on your ownself with discovering your highest form of intelligence and efficiency!

Whenever you feel low and depressed, understand that your mind is dominating you! It is giving you many thoughts and visuals. Don't get trapped in it! Even if it is showing very worst and bad examples of yourself &giving thoughts of harming self, tell your mind back that, you have more efficiency to come over it. 

Also tell your mind that, everything is passing clouds. Nothing will stay with you! Everything will pass out easily. Same like that, your problems and tensions also will go away! But you should be very confident about your greatest living. Greatest living is all about ENOUGH MENTALITY! Not in earning or GREED! Earn only for needs, enjoy only in available sources. It will set you high mentally and also physically. 

If you become a victim of your desires and greed, it will set you a biggest trap somewhere to drink your blood and eat your flesh. 

Always be focused and conscious about YOUR OWN MIND & IT'S THOUGHTS! 

Sometimes it will save you! Many times it will try to kill you in passive suicide ideation!

Like thinking about eating, traveling, sleeping, having sex, actually committing suicide also called another kind of thought. You no need to be so serious about it. When the suicidal thoughts come, just don't consider it. When you concentrate on it more, that thought will get a life, and further, it will kill your life!

Stay strong, Be Positive & Everything Will Pass Away!

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