5 Reasons Why Couldn't We Stay in Daily Good Habits?


5 Reasons Why Couldn't We Stay in Daily Good Habits?

Daily Good Habits!

This is the very toughest thing with the majority of the people around the world. Yeah, with whoever you ask they will say, 

I really want to change myself into more habits. But I couldn't follow it!

This will be most of the people's answers when we ask them about their daily good habits. Bad habits mean, not only smoking, drinking, masturbating often, etc. Bad habits also come in thinking level, thought process, silly activities, answering mentality, character, attitude, approaching level, etc. 

So bad habits have many forms and styles in common humans life. Whether they will learn good habits for a healthy lifestyle or not, they will definitely learn many bad things very easily. Because our mind always expects luxury, pleasure, bliss, comfort, and a safe zone. To get these what do we need? It comes under MONEY!

That's why most of the people are running behind the money. So sad to say, they will come to know real truth after decades when they earn high level of money. What is that truth?


Even if it seems like being in happiness after earned money, it will stay a very short period only with humans. Immediately the mind will jump to the next search to get happiness. Even if you achieve that place after months or years, it will jump to next, next, and next forever! Endless loop it is! 

Yes, that's the trap of our own mind and cheap play towards money and happiness which is actually not the truth! 

Why am I saying this to you? Because there is much connection between money and your habits! How?

Most of the people's main intention is about earning money only first. Then only they will think of other things. Why? Because they are thinking that, once the money comes then everything will come automatically! From material things to everything. 

As most of the people don't have much money and the needful things in this world, they are just ASSUMING wrongly that, the needful materialistic things will get them happiness. But what is happening? To go that level in earning it will take many years. Till that level, people are completely giving their hard work and also their lifespan towards the money. 

But after some age, nearly old age only they will come to know that, money and materialistic things are not giving them happiness. It is again saying to go next for happiness and peace! Which is saying? It is nothing other than OUR OWN MIND!

After knowing this truth, they may have money and all the things. But they won't have the lifespan to enjoy or real happiness to be in calm. Very sad to say, 80% of poor and upper-middle-class people are just dying without earning anything by continuously keeping themselves in poverty zone due to inability and heavy competition in the world for money.

So when a person's main mind is on MONEY, then it will take the whole life in the illusion play of money game. In between, how will they concentrate on good habits and a good attitude?

Because when a person is eagerly looking for money, then they will use all the easiest and short routes to earn the money. Many people are going on the wrong routes and getting many problems because of that earned money itself. Many bad people are facing legal issues, enemies' problems, jail warrant, and more! Money may come. But not peace and happiness.

In the end people will come to know that, all the time they've lived an urgent, anxiety and whole time afraid life to save the money and save the self from others. This understanding is coming very late. Many people not even understanding it and dying in many health & mental problems.

In between, they are in the need of happiness too! They really don't know What is Real Happiness! So what are the common people are doing in this society for happiness?

Drinking alcohol, drugs, parties, having sex, and other ecstasy related materials to consume to get short-time pleasure which is really very dangerous. 

People are thinking that these drug materials are giving happiness. Yes, it may give for a short time pleasure. But when a person will continuously consume it, it will take them to the graveyard better than a fixed lifespan by supreme power!

As life's needful understanding is fundamentally wrong towards happiness, 99% of the people are going in the wrong way towards graveyard without knowing the REAL PURPOSE OF LIFE & WHAT WILL GIVE PEACE!

Inbetween even though they find some interesting videos, motivational speeches, life truths' writings & some other mediums which say about the reality of life, they really feel fresh and they want to change themselves instantly. This is called short time inspiration! But to stay in that, it will take consistent following!

Like what?

Developing Good Work Habits

The life's new change even come from getting up early in the morning, positive thinking, positive words usage in speaking, appreciation method, helping others at the same time saving ourselves, respecting others, trusting the supreme power, showing love to everyone, traveling to positive places, doing daily meditation & more as best healthy habits.

They really get inspired by any of the above-said mediums towards the change. They will even start it in their life towards positive change. But within some days or months, they will leave that good habit very easily! Their mind knows that they are leaving the good thing. But they can't continue that good habit even they know it is good!

In the knowledge level, they will know that it is really good for health and life. But they couldn't follow it.

Why is it happening? What is really stopping the healthy habits to do everyday?

Nothing other than OUR OWN MINDS!

Yes, you have to accept it! Our own minds only playing with us! It is only destroying our good life and good changes in life! How and why?

Because, all these past years, you have trained your own mind in other lethargic ways! I mean for YEARS! Not days or months! This means you have literally made a comfort zone in your own attitude and character by the support of the mind! Who is thinking it is good and it is not good? That is none other than your OWN MIND! 

Yes, you are getting conflicts with your own mind as per your past life storage and beliefs!

As you've trained your mind in all other negative ways for years, it will always work in that way only! Because that much LOAD you gave strongly to the mind to behave. So your mind will like to stick with that only! It won't take new changes suddenly or immediately! If you need to learn something new, even good or bad, you have to do it continuously and forcefully at the same time without a gap!

Then only your mind will think that it is the most needed thing and we have to accept and react as per that need. Your past life habits and mind storage is stopping your new life! I mean a new positive life! So if you want to change it, you have to give overload on a daily basis into your mind to change.

Or else it won't hear. It won't obey! It won't follow! It will always stay in its comfort zone only! So you should know basically that, you and your mind both are not the same objects! Yes! Both things are not the same! 

If you want to follow some good things regularly then you have to force it! You have to follow it continuously at the start! Then only it will become a part of your life. Or else you can't win and travel in good positive changes in your life by the support of best habits for success.

Because you should have more VOLTAGE & POWER to remove the Old Dust & Garbage inside You!

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