1 Worst Mistake of Parents Kills Immune System for Kids

 1 Worst Mistake of Parents Kills Immune System for Kids

Parents never like to lose the health of their kids. They really taking care of their kids so much. They are concentrating on more about their kids' life. For their kids' safety, they are taking many safety precautions for their well-being and also long healthy life. That's the reason they are taking advantage of their kid's food, hobbies, activities, habits, and more. Nothing to say wrong in this.

But in this mechanism world, ignorance is growing faster with the parents itself. The grown adults also behaving immaturely. We have to accept this truth. Especially to say, everyone is thinking that, once we reach some age & got married, we got maturity and we got more brilliance. That is completely a wrong perception! Age alone can't bring us maturity or brilliancy! It is all about realizing the truth and also analyzing the actual facts of experiencing things!

So what is the biggest mistake of parents that they are doing to their kids which completely affects the immune system for kids? Let's see the fact clearly!

Technology is growing daily. So the urgency of the world and laziness also getting grow with the technology. What is the result of it? Laziness stops thinking about the healthiness and well-being of self & others. 

In the current situation, due to the stress and depression related jobs, the common people are facing infertility issues. They are really struggling to get pregnant. They are going through much medical support to conceive a baby. After long struggles finally, they are getting pregnant to see their kids. 

When they've faced this kind of long struggles to get pregnant, parents are thinking that they should take care of their baby so much! Not only them, actually those who are so affectionate with their kids really want to safeguard their babies from the illness and diseases. We should appreciate this concern. But at the same time, we shouldn't lose our mind unknowingly in kids' health and their immune system!

60% of upper-middle-class parents are doing this blind mistake all over the world! What is the biggest mistake they are doing with their kids' health? 

Whenever the Fever, cold, pain, or any other kinds of problems or diseases come to kids, their own body's immune system is getting prepared to fight with the Viruses to make the baby's health more positive. The immune system is the greatest shield for the kids and also to all other adults and humans. To say about kids, we should make the Immune system for kids so strong to fight with the viruses and other infections.

But what are we doing? Immediately we are giving the kids injections & tablets to stop it! Parents should understand one thing very clearly in this!

You can't raise your kids without any fever, cold, pain, or other normal & NEEDFUL diseases! It should come with each and every baby! You shouldn't stop it purposely by giving medicines and injections. You can go to the doctor and use injections and tablets only when the problem is very high. But for normal fever and normal cold and other normal problems, you no need to worry about it!

How and Why?

Because you have to leave the virus tension and infection problem to the Kids' immune system. Then only it will learn to fight with such kind of viruses and take the data of it. Perhaps if you are stopping it by giving tablets and injections, then the immune system won't learn to fight back, and also it will lose the opportunity to get the complete data of harmful viruses and bacterias. 

Understand, IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THE FIRST & BEST DOCTOR! Not medicines!

When you leave it to the immune system, definitely it will win those harmful things. Till that time the kids will be in a fever and cold only. It will take hardly 3-4 days maximum. After that what will happen? Automatically the problem will go away. 

Even if the same problem comes next time with the kid, as per the collected data of the immune system's ANTIBODIES, it will easily identify the harmful virus and very fastly fight back and win! 

But what are you doing in this case? 

Immediately going to the doctor and stopping all the natural functions of the immune system badly which is actually need to do its work.

Checking with the doctor about the seriousness of the illness is ok. But when you found it is a normal and needful fever, cold or other common illness, then you no need to worry about it. Just give your kids healthy food, fruits, vegetables to increase the immunity for your kids. Rest of the things your kids' immune system will take care of! 

All tablets, antibiotics, and injections have long time side effects even for single time usage. So don't give it to your kids often. It will affect their life badly! Instead of it give the high IMMUNE FOODS to them! Because 

FOOD is the BEST MEDICINE always!

 So give the immunity boosting foods for kids always!

Best Immune Booster for Kids! 

Apart from these, there is another common mistake which is been happening by the majority of parents. What is that?

Stopping their kids to play in Sand & Clay, stopping their kids to roam in Sunny, and also stopping their kids from going into the rain!

This is another important and also idiotic thing with parents to kids. Why?

Because whenever the kids play in clay and open ground in sunny, yes there are more bacterias and viruses. Kids will get a fever or other problems. I am not denying it. But that should happen! Why?

Then only the kids' immune system will take the DATA of all kinds of Viruses & Bacterias. So it will make ready its antibodies to fight with them. The more data of the harmful virus which is been collecting by the immune system, the faster it will fight with them and give a healthy life to the babies.

How to prove it scientifically in the concept of immune booster for toddlers?

Vaccination is the best example! 

When they inject the vaccination, they are injecting the DEAD VIRUS into the baby's body. After that, for 2-3 days the baby will be sick. But automatically the baby will come back to normal life after 3 days. Why are they doing it? And what is happening actually?

Actually, they are giving the data of the certain virus to the baby's immune system. When the virus enters, the baby gets sick. But when the immune system got the data of it, creating antibodies immediately and wins in the fight with the virus. So the baby is back to normal life. 

Ignorantly you are spending money to make it happen in the vaccination concept. But see the past life of our ancestors! They were playing in sand and clay. They went everywhere even without slippers. They played in sunny. They went in the rain! Yes, the illnesses came! But it stood only for some days! After that, the body knew about common viruses and all other things!

So positively the past ancestors didn't have any side effects or same fever or cold often! Why? Because the immune system works so much faster than the past to destroy all kinds of viruses! That's why they've lived for a long life span too!

But what is the saddest truth now? Even though you are caring so much for your kids, many problems are coming to them! Life span also reduced when compared to our ancestors! So you should be very cautious about their food and also the needful activities! 

Also, learn about half stomach eating habits to live life more healthily!

At least now understand the truth of this and realize how the body is working! Before reading about international politics, money, earning, achievements, games, or any other things, first basically learn about HOW THE BODY IS WORKING! Because the body is the base for everything to live a healthy life! Without the body, there is no life!

So don't afraid about your kids' life so much. Their own body itself has so much power to fight with illnesses. Just leave it to them. Don't interfere and stop its natural process in immune support for kids.

Your care should SAVE them, shouldn't KILL them!

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