1 SECRET: Be Happy For The Opportunities That You Had Lost

 1 SECRET: Be Happy For The Opportunities That You Had Lost

First of all, understand one thing very clearly! 

If It Has To Come, It Will Come! If It Is Not Suppose To Come, It Won't Come!

Yes, this is the biggest secret of this universe. All these days you were thinking that you were doing in this world and you are a DOER! But that is pure ignorance. You are not a DOER! You are just a WITNESSING person as a TOOL of supreme power!

If I say this is a secret very clearly, I have to explain Karma, Karmic Structure, Soul, Universal Law & more related to it. It will take more time & space to describe it. Also, It won't end in a post. So as of now, you understand one thing clearly, you can't control anything here

For instance, your hair is not in your control, your inside organs also not in your control, your mind is extremely not in your control. In this case, how can you say you are controlling everything in your life?

You may think that you are controlling everything here. But you are not! That is the truth!

So that I am saying don't worry about the opportunities that you had lost! It may be a very big opportunity, very wealthy, appreciable, life-changing, even it will make a huge impact on your life positively. But you should accept that, you are not in control of it!

At the start, you may think that you've lost a big opportunity knowingly/unknowingly by mistake. But that is not the truth. Don't worry about it! That is not your piece of cake! Something big is waiting for you dear! Yes, I am not convincing you! I am just saying you the honest truth! But you should learn the experience from it! That is the most needed thing for your growth! Experience matters a lot!

You may see many people will grow in front of you. Many other people will get many opportunities. Sometimes you may also see that worthless people & silly people also will grow. But you no need to worry about it! How & why?

Because the fruit which they are tasting now is the outcome of their past life/birth outcome. So that they are enjoying it right now. So don't worry about it! You will have your turn without doubts! You will have a big day! You will have your greatest assets! You will have your appreciation & also you will have everything that you need for your happiest life!

How am I saying this very surely? Let me give you an example!

In this heavy competition world, everyone is rushing for money. Everyone is going forward to achieve something. Even though the big competition is there, there is no problem with your daily basic needs! You are eating, right? You are having your costumes, right? You are having your shelter right? 

So what am I saying to you now? You are already having your basic needs. Moreover, you are alive too! 

But what are you looking for more? That is your desire and passion. There is nothing wrong with it. You can have desires and also passion. But it shouldn't be greedy! It should come under enough mentality. When will your desires take you on a dangerous path? Only when you don't have ENOUGH MENTALITY in anything, then you are in danger! Other than that needful desires & passion are really appreciable.

In this case, do you think can't you achieve your needs in this world? Definitely, you can easily win it. You will have everything that you need. All you need to do is having patience & working towards it!

How should you work then? 

Choose your field perfectly first! You should like that field first. So that you can work without having hatefulness & carelessness. If you choose your field which you don't like or for namesake, then you will lose your energy completely! Then you can't expect the growth from it.

What next? Once you choose your winning path, put your complete efforts there only! Don't waver outside. Even though some other person is growing in front of you in another field, don't get distracted. Your focus shouldn't get wasted! Focus completely on your work and passion.

All the experiences, shits, insults & more negative things that you are going to face in that field are to SHAPE YOURSELF only! Understand it! So that you will come to know everything very perfectly! You will learn the art of saving your money, fame, achievement, sustainability & everything in that field. Don't change your field often. Be focused on the same. At the start, it may seem that you are getting nothing.

But actually, you are getting irreplaceable experiences. Experiences are the most valuable thing in this world. In the future, your experience will get converted as WEALTH! So use your time very potentially. Don't be worried. Just develop your qualities, then everything will fall in your place!

In the past, you may be lost many valuable opportunities. Don't worry about it. Because your worries will make you to do nothing other than always worrying about that. Realize & Accept that, some other thing is waiting for you! So you should prepare yourself for it! How am I saying this?

Analyze your past life! You may have missed many things/situations/opportunities. But later you may felt that "Time GOD... That didn't happen in my life!" It may be love, marriage, work, money, passion, desire, or anything! You really don't know what you need. So leave it to the universe. Trust me, it will definitely take care of you! In this evolution world, everything is happening perfectly in the unexplainable calculation!

Didn't you think the same as above mentioned about your missed opportunities? Yes right? 

So that saying, you can't judge anything at the start. Only the time will say what is right and what is wrong! What fits for you & what won't fit for you! Your lost opportunities might have saved you from the biggest losses in all ways. Sometime you will come to know it. Many times you won't come to know it. 

But it may happened/happening/will happen more positively for you! So that saying you again and again don't worry about your lost opportunities. Definitely, you will have your time! You are a kid of God! And the God is Inside you as SOUL. The soul is the mini form of SUPREME POWER. Even if you deny it, you will realize it later. It will always do good things for you.

But to make the Good things happen positively for you, you should make yourself ready! Don't stop your tryings! Don't stop your learning! Don't stop your quality & personality development! Don't stop anything that will make you a more mature & lovable person. 

When you start to travel on this path, then trust me, the LUCK, OPPORTUNITIES & ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS will knock your door one day for sure! It will take you effortlessly. Till that just wait, dear! Convert your waiting time usefully in equipping yourself!

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