What Should I Do When Certain Group of People Hate Me?

 What Should I Do When Certain Group of People Hate Me?

I Hate Being Me & I Feel Like People Don't Like Me!

It is the time to be so strong & be more positive dear! Because this situation is very very crucial in your life! Because you will get demotivated & take life killing decisions very easily at this time. A certain group of people may seem very genuine, lavish, mature & also intellect. But all that doesn't mean that you don't have the quality.

They will easily corner you like anything. There may be many reasons behind it. They will form a group of same wavelength people to hate & hurt you. Sometimes they will do it purposely. Some other times without any purpose. Why?

It is like, the Eagle always eager to kill Snakes!

We can't say or give any reason for it as it is the needful manufacturing defect! It will happen very easily in your life. Whenever they see you, they will automatically throw some stones (painful words or negative things) at you. So you will easily get offended!

That's why saying, be very very careful at them. All rich people are not mature. All mature people are not genuine. All the genuine people are not valuable in other things. Somethings will miss with some people. That is the law of this universe. Understand it first!

No one is perfect here. So whenever you are seeing any kind of person, don't get excited or hated. Because everyone is hiding their negative things inside them. You may not know it. I mean all the people! It is really very hard to make the mind clear & perfect! Mastering the mind very very very toughest practice. Without the blessing of the supreme power & right gurus, it is not possible! So you just be calm and cool. Try to raise your quality by having patience & handling calmly.

Your vibe may irritate many people easily. Their vibe may not suit you. So they will get irritated soon because of you! 

You should notice one thing very clearly in this. When you feel that everyone hates me for some/same reason, then you are having a problem with that for sure! So you should consider yourself on that by analyzing clearly to change towards the positive side by making necessary changes with you for your good life. 

Perhaps if you really good & behave gently in the needful places, still some group of people is hating you, then you don't have any problem! Actually, they are having a problem! Understand? You no need to change yourself negatively to make them satisfied. At the same time, don't be stubborn with your attitude and character all the time!

You should bend yourself as per situations & time! That is called SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! This nature & attitude only will win most of the time. Perhaps if you are always stubborn with your attitude and character, then you will suffer a lot to achieve your needs in this world. Because this world has billions of people and billions of minds. 

They are the resources & they are the opportunities! If you mess up with them, you will lose many things in your life.

So adjusting depending on the situation is the most brilliant & winning way of living. So you should learn to avoid Ego & go behind the needful things without changing your good base. Very clearly to say, BE LIKE WATER! It doesn't have shape, smell, or color. It will become what it will get or reach! 

That's why water is the most needed thing in this world! That's why every creature including humans is looking for water! Without water, we all will die! So water is the best example of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Now, when you are a gentle & good person, and doing your daily jobs & works, this world never leaves you freely! They will try to mess up with you in any other way. Conflicts will start to come within seconds even in unexpected situations, even if you are so good. That's why saying, it is a very common happening for all human beings. So you shouldn't avoid it. But you should learn to handle it more maturely!

That is the main thing in reaching the next levels in this world towards the happiest & peaceful life. Perhaps a certain group of people hate you for no reason or for different reasons on a different day even you behave still good, then understand that they are EVILS! 

They may seem rich, nice, talking polite, even they may have powers & position. But all that doesn't mean that they are appreciable characters. 

Firstly don't get offended by them. Show yourself bolder! When they find that you are weak, they will go to any extend silently to make you harmed! They won't plan anything particularly. But everything will happen automatically for your sadness! When you are alone & you are seeing the group of people coming forward to hurt you in all possible ways, then it is the time that you should stand more bold & mature! 

As the tears are very costliest material, don't waste it for cheap people! And also honesty & maturity is a very very godliest thing. So don't expect it from very cheap people.

So what should you do when you see such people in your life? Try to mingle with them without spoiling your good nature. Because you will get polluted easily when you are with them! Their vibe will dominate you! So be careful about that! Try to handle their cunningness & negativity by appreciating them and without disturbing them. Most of the negative people will be happy & won't disturb you when you surrender to them & handle them very gently and maturely. Perhaps if they still make you hurt & worried, better stay away from them! What next?

Show your strength by forming your same wavelength people. But don't get into fights. They should get afraid of your circle, people & growth! Don't worry about your circle! Everyone will get their needful people from this society. Your vibration will attract the same vibration people for your safety. Understand that no one is perfect in this world! And also no one is having the power & rights to destroy you! It is an illegal offense too! But they will do every negative thing from their dark side. So you should realize that you too have people backup. 

The opposite people are evils! You no need to do anything to destroy them & their bad intentions. Because there is a supreme power & positive vibration. It will do its work in the eradication of evils in all possible ways. You no need to make cheap fights. Your good attitude, nice mentality & positivity surely will win.

In the starting, it may seem like you are going down & you are not going to win. But that is not like that. The starting stage is for shaping up yourself. I mean you will learn a lot about the people, society & also all other needful things. This experience will enlighten you more. Once you come to know the real faces & aftermaths of other people & your own activities, then that knowledge from those experiences will make you live a very bold & strong winning life!

No matter even the whole world turns against you when you have the proper reason & moral thing inside your heart! Because God knows what is right & what is wrong! So don't give up your efforts ever. Just proceed more confidently & more brilliantly even after you lose. That consistency & struggling nature will get the tasty fruit for you! 

So what will you do when some kind of people hate you for no reason? Tell them boldly that, 

I didn't Die Yet!

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