6 Breaking Reasons of Long Distance Relationship Failures

 6 Breaking Reasons of Long Distance Relationship Failures

Why Most of The Long Distance Relationships Fail?

I am not saying all the Distance relationships fail. There are more couples still living with happiness in these criteria even though they live far away from each other. But these failures are happening with most of the Long distance relationship couples around the world. Even though the couples are cute, adorable, adjustable, caring, romantic & most understanding, still there are many possibilities for the relationship to get failure. 

The bitter truth in this is, actually the outside people no need to do anything for their breakup. Because, the long distance relationship couples itself go through some own mental pressures & end up in failures. Why is this happening? What breaks them mentally? Let see one by one!

1. Relationship is Completely Based on Needs & Expectations!

Yes! We have to accept it. Even though we say, love is pure, gentle & godly, still, there are more expectations and needs for a male & female. We can't deny it. As there is a physical & mental need in the needful times, when it can't happen, then the gap will start to rise invisibly inside them! Understand, these needs are completely needed for people's MIND! 

So even though you are so mature, when you couldn't get your physical & mental needs at the needful time, then it will form as negativity inside yourself. Yes! The only way to fulfill your mind is, fulfilling its desires/needs. Because mastering the mind without doing anything is not possible for common people. It will need years of practice! And no one is ready to do it. Instead, they will just go for another option in choosing another partner easily. All they need is happiness & comfort! Not sacrifices.

2. Suspicious Mentality!

This is another biggest game-changer in Long distance relationships. 90% of common people will easily suspect each other. I mean Male & Female both. At the start, it may start like comical jokes or casual talks regarding other friendships & affairs. But that start itself will drive them crazily into many chaos & doubts on the opposite gender's character. 

Because both people will go through the same disappointments in the basic relationship needs like, Hugs, Kisses, Foreplay, Traveling Together & Dating & Having Sex Before marriage & more. But as both people are in long distance relationship, they couldn't do it that much easier. So they will suspect each other after some point. That leads to the love breakup.

3. Locally Available Person's Influencing!

The couples may live in different locations. They may be strong in love too. But when they couldn't go through their mental & physical needs while they face pressures in the workplace, education place, or wherever, then they can't control their mind! It means, their own mind itself makes them think always about it & it will give so much pressure. 

At that time, even though they speak through phone & video chats with their partner, they can't fulfill their complete needs. So the locally available person may interfere in you/your partner's life easier. It may start as a friendship. But in the end, there are many possibilities for friendship to turns into Friendship with Benefits. Thereafter it may go till the marriage too. Why is this happening? The LOVE, AFFECTION, CARETAKING & IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE presence will make that magic mentally with any people effortlessly! 

4. Wrong Commitments!

Some persons are basically not good at giving & fulfilling their commitments. It may be financially or personally. So when a person can't fulfill the opposite gender's needs personally and financially often as said before, then the opposite person will easily think in a negative way about their partner. The gap will go very bigger! Their own minds themselves will do the play without their knowledge.

As they couldn't get anything from them as per expectations & the opposite person also missing their previous commitments, they will value their low efficiency & won't compromise themselves anymore to stay in the Long distance relationship like the past! So it is so much important to fulfilling the commitments, especially when the opposite person needs it for sure!

5. Sudden Character Change!

Actually, the character is not permanent. It will change from time to time depending on the situation. But to explain from common people view, you may saw your partner differently in the past. But when they go out of the country, they may live a completely different life. Because they will meet different people, eat different foods, live in a completely different culture. That will change any person very easily. At that time when you try to speak with them, they may behave differently which is not like the past. 

You may have loved the different character of that person. But when it changes, and when you can't see that same character, then you will get completely disappointed. So you will ask them about it. They will deny it. No one will accept it. Even if some people accept it, they won't try to change it like the past. Because they will love to live in that way as they feel it royal & special. At the point when you realize that, you couldn't make them live like the past, then the relationship will get failure because of the sudden character change. When you can't forget your partner, those memories also will give you more pain.

6. Money Changes Many Persons!

Yes! When a person started to live a completely different life wealthily, then they will have the opportunity to meet new attractive people, new friends, a new circle of contacts. As a result, they will learn many new things as habits. When the new habits come, then they will need that kind of pleasure & happiness often as they will get addicted to it. 

So they will forget their old life & they will start to live a new life. As a result, they will forget their past life partner very easily. Further, purposely they will create the situations to make the breakup happen as they love to live a new life with new people. So when the money comes, then it will change everything very easily in a negative way mostly. Handling the money in a positive way itself very very biggest task which can't be done that much easier by common people!


Apart from all these painful & irritating circumstances, if your partner still behaves so good & taking care of you so much means, then you are going to live your life in HEAVEN on this earth while you are alive! Respect them more, love them more & appreciate them often for their great quality! Because that kind of person is not common! They are very pure souls & special kids of God!

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