1 Ignorance About TIME Destroys Many People Life

1 Ignorance About Time Destroys Many People's Life

Time Is An Illusion!

You may have heard this many times from many mature people. You may have also read about this. But even after reading many times, some people can't understand why "TIME" is an illusion. So let me give the clarity about the TIME in the very easiest away and very easiest understanding. I am explaining this from a very common person's point of view. So that you will understand this very easily.

First of all, why do the people are doing many mistakes, problems, crimes & more negative things in life? 

Because they are thinking that, there is no one to control/punish them other than the country's law & cops. So that many people are doing many problems, mistakes, and many immoral activities with the support of the law & also with the support of cops. As a result, they are earning a lot of money in their life and also they are living a very luxurious lifestyle. Luxury means everything. From materials pleasure to maternity.

Now think about this! Why everyone is earning? 

Because they need their daily food & also a comfortable lifestyle. That's why people are mainly focusing on the money first. So that they are thinking that they will get everything thereafter. That is actually not the truth. Even after earning millions & billions, many people are still struggling in their life for happiness. Because happiness is not in any outside materials. We had already talked about it very clearly in our previous posts.

So very mainly you should understand that everyone is running for MONEY! Everyone means, most of the people in this world. Many people are able to earn. Many other people are not able to earn as the destiny & efforts are being very different from a person to another person. 

But the thing we have to notice very clearly in this is, People are thinking that the maximum lifespan of humans is 80 - 90 Years. Actually now in this mechanism & urgent basis anxiety world, reaching 50-60 years itself became so hard. But to explain this TIME, let's take 90 years as best & highest as of now. Don't get into healthiness and all other calculations about 90 years as it is not needed now. 90 years for a person is a Good Lifespan.

Ok now, what do you think immediately when I say 90 Years?

OMG! Yeah, it will take more time and more years to live right? And also you are thinking a little bit bored as the destination of 90 years too long right? 

Lol! The play of Supreme Power exactly starts from this IGNORANT THINKING only about TIME! How? Let me explain to you more deeply now!

For instance, assume that I am giving you a billion dollars as a loan to spend on your needs as per your wish without any question. You can spend as per your needs & desires. 

But the only condition is, you should give me this borrowed money back on your last day of death! I mean you should give me this money back by the 90th-Year-Old ending. As this is a Loan, you should definitely give me back this money. Perhaps if you can't give me this money on that day, don't worry, I won't claim this from any of your family members as you are the sole responsible person. 

What will you think about this offer now? 

You will definitely feel me like a Mad right? Why? Because you will think that, however, you are going to die on your last day. So you will enjoy this billion dollars loan money till you die as per your wish without any hesitation and afraidness. Why? 

Because the settlement duration is very very long positively. And you are going to die on the last day of your life. Moreover, even if you are not in the position of settling your loan money back on the last day of your life as per your previous agreement with me, you are going to die. So I can't claim my money from you nor from your family or any other circle once you die.

So definitely you will feel this as a jackpot and you will get the loan from me without hesitation to enjoy. (If you are a so genuine person then this example doesn't suit you. So excuse me, genuine guys. Just I am coming to explain the actual fact)

The common people will definitely feel me like a mad as I am offering a non-profitable, lossy & idiotic offer. But actually, I am not! There is a big twist behind this offer. What is that?

It may seem that I lost my loan money with you & you are going to enjoy till your last day of 90 Years' lifespan with my money. But actually, you were mistaken completely about this 90 years complete lifespan. You are only thinking that 90 Years is very long & also you are going to enjoy this money as per your all desires. But for me, TIME IS NOTHING! The 90 Years is very next second to me.

It will pass just like that in a blink of an eye! Being a human kid, you are thinking that this is big, this is small, this is long, this is short, this is a long life span, and this is a very short lifespan. You are calculating all these things by the STORED DATA of your mind. But for me BEING A GOD, I don't have MIND! I don't have that PART with me. Yes, those WHO DON'T HAVE MIND, THEY ARE REAL GODS!

Because the mind only having the likes and dislikes, plus & minus, positive and negative, good and bad & all other calculation & storage. The one who doesn't have the mind, they will reach the limitless possibilities! They will merge with the existence which is doesn't have a starting and ending point!

To make this more clear, assume that you are 26 years old person and met with an accident today. Immediately you are going to the "COMA" stage. The doctors are doing surgery for you. And you wake up positively after surgery. Once you woke up, you are seeing the date, shockingly you come to know that you woke up after 64 years & you were in a coma for all these years. But how did you feel this? You will feel that you got up immediately after the accident. But the years passed just like that within a blink of an eye right? Yes, all coma patients will say this, you can verify it!

How this has happened? 

All these years you didn't have the mind! When the mind came, the TIME has come again! When there is no mind, then you were in a limitless & infinite stage. 

When I say this, you may ask me immediately, what is the use of being in the coma stage without doing nothing? There is no enjoyment & there is no use at all! Yes, that is absolutely right! So what am I saying to you now? 

To reach the higher lever of realms & possibilities, am I asking you to be a COMA patient? Not at all! I am saying, there is a way & method to enjoy this daily life with all the wealth & health without having the MIND by having full of CONSCIOUSNESS! The mind has deeper layers & sections! You no need to quit your mind, same as a Coma Patient. Actually, you can take complete control of it as per YOUR NEED! Yes!

Yogis, Spiritual People, Saints & Enlightened Wisdom People are enjoying their life in this way only! If you stuck with the Mind, it will harm you more! It will give you more pain! The pain, conflicts, tensions, struggles & all other hateful things which you are going through are by your own mind only! Not by others or other outside materials! So you should learn the art of MASTERING THE MIND! This is a very very important art to live this human life more potentially, magically & miraculously!

Without knowing this, people are thinking that we have more years & we have a long lifetime. But that is not the truth. Everything is happening in the blink of an eye! 

Even thousands of years are getting passed like this. Being a very common human being, we couldn't understand this. As we don't understand this only, we are feeling Billions of Dollars as jackpot (My above-mentioned offer) and using it for 90 years. Billionaires also getting pain & problems in all other forms like diseases and other expectations. Many people are struggling a lot without getting the jackpot! Many other people are doing many crimes & many issues without knowing the Karma outcome. 

Now assume me as a GOD! Yes, I mean real POWERFUL GOD who gave you that offer! Being a God, actually what is the trap in my offer? I gave you billions of dollars (Just Colour Papers in my Creation or Just Digital Visibility in your Bank Account) as an Illusion. But actually, I also gave you the highest potential to reach me, become me & mingle with me. 

But what are you doing? 

You are taking my play as so serious & forgot your fullest potential! Many enlightened people are saying this often. You may have heard about human's real potential too. But you got trapped in your comfort zone which is actually an Illusion! Your own mind tricked you! 

The mind is the only obstacle that stops you to reach me! All the spiritual practices by all yogis & spiritual gurus (Teachers), Mystics are to MASTER YOUR MIND only! Only the ways are different. But the destination is the same! Not even 0.0001% doubt about that!

The only biggest & needful Achievement in this life called reaching EMPTINESS! To make you clear, in Islam, the SUFIS (Siddhars or Enlightened Mystics) say that a mental state called FANA(A), in Hinduism it's called SHOONYA (Zero Level). All other in-between things are Just MIND GAMES!

Yes! We are in between the unknown play which actually has a totally different destination of going in the reverse process! So what is the Cost that you will give for this ignorant living? You will get into this magnetic field again and again! "YOU" mean, your MIND! Because of your shapeless MIND, you will get mixed experiences in different bodies & different names!

The actual "YOU" is not your body or mind! YOU are the ENERGY/LIFE FORM/SOUL/EXISTENCE! Remove the mind from your current being! Then you will immediately understand it what is this PLAY!

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