Why Do Enlightened People Say Beautiness Is Dangerous?

Why Do Enlightened People Say Beautiness Is Dangerous?

Dangerous Beauty!

There is a common saying which came from an unknown place. We are just witnessing the word. But not it's native or it's writer/author who wrote it. What is that word? Actually that powerful word?

Beautiness is Dangerous! Or we can say Beauty is Very Danger!

Whoever may tell. But it has very deep meaning inside. Is it really sensible? Does it really has reliable content inside? Yes, it is! Let's see in detail.

First of all, when we start to talk about beauty or beautiness, it doesn't mean only the GIRLS/FEMININE. Because this WORLD has more beautiful things. This earth has more wondering beauty on it. 

Firstly, what is beautiful, and what is ugly? 

When an enlightened person sees a thing, any materialistic or invisible thing (Yes we can see many invisible things after some point of Yogic Practices), even the ugliest thing, it will be visible as a VERY BEAUTIFUL THING to them. Because their observing nature & maturity is completely different. So to know the truth of the above-mentioned WORD which we are talking about, let us see the thing from a very common person point of view. 

So that you will come to know the truth very easily. When we are talking the things from the common person perspective, you will get it instantly. 

So what is beautiful in the common persons' point of view? 

The things/objects which are all so impressive or which will have the capacity to make us continuously have eyes on it, that is called beautiness. What is ugly then? For some reason, or even without reasons, because of the seeing object, it's nature, style, shape, or anything that we don't like, which don't have the capacity to impress us is called UGLINESS. I told very clearly this is the common persons' point of view.

Ok, now think... Why do enlightened people say that Beautiness is dangerous? 

Because EYES are just a tool. It doesn't have the capacity to analyze anything. It is just seeing tool. Then what is really seeing through your eyes? What is saying that it is beautiful or ugly? 

That is none other than YOUR MIND! Yes, your pre-programmed (Pre-Programmed by yourself only by your likes & dislikes) mind only. You had put many instructions in the past to your own mind that, "I LIKE THESE THINGS & I DON'T LIKE THESE THINGS".

That is the reason through the eyes you are seeing something & your mind says it is BEAUTIFUL & it is not beautiful! Understand, your eyes are not saying it. Your mind only saying it! Read it again & remember it all the time in this anxiety world! So what is the outcome of it? Let's go deeper now.

For instance, see this most beautiful frog. Same as this, some frogs are so beautiful to see. 

But very badly to say, it has highly poisonous skin. It will harm & kill humans and other creatures very easily. Same as this, there are more beautiful snakes, animals, and other creatures in this world. It may seem so beautiful. But it will kill the people immediately. I am not saying those creatures are bad. But that is its nature. It will try to save their lives from us. So it will use the defense system and poison to kill us very easily.

That's why enlightened people are saying beautiness is very dangerous. More clearly to say, take the example of Humans. Not only girls, but there are also more beautiful and handsome boys too! Within some seconds, by seeing the outlook of them and their physique you will immediately start to like them. But you will come to their real character later only! Their cunningness, bad thinking, cheap behaviors, and all other negative things will be visible to you later only! 

We can't judge them immediately. Many people are using their physical attraction as the greatest tool to impress people and misusing them in all possible ways. Some other kinds of people using their most impressive words to impress others and misusing them in all manners. 

That's why the mature people say that don't get trapped just by the look and it's beautiness. The real beautiness is not in look. It is very dangerous. The real beautiness is inside the heart! If you want to see the real beautiness, you should take some time to analyze it. 

Don't come to the judgment immediately. Time & Space will show the real colors of people and other things. All you need to do is WAIT! Nothing is the greatest discoverer than TIME & PATIENCE!

And if you got impressed by something or someone by beautiness, that will close your doors of Needful Intelligence! When you start to enjoy the beautiness, the very next second you will go into the mental state of ignorance. I am not saying you avoid beauty. But at the same time know it's real nature. Because the visual illusion of the seeing object/creature/person will set a trap somewhere which you don't know. It will steal your time, happiness, money & everything! So don't get trapped!

When something is beautiful, it is time to analyze it. Not to enjoy it immediately!

That's why mature people say that, even in the highest level of beautiness, have some time to analyze it to know the truth behind it. At the same time don't always get into the judgment. Because if you are always judging the things, then you won't come to know what is BLISS! Mind means Intelligence! Heart means Happiness! 

You should learn when to use your mind & when to use your heart! Don't worry... By continuous & consistent stay in this understanding, you will master this ART!

There are more beautiful things which won't harm you. You can enjoy seeing it, touching it & experiencing it. I am just saying you that, go the judgment only in the needful times. Especially when you see something impressive. Because the traps & dangers always come to convince you, by your desires only. That too from your needful expectations only. So beware of beautiness always!

Hope you got my point!

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