4 Reasons Why Should You Chill With Less People


4 Reasons Why Should You Chill With Less People

When you saw this title, the very second you will think that, 

"If I chill with very few people, then how can I grow in my life? Because there are many types of people & many types of character. There are more opportunities coming from many people. So if I deal with very few people, then How can I achieve my Goals? How can I win in life? How can I learn many things?"

Like this, you will get more doubts. First of all, you should understand that, 

Speaking with people for Needs is Different, Having Bonding with people is completely different!

Did you get my point? 

Yes, I am not saying you avoid contact with more people. But I am telling you to avoid BONDING with more people! Because bonding will create chaos & problems later! You really don't know, at the start, it may seem like you guys are so attached & emotionally connected. But for sure, in the future, this attachment itself will bring unexpected problems.

How? Because when there is a bonding, then there will be expectations. The expectation may come in many forms & on many things. So when you can't fulfill their expectations, then immediately their mind will start to have a conflict with yourself. Not only them, you too unexpectedly & unknowingly will start to have expectations with the bonding people. Even though you know this truth, You can't avoid it! In fact, no other people too! Because the mind's power is big. It will automatically create chaos!

For instance, from a very common person's point of view, assume that you guys wished to meet each other at someplace. Due to some other unavoidable circumstances, you are arriving late at that place. Your friend may wait at that place for a long time. So when you arrive there, even though he/she doesn't tell anything about your late arrival, their mind automatically will start to think negatively about you or it will hate you a little. It will get the conflict with yourself. The same applies to all common human beings!

Even if you are a punctual person and arriving always on time, you people will get a conflict in many other scenarios and situations. That's why saying, when you have bonding with more people, you can't fulfill all of their expectations. So it will be sweet at the start. But it will be bitter at the end for sure.

So how should you deal with people maturely when you like to have more success in your life as life has success formulas and experiences from many people only?

The clear & frank answer is YOU SHOULD ACT!

What am I mean by acting? Acting means, the outside people should get impressed by your impressive words, activities, thinking & approaching! Everything should be acting! But beware, they shouldn't come to know that you are acting! Because when they come to know that you are acting, they will hate you! So you should perform very gently & nicely!

Immediately you may ask me, "If I am going to act in front of other people isn't it wrong? Isn't it a cheap & immoral thing?"

Not at all! Don't worry about it. Because this whole world and all people are acting depending on the situation. Character, situations, thinking, people & nothing is permanent in this life. Everything will get changed from time to time & it passes away after some time. So you should realize this WISDOM truth & act more efficiently to get your things done!

How am I saying that everyone is the actors in this world?

For instance, I am saying this from a very common person's point of view! 

Assume that you gave some amount of cash to your beloved person from your emergency savings. The opposite person fails to settle you back at your emergency time as per the previous commitment. The pity thing is, you can't ask them harshly as the opposite person is really reputed and their situation is really bad. 

At the same time, you are also in a very emergency situation and no one is coming forward to help you! Now, what will you do? With the conflict & without any other way, you will say "OK" to that opposite person for later settlement. But watch your inside feel now! Listen to your mind now! What it says? Definitely, it will say, next time you shouldn't give the money from the emergency fund. Moreover, you shouldn't have cash dealings with the close circle as you are about to lose their friendship for money.

Now say me what did you do to him? Didn't you act? Yes right? How?

Even though your mind is saying that you are in a big emergency, your mouth only said "OK"! But your inside mind & emergency need didn't say "OK"! It is still worrying! Isn't your OK was acting? Yes, it is the very needful acting to save your friendship/relationship.

Same like this we will act with many people in daily life! I am not saying you to be Selfish. But I am saying you to save yourself & get your needs done by needful acting morally! Your acting should be very appreciable & gentle!

At the start, you will really suffer to act without knowing the limitation as you didn't have conscious experience in the past. But when you start to Act like this positively & morally for your needful life, then you will become a MASTER in acting! That is the Art of Acting in Real Life!

That's why I say, choose very fewer people to have a friendship. That person should be very worthy as per your need. You should know what is your need & what is not your need. So you should choose your friendship circle accordingly. At the same time, you should also help them with their needs!

With all other persons, you should do only acting! Acting means not lies. Acting depending on the situation. Sometimes acting will be needed with giving money. Some other times acting should be needed without giving money to save yourself. 

I am very clearly saying, you shouldn't have an attachment with more people. Because, Attachment with nothing means, connected to Everything! 

That is the law & secret of this universe. Don't worry about the outcome. This universe will take care of you when you get into its law & path! People should like/love you by your acting. You should make them believe that you are caring for them. But at the same time, you should take care of yourself too! 

Very shortly & clearly to say, you can speak with many people brilliantly for your moral needs. But you should have bonding with very few people only! It will make you a more clear & mature person! That's why the Enlightened people say,

The less people you chill with, the less Bullshit you deal with!

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