1 Life Is Not Enough To Do All Mistakes & Learn From It!


1 Life Is Not Enough To Do All Mistakes & Learn From It!

Learn From Others Mistakes

Very frankly to say, this one life is really not enough to do all mistakes, I mean all the mistakes in this world & getting experience from it to glitter as an experienced person. Because there are trillions of mistakes over here. Each and every field in this universe (Not only earth) has many parts & infinite mistakes. Now you think, how will you do all the mistakes even if you wish to do it? Actually, you won't get sleeping time too, if you start to do only the mistakes in this life! 

Yes, there are infinite mistakes. So being a wise man/woman/transgender, we should learn from other people's mistakes. This is called a brilliant move! Because there are millions of people who lost their happiness, assets, huge amount of money, stability & everything to LEARN IT (Everything). To learn that, they did many mistakes in their life. If you want to do the same mistake in your life, then you should definitely have the same background & assets, same as that person. Is it possible? Not at all! Moreover, even if you have the same as them, it is not your job too!

The only reason for human living here is to enjoy it. Not to do the Mistakes. Got it? 

That's why we always say, throw out your ego & go forward to ask with the experienced persons about their life travel and their past life killing mistakes. Some people won't disclose their experiences. Because they will feel that it is a treasure! Yes, it is very true! Why should they give you? They won't give that most valuable treasure to someone just like that very easily! Because they've compromised their most of the life span & everything to learn it. There is no need of teaching some other person. So painful to hear right? So what will you do to learn?

Don't worry! There are more good-hearted people in each and every field. If you are mature enough in asking them politely without seeing Ego, then they will come forward to teach you! What is the benefit to them as they are teaching that to you? 

They will expect only your wellbeing! Nothing more! They won't expect anything from you. Because they just want to save many people in this world. They really wish the common people shouldn't face the same worst experiences & most painful situations as them.

So they will come forward to teach you. All you need to do is, going with an empty mind. So that they will fill it with nice & needful content! Those assets will save you from many things and also it will make you an irreplaceable person in that thing! 

Don't underestimate any persons that much early! You really don't know who are they & in which path they've come from! The mature & most valuable persons are always silent. Silent doesn't mean that they don't know anything! Silence has more content inside

When you are in the mentality of "I AM NOTHING, I AM STILL LEARNING" then all the positive doors for your bright life will get opened. You will be in limelight! At the same time if you think that, you are so mature and you learned a lot, then the very next second all the possible doors for your happiest life and wisdom will get closed. That's why saying, again and again, be Gentle, Polite, Lovable & Care Taker! 

This nature only will make you a more potential person in everything! Don't always worry about money! Because mature & wise people always wish to improve their quality first. When they become mature in their quality (on anything), then the people will follow them. When people are there, then there will be fame & recognition! More simply to say,

When there is Crowd, then there is Abundance of Wealth!
People are not just people! Each and every person has their respective contacts & assets (Including Intellectual). Their contacts may be in big level. Some other people's contact may be in very small level, but its value might be very big! Always think & realize that you are NOTHING still!

This mentality only will work like a MAGNET & grasp all the positive things around you! At the same time don't think blindly that no one is watching you! Actually, god (Supreme Power/Energy) is watching us always. Apart from God, there are more intelligent people who are always watching us! They are noticing us. We don't know it! Through our social media platforms, projects, thoughts, writings, visuals, advice & in all other mediums they are watching you! 

Hope you heard some news like, "From a village, a boy wrote an impressive coding & got appointed in Google for Millions of Dollars salary!" 

How did the Google Notice it that too a Village boy? Let's see next!

"Common normal Girl was selected by an entertainment production company to Perform live on The World's most reputed Event" 

How did they notice her? Same like this I can say thousands of examples to you! The matter which I'm coming to tell you finally is, just increase your quality, equip yourself more even though if you are not getting any opportunity! Because Waiting time is for shaping yourself & getting ready for the SHOWTIME! You should prepare yourself well for it.

More clearly to say, assume that I am going to give you an offer of Your Country's President/Prime Minister designation without an election. The very next day you are going to sit in that Most Reputed Chair! The whole country is going to work under you! You will have more powers! You will get more commanding opportunities. But, do you really know WHAT IS THE JOB OF A PRESIDENT/PRIME MINISTER?

I mean do you know each and every responsibility of it? No right? So even though I am ready to give you an unbelievable offer like this, you are not in the position of getting it! That's why saying, you should prepare yourself first for the HITTING SHOWTIME!

When you have the quality, then each and every people will start to respect you when you get that position and powers. Without preparing & equipping yourself, even if you get that position, you will get 99.99% of haters & critics against you as you don't know the job! Even if you tell me that you will learn everything after getting that position, yes you can learn. No doubt about that!

But there is much difference between Speaking Strightly to the Audience from heart & Reading everything from a note & conveying it to the same audience! Yes, you will get marks when you copy. But you can't be a winner! Some other person will get the winning cup!

When the majority of the people turn against you, then your mind can't handle that pressure & you will go to the very worst situation in your life. Even you may die because of the bad critics! When you understand this very deeply, then you will start to react so maturely by respecting others

That's why saying you again and again, very frankly & honestly learn from others' mistakes. Value their experience. Respect them! Even you can learn something from an ANT! You can learn something from the SHIT too! It is all about how you perceive it. Just open your mind and make yourself ready to receive it! Then you will start to see the wonders & miracles happening in your life! I mean real miracles dear! When you start to live in this mentality, then this whole world will start to work favorably for you! Trust me... It is not my words! It is the words of this UNIVERSE! Law of this UNIVERSE! Trust me,

This UNIVERSE IS A MIRROR! You Just Smile... It Will Smile Back For Sure!

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