1 HONEST TRUTH: Your Government Is Your Biggest Enemy!

1 HONEST TRUTH: Your Government Is Your Biggest Enemy!

Worst Governments In The World

This is not a joke! This is a great & honest truth! Why am I saying this? Am I planting a bad thought about your ruling government inside you? Not at all! There is no profit for me in any way. And that is not needed for me too. Still, why am I saying that your government is your biggest enemy?

Because the ruling government is, through their powers & position, destroying the Humans' fullest potential in all possible ways. 99% of the governments all over the world are doing it purposely. Some of the ruling leaders don't know it's severe outcome & base need of it. But being like a Doll they are just signing the papers and making the law & and orders done against the humans.

Some powerful people from powerful positions know about this. But many other people even in powerful positions don't know about it. Why? Because they are just following the self profitable ruling system & instructions from the very very higher level world-ruling families! With or without their wish, they have to follow it. Or the top families will kill a person or change a person who is in power. Further, they will appoint a person who will work favor for them.

This is really hard to believe. But this is what actually happens! How to believe it? Let me give you some deep examples. So that you will come to know your deep powers & potential! Have little patience and read slowly & repeatedly!

Each and every person have unbelievable supernatural powers inside them. Scientifically to say, the POWER of a spirit/Soul/Atman. Many researches are going around the world to find the secrets behind it, as the government & highly knowledgeable people know very well about HUMAN POWERS. In Ancient Tamil Culture, they say is POWER OF CHAKRAS inside the body. To say it, Moolaadhara, Swadhishtana, Manipuraga, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna, Sahasrara. More clearly to say, our body is the mini form of the WHOLE UNIVERSE! Yes! The whole universe is inside each and every one of us!

What are all the powers we have? 


Yes, all these things are very easily can be done by all common human beings. We were born with all those abilities. When a human attains a certain level of mental state & understand the MIND & BODY, then they will achieve anything very easily within minutes! Yes. Not a joke! 

That is called ENLIGHTENMENT! If you take & read the notes of Enlightened masters like Buddha, Ramana Maharishi, Mahaveer, Osho, Agatthiyar, Bogar, Jesus, Nabigal Nayagam & more, then you will come to know our real power & fullest potential.

By the guidance & practices of those enlightened masters, many common people had reached the very highest level of powers & needful wisdom. 

But what is our position and what are we doing actually now? We got stuck into many entertainment-related things, fights, useless expectations, ignorant needs, running without knowing life's truth till die & more. I am not saying entertainment & all other needful things to live here is wrong. That is really needed to chill. But actually, we got addicted to many cheap and small things & forgot our real purpose of life & need in this birth. 

And that is what needed for your Government too! What is that? Actually, they don't need people to get the highest level of knowledge! Their main motive is to make us jailed for these cheap things. The bitter truth is, we really don't know these hidden bars. Actually, we are bleeding, but we are thinking like it is a red color mixed water! 

As we are in an overdosage of entertainment & other cheap anesthesia, we couldn't realize the pain!

How the governments are making you suffer & purposely making you an Idiot?

The government can stop all the hurting & life killing materials immediately and can put a law for humans' goodness against money-sucking corporates. But they won't do it!

For instance, the daily toothpaste which you are using has chemical components & it is affecting your pineal gland daily! The pineal gland is generally called as THIRD EYE, which has unimaginable powers to experience this world in a more Blissful way! But it is getting damaged daily. We are losing its deep ability to perceiving data.

Same as that the Food & its raw materials also have adulteration inside it! It is a slow poison! That's why even small age kids are getting many diseases very early! The water which you are drinking doesn't have any needful minerals! Artificially adding minerals are not useful in any way! It has to come from the river & lakeside clean sand. So that it will have needful energy (Water Prana). The air also getting polluted so much! Oxygen level is draining day by day because of the eradication of Trees. Amazon & Australian Forests are getting fired by humans itself.

The most needful Medical field is the highest level of money-making medium nowadays! Actually, it should be given for free to all the citizens of the country. But the medical mafias are earning billions by killing the people. They cure a very very less percentage of people only. 

Actually, their main intention is, not to make you cured. But to use their medications for life long. So that you will be their customer. They've killed many natural & alternative medicine people who cured even cancers, AIDS & all other life killing diseases!

The education system which people are learning now is not for a man to become enlightened. But to work as a Slave under a company! I am not saying working under a company is wrong. Choosing work is the freedom of a person. But actually, the people really don't know anything about enlightenment & their full powers. Governments are purposely hiding everything & not opening their mouths regarding those in the most needed basic education! 

Even though when some mature & enlightened people coming forward to teach & make the people go beyond Bliss & Ecstacy from sitting place, the government plans something to make them "Disappeared" in all possible ways.

For instance, read about WORLD FAMOUS ENLIGHTENED MASTER Osho (Rajneesh), life history. In USA, he made most of the people understand & realize their real powers through some spiritual practices. Like Witnessing The Mind, Tantra, Tantric Methods, Sexual Intercourse Meditation, Pineal Gland Activation, Dancing in Bliss & more. As a result, his truth & care towards people gained millions of people as his followers. He made many people to realize their powers & many people got abnormal & unbelievable abilities

At some point, he made the whole Christianity to, get fade out as he had the World-Changing Truth & he was lively made many ecstatic things happen even to common people which were all not even heard in any books & any other people. What happened next?

The government got afraid because of the downfall of Christianity. They hated Osho completely & made many fake illegal cases against him. They've tried much time to kill him. But they couldn't do it as the reach of him was so high & he was a very noticeable person too. Finally, osho came out from the USA & went to many countries to enlighten more people.

This same thing happened to Nikola Tesla in a different way! He was a Serbian-American inventor, the electrical engineer got famous for modern alternating current electricity supply system. In 1943, at the age of 86, he died. But his death still has many mysteries inside as he invented the most advanced powerful & needful energy for all common human beings for free of cost. The government hated it & his good intention too!

World-famous Martial Arts icon Bruce Lee also got killed mysteriously. Don't underestimate him, he is a very sharp & highly enlightened human being who gave many life-changing enlightening tips to common human beings!

Like this, there are more examples. Why the government is purposely making us suffer like this? Because they want power, money, fame & everything. Their greed is all about ruling the entire world. For that, they will go any extend! They hate world peace & love! Instead, they will create wars & kill millions of people very easily!

That's why I say, we can't change the entire world. But, if you are a little mature person, then you can come out of this life killing danger & wake up from this dream world

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