1 Best Way to Keep Your Teeth Healthy is SELF DISCIPLINE

1 Best Way to Keep Your Teeth Healthy is SELF DISCIPLINE

For Strong Bones and Teeth We Need Self Discipline

Why am I saying this? What is the connection between self-discipline on healthy teeth & bones? Yes, there is a big connection with those. Even though I give you the world's best teeth remedy to whiten or make it more strong from the manufacturing of DIRECT GOD itself, if you don't have self-discipline, it won't work positively for you. Moreover, it won't give you long results too.

Why like that? What is stopping your teeth's health even though you have a very costly & 100% working remedy for teeth on your hand? Let's see this in detail.

Your Past Habits Will Make You Forget

Yes! All these past years of living, you have lived a completely different life. So when you come into the realization of Teeth's importance, then you will love to take care of it. Even though that thought comes into you, the past habits will stop you in dental hygiene and health for sure. 

This means, the past life lived nature, habits, mind data and everything will make you collapse on taking the remedy continuously for your teeth. It may be for healthiest teeth whitening or whatever. When you can't consistently remember the importance of your teeth & it's health, then your past life habits will push you into the pit again, so you can't get healthy wisdom teeth.

Toothpaste Has Cancer Content Inside

Most of the toothpaste has cancer bringing chemicals inside. If you have doubts, read the news below.

- Says Business Insider

Understand one frank & honest truth. To get healthy teeth, bones & body, we have to turn for ORGANIC FOODS, ORGANIC PRODUCTS & in all other ways for ORGANIC NATURAL LIFE. Very sad to say, we have the very very highest volume of people in BILLIONS around the world. To give ORGANIC PRODUCTS & LIFE to everyone, there are no NATURAL RESOURCES like Trees, Herbals, Plants, Seeds & more for all. 

The available very less high-quality life saving organic products are going to the RICH, not the common, upper middle class & poor people. But the ruling government & corporate people need more MONEY & LUXURY life. So they are using the common people's daily earnings through their daily needs as cheap & worst quality products. 

Understand, you can't analyze, examine, or see the inside ingredients in any kind of product. You have to believe the APPROVAL LABS which is in Government & POWERFUL PEOPLE's control. There is no other way. As a result, we are using cheap, harmful & slow poison products without our knowledge. So what can we do now? 


We can't change the entire world. If you were AWAKENED from these manipulations & cheap mind games of ruling people, then try to save yourself first. Find the best ways to take care of your body. It is not selfish. To make others happy & enlightened as per your possible ways, you have to be strong & healthy. So that saying, beware of the products that you are using! Especially the Toothpaste is the daily using product which is going inside you. So, find the 100% natural & organic tooth powders to pass this danger!

Your Mind Will Trick You

The mind is the biggest power in this universe. Especially when you like to come to the CONSCIOUSNESS in your life, it will try in all the ways to make you live the past life which was shit. Especially in this teeth related remedy, even though you have Life changing product to make your teeth strong like steel, even if you intend to use continuously in your life, you can't do it! 

Why? Because you will get doubt about that product or method. Some products will give immediate results. Some other products will give late results, but long-lasting results.

In between, you will get a doubt about the product and stop using it! What is the reason? Your monkey mind won't like it. So it will trick you! It will create unnecessary thoughts & afraidness about the product. It will create tricky thoughts in all other ways to stop it. 

So you will automatically get doubts about the product! As a result, you will stop using it, even if it is 200% natural & working well! Some other times, the teeth related product or natural ways will give you quick results too. You will start to see it. Even in this stage, your mind will trick you by saying that, you got everything perfect now & you got healthy gums & teeth now, So Stop using it! You will believe it and stop it for sure. Because, in the conflicts & struggles between the MIND & WITNESSING CONSCIOUSNESS, in the starting stages, the mind wins you mostly!

Self Discipline & Your Healthy Teeth

When you have self-discipline, then you will automatically watch each and every activities and behaviour of yours. As a result, you will have consciousness in everything. From smells, eats, walks, touches, senses & everything you will notice/witness. Once this nature & ability comes within, you will understand, Teeth is the base for a long lifespan.

So you will stick on that needful change. As mentioned above, your past life habits will try to change you towards the worst life again. But when you have consistent Self Discipline, then it will help you to stay on the right path & natural life-saving things. Don't underestimate it.

Teeth are not only important for Beauty, but it is much more important for a long lifespan. In Tamilnadu, India, the buyers who buy Bulls/Cows, check Bulls/cows' healthiness, age & strongness by checking the teeth only! It says about healthy and unhealthy teeth. And the teeth says everything about the inside body!

Moreover, teeth are the thing that does the healthy snacks for your teeth & food to be chewed & go inside the stomach. Food is been converted as Energy to live. Without chewing we can't eat anything healthily. Chewing is much more important to make the saliva to be mixed up with the Food. 

That saliva mixed chewed food only will get converted as the proper Energy to the human body. So understand, teeth are the base. Keeping it healthy even without brushing is the most important thing in humans' life. Hope you understood the best way to keep your teeth healthy is Self-Discipline basically.

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