5 Habits to Gain Respect As a Woman in The Workplace

 5 Habits to Gain Respect As a Woman in The Workplace

The Inspiring Attitude of Women in Workplace

Very frankly to say, if you are really open to accepting my tips and ideas to become a great & inspiring woman in your circle, friends, workplace, then these upcoming explanation will set you high. But the actual thing is, following this is really really hard! You will need long practice! Because, all these past years, you have lived a completely different life with a completely different attitude.

So when the change comes immediately, it will be little different & weird for yourself first as well as outside people. So first of all don't worry about any other outside people when you love to change yourself! It is your life! It is your attitude! And it is your game! And you have to play as per your wish with positivity.

So throw out your worries and tensions first. If you want the change within you which will affect the workplace positively, then be happy, because it will happen just within some minutes. 

Yes! I am not joking! The change will happen only within minutes! Can you believe it? No right? Ok, shall I prove it now?

Assume that you are an Angry & Short Tempered person. And you are entering the workplace. You may have gained some haters for your attitude. What will happen? Some people will hate you for your character. Some other people will start talking bad about you! Some other people won't consider you. You know it well. So how the change will happen now? Immediately you are going forward with your haters, and picking up a most prioritized hater of you and apologizing to him/her for all your past mistakes!

What will happen next? He/She will get shocked & get confused right?

They may accept your apologies, or may not too. Most of the good people will accept it as you are coming forward to say sorry. Even though they won't accept, definitely they will think about your soft handling nature, right? They will discuss it with their fellow people too! Yes! It will just happen within minutes! Now can you believe? 

Yes, the change will take only some minutes. But remembering your change & being on that same STAND is the toughest task! 

If you behave, you will get results. But the billion-dollar question is, can you BEHAVE? If so, how long can you BEHAVE? 

Exactly there is more treasure! So being a woman, what are all can you do to gain more respect by remembering the above-mentioned challenge? Please don't get offended by the following truths. Because the giant life-changing positive things are always in hardly facing frank truths!

1. Don't Gossip!

Don't talk about anyone behind their back! Especially who you don't like! This will save you from many unavoidable problems. Being a woman, you will talk for entertainment purposes easily about others. Some people will understand it. 

But many people will hate it. Most of the people are waiting to corner the girls with silly reasons. So don't create a chance for it by your gossiping habit. When you stop talking about others when they are not there, then you will get huge respect for this nature! Realize, this WORLD IS WATCHING YOU!

2. Show The Talent, Not Beauty!

Don't ever underestimate the knowledge and the judgment of the common people in this world, especially in your workplace! They are watching you regularly. They are not your judges, but if you need respect, then you have to do certain things. In that, being a woman if you are beautiful, it is an added advantage only to get the attraction of others. 

But you shouldn't always use this beauty as your tool to mingle with people. When you gain these kinds of people, it may seem like they are genuine. But you will come to know their real faces in the hard times. They will use you like anything and leave you in sufferance. So always gain the people by showing your talent, knowledge, healthy discussion & nailing your valuable points at all the needful time. When you behave like this, then the fans from this kind of Vibration will stand with you even in hard times.

3. Don't Expect Appreciation, Give it!

Mostly the women nature is, they would love to hear from others about them positively always. This is not a wrong intention. But if you are always in expectation, then it will not be given for a long time. So be the GIVER instead of GETTER! Positively, the biggest HAPPINESS FORMULA is, 

You appreciate others, then you will be appreciated by others automatically!

Yes, this is the fundamental truth of this universe. 99.9% of common people are expecting appreciations for their works, compromises & many things in their life. They are longing for it badly. So if you are being an appreciation expecting person, then you will stand in-between billions, no one can see you. Instead, be a person who is always ready to appreciate others! Then immediately you will stand uniquely among billions & most of the people will notice you! This nature will make MAGICS & YOU WILL GET SUPPORTERS from many places!

4. Don't Complain, Make Them Understand!

Understand, the solutions won't come from complaints! The major solutions always come from realization & understanding! So don't be in the mentality of complaining! Instead, find other ways to make a person understand their mistakes. 

You can't make some toxic negative people understand even if you die for it. So leave that kind of morons. I am talking about common people. They know that they did that mistake. Their mind knows it well, but they will afraid to accept or for some Ego clashes. All you need is just results. Not cornering them! So use your position & power wisely even if you are in the position of destroying their life! Approach them politely & make them understand. They will definitely value your down to earth nature! Trust me, they will celebrate you for this nature!

5. Accept Insults & Don't React!

Being a woman, it is really hard. But if you practice well in this behavior, then you will be the most powerful person in this WORLD! Because this nature is the essence of ENLIGHTENED BEINGS! Normal people will react easily to everything. Mature & Enlightened people, know that Nothing is Permanent. So they will understand that this too will pass away. 

As a result, they will just smile and walk away. I am not telling you to be calm & composed even in an unavoidable situation where you need to talk & explain. Just see the situation & know your importance in the gentle or hitting behavior. But when you were pushed to behave hard, then immediately forget it & come out of that happening. Or else that situation which was stored as DATA in your mind will irritate you often. So that telling.

When you behave same as this, It doesn't mean that you are an idiot or worthless. Because in the starting it may seem like you are suffering. But gradually you will get strong willpower to face any kind of problem very easily. Those people who told you that you are an idiot for your tolerance will come forward to discuss with you later to come out of their problems! Yes, you will gain your FOLLOWERS for sure! 

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