1 Truth Will Make You Search Where To Get PURE WATER

After Polluted Everything Where To Get Pure Water?

Importance of Energy and Water Consumption and Quality of Life

Importance of Water in Animals, Plants, and  Environment

The ancient Tamil Enlightened Poet/Yogi Thiruvalluvar said in THIRUKKURAL that,

Neerindri Amaiyathu Ulagu

This means, without Water, this whole world will die! Read it again! Without water, Humans and all creatures in this world will die without mercy. Because water has that much importance in our life. Water is the base for everything to run life smoothly & healthily. That's why, the ruling countries in this world nowadays, started to save the groundwater level in their countries. 

They've stopped many manufacturing industries that consumed more water from underground. Why did they stop even though there is a huge need for manufacturing things and materials? Because the government knows very well that, WATER IS THE IRREPLACEABLE LIFE-SAVING NEED than any other luxury & all other costliest things in this world. 

Nowadays, the higher level awakened governments around the world are calculating the country's value, reputation & also their wealthy status only by calculating the AVAILABLE WATER LEVEL in other countries. As a result, they are giving the order & creating the manufacturing industries in the "SLEEPING GOVERNMENT" countries by spending so much cash as a bribe to the ruling people. 

Why? Because they like to save their water level and their people. At the same time, they like to have their industries run to get their needs. So they are destroying other country's resources and innocent people, especially in the water! Yes, water has that much importance on Earth & its creatures.

Water Prana/Energy In Points

You are thinking that you are drinking clean water which is coming in your house's tap. That is not the truth actually! It may seem clean, but it is not! 

Clean water is not Pure water, Understand... 

Then isn't it water? Yes, that is water. But that water won't give you any healthy results. Moreover, the sexy advertisements which say that certain company's packed/bottled water has ADDED MINERALS and all, really don't have the EXACTLY NEEDED COMBINATION for the needful water energy to human beings. They are just advertising their brands in people's ignorance.

The true researchers say that, when a human continuously drinking the namesake/impure water which is available all over the country, after 40-45 years old, will get affected by the majority of health issues in the body. 

Not because of genetic or any other reasons. Mainly because of the Ignorance about water. So you should wake up from the dream & should drink the PURE WATER to live a healthy life and for a long life span to enjoy this world. Water prana/energy is the most needed energy level for the human body. When a person continuously missing it, then they will suffer a lot physically and mentally too. How?

Their whole body will start to work against them. The thinking level will go deadly down. Maturity won't grow. Laziness will conquer them. And more life killing happenings will start to happen in humans' life.

Explain the Importance of Water in The Body

Water Has Emotions!

Did you hear about the Japanese Scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto (江本 勝, Emoto Masaru)? Let me tell you about him for more understanding about water & human life. He found in his research that, THE HUMAN EMOTIONS & CONSCIOUSNESS WILL AFFECT THE WATER'S HEALTHY NATURE!

For instance, take two glasses of water separately & keep it in two different rooms or separately in little distance. In front of one water glass, you speak only positive words, lovely words, inspiring words, encouraging words, and more successful things. After some time if you check the water in a microscope, you will see the water's healthy formation will get more structured as a positive crystal shown like below.

Masaru Emoto & His Water Healthy Crystals & importance of water image
Healthy Crystal Formation Inside Water

Now go to another glass of water. In front of it, use harsh words, irritating words, painful words, hitting words & negative words continuously. Now check it in a microscope. You will suppose to see the water's crystal combination will get damaged like this negatively.

Masaru Emoto & His Water Damaged Crystals & importance of water image
Crystal Damaged Inside Water

This is what Dr.Masaru Emoto found in his experiment. So understand water has life and the water has emotions too! So you should always treat the water like a feelful creature. So when you take it daily inside you to live, you should have PURE WATER first. And then you should be in the POSITIVE MENTALITY AND ATTITUDE to make the water work like a HEALING MEDICINE. I mean, 

In the glass of PURE WATER, you speak whatever you need. He will hear & observe whatever you say. And then it will work as a remedy inside you. No doubts about that!

Importance of Water in Nutrition

Water Is Like Outside Blood!

Yes! Assume that you are a poor person who is not rich. In this stage when you got an accident, will you allow the hospital people to inject impure & badly affected blood inside you even if they say the COST OF IMPURE BLOOD IS VERY LESS than PURE BLOOD which is costly? No right? 

Why? Because you know very well that, even though the cost is less for impure/virus affected blood, you will die soon.

The same applies to water. Water is like OUTSIDE BLOOD only! There is no big difference between water and blood. If you drink unhealthy & impure water daily in your life, you will die soon! No doubts about it. You will start to see the diseases in your body. Don't underestimate the water. Water is everything & the Clean Water is not Pure Water! You should find a way to get pure water which has the highest PH value for long & healthy living!

How to Get Pure Water at Home?

Importance of Storage of Water

Auro Water, Reverse Osmosis, or any type of current corporate products won't give the needful minerals which will give the highest PH (Potential Hydrogen) value. Understand, they can't produce it on a large scale too. Because sellers need money, not your care! Moreover, there are very few ORGANIC SOURCES only available in the country which is needed for highly & rich people. Not for billions of common people. 

So where to get pure water? Don't worry! There are some possible ways to make the water pure. As of now let me tell you the easiest way to make the water pure from your kitchen itself. It will help you in any kind of Diet too!

Buy EARTHEN POT & fill it with available drinking water. Buy Strychnos potatorum/Clearing Nut/Thetran Kottai (Botanical Name/Common Name/Tamil Name) from the available shop. And then buy East Indian grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) also. Now take 2-3 Clear Nut and scrub inside the water earthen pot for a minute and keep those nuts inside the pot itself. 

Now put some East Indian Grass also inside the pot. Close the pot & leave it for the whole night. The very next day you will get the world's best high PH value PURE WATER to drink! If you follow this regularly in your life, then you will get high-level water prana/energy from the water for a long lifespan and avoid diseases. This is the easiest way. And there are more ways like this to get clean and pure water.

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