200% Working Miracle Ancient Memory Techniques By Gurus

200% Working Miracle Ancient Memory Techniques Used By Gurus

Main Reason For Poor Memorization Nature

Lethargic & uninterested learning or observing will make less memory problems. Understand one thing clearly, each and every people's brain has the same ability & same powers. More clearly to say, the Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Agatthiyar, Isaac Newton, YOU, ME & EVERYONE is having the same BRAIN only! I mean the same potential & talented brain only. Then why couldn't you think & shine like those brilliant & enlightened beings? It is not because of the brain. It is because of your very low-level brain working practices only. 

Did the enlightened brilliant persons practice more to make a brain to work like a master? Yes! But not only in this birth/lifecycle. They've practiced this thing for many past lives in different bodies! That's why everything comes easily to them at a high level in this birth. 

What is coming NATURALLY & EFFORTLESSLY to you now is, what you had practiced hardly for many BIRTHS before!

Without efforts, nothing will come positively to you! I am not saying you can't achieve it. But, if you understand this truth and practice well with your brain, then you can remember everything easily & learn everything quickly through your brain. Whether you believe or not, your brain has unbelievable potential and power inside which will make tremendous miracles. All you need to do is, getting into continuous practice.

Ancient Memory Techniques

The upcoming techniques will work positively for college students, homemakers, business people, actors, workers & everyone. Our ancient mature & enlightened people/gurus/masters used some of the important and highly result giving techniques to make their memory shine bright among others. Telling about those is really a pleasure to me. But practicing it matters a lot to you. Because you will get diverted often. 

You will not believe it in the upcoming future. Because your mind will make gimmicks & tricks to make you leave all your efforts which you are practicing towards the positive change. So having this main understanding before going to practice for high-level memory is most important. Or else, all of your practices will go waste in the time of a blink of eyes.

Creating Personal Bonding/Interest With The Subject

This is a very very important thing in learning something new efficiently. Because when you don't have an interest, then it won't enter into your mind and brain. You will just read & observe for namesake. And it won't give results. So if you want to learn or memory something important, even though if it is not relevant to you and you are in the importance of memorizing it, before reading/learning/observing, first create the needful interest with that subject/material. How?

For instance, you are going to learn about cooking now. In past, you didn't have any interest in cooking. Even now you are not having it. But, for some unavoidable reasons you are about to learn cooking. Before going to learn, Speak with Your Own mind by saying that, once you learn this, what are all the positive things & results you will get it in future, from what kind of problems will you come out, in which ways you will achieve your desires and goals & more.

When you are mature to create the connection/interest like this with the memorizing subject, then your mind & brain will understand it's importance. So it will help you to observe easily & your brain will store the data immediately. Understand clearly, SELF INTEREST is most important in MEMORIZATION!

Convert The Information As VISUALS

Yes! This is another very very important ancient technique in memorization which is called training photographic memory & also Greek Memory Techniques. You should convert every information as Visual. If you always memorize something theoretically, you will suffer a lot in memorizing. 

Even though if you hardly memorized something, theoretical knowledge will go away from your conscious mind very soon. In the rivalry between CONSCIOUS MIND & SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, the subconscious wins always. Because the Subconscious mind only, will be active even if you are asleep!

So that saying, the theory will store in the conscious mind. But the VISUALS will get stored in the Subconscious mind. To make you more clear, Assume that I am taking the class of Supernatural Powers in blackboard by writing. Yes, if you are interested you will observe everything quickly even in theory. At the same time, I am giving you a movie called AVENGERS to watch to know more about supernatural powers.

Now tell me, which impressed you more & which is in your mind deeply? Movie or My Blackboard Writing? Of course the movie right? Yes, that is the Irreplaceable power of VISUALS. It will convert everything crazily! 

In this same way, you have to convert the information as visuals which you are reading or observing. Because the visuals won't go out from your memory that much soon as it was stored in Subconscious. This will be the best way to remember vocabulary words and definitions. Even you can remember Chinese characters and other new languages too as you don't know the words & their language.

Don't memorize the Words, Just UNDERSTAND THE CONTENT

Yes, this is one of the best way to memorize information! Good teachers always look for learner's understanding of the content inside. Not the same COPY & PASTE info from books and other materials. Even Google won't like the same copied content. It always needs fresh content inside! 

Even though the topic & content is same in the article, when you write it from your different point of view with different words & different mood, then it will get RANKED on the first page. Same as this, if you always memorize the words, letters even full stop & comma to remember, you will remember for some time only. But you will forget it very soon. 

That's why saying, instead of copying & memorizing the same letters & words from the reading/observing materials, just understand the inside content. Clearly to say, to make small info to understand, the writers may write many useless words & page filling letters. So you just focus on the content inside. I mean the in-depth content. 

Once you understood it clearly, then you can write about it more simply but powerfully in your style. Even you can talk about it very maturely than anyone. That is called WISDOM! In this way only, our ancient enlightened masters read from other Siddhar Books, Songs & Poems to realize the content & wrote their personal experience in their way! Positively many of them got appreciation & became the main iconic personalities too! This way will help in memorize large amounts of text.

Support of Herbals & Healthy Organic Food

Apart from all self trying techniques, your body also should support to make it happen in brilliant memorization. Yes! All these past years, you ate much unhealthy food, used toxic products on the body, and other harmful chemical mixed tablets, injections for your health. These are all will affect your body & organs' fullest efficiency for sure. So even though you practice much with the above-mentioned techniques, when your brain and body parts are not healthy, then you will go to the same worst pit again, which will work against you.

So practice is half and taking 100% herbals and organic natural food is balance half for the brain to work more efficiently. These herbals will work miraculously and bring the brain's actual potential in some months. You have to wait for it. 

Ancient Tamil Enlightened Master Vallalar (Ramalinga Swamigal) said in his writings that, apart from doing Meditation Practices & other Yogic Practices for the brain & mind work more efficiently, the people should also eat important greens KARISALANKANNI (False daisy), VALLARAI (Centella asiatica), THOOTHUVALAI (Solanum trilobatum), MUSUMUSUKAI (Mukia maderaspatana), PULIYARAI (Creeping woodsorrel) daily in their life. 

These are all WISDOM & LIFE-CHANGING herbals which will make miracles in human thinking & enlightenment. Those who follow this will be surprised by more wonders in their life. Yes, these herbals will work like the giant in tremendous transformation inside the human body! In this way learning to remember more with less memorization also very easy.

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