OM (AUM) Mantra With Nature Sound Healing Meditation

OM (AUM) Mantra With Nature Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Frequency Healing

Is it really possible to heal the human body & mind through SOUNDS? Yes! If so, what are all the possibilities & deep reasons behind it? Let's see the miracle & magics behind sound & this universe. Once you understand the concept of sound, then you will understand the possibilities of healing effortlessly through some meditation practices.

How This Whole Universe Was Made?

The whole universe was made out of LIGHT & SOUND only! Let me explain this shortly. You can take any materials in this whole universe. I mean any kind of materials. If you break it & go deep and deep, you will come to know that, it was made out of ATOMS. And the Atoms are the combination of Proton, Neutron, Electron. That is pure science.

And if you go deeper, you will find the ENERGY. That is called LIGHT. This LIGHT only there in all kinds of materials around the universe. I mean the whole universe. So you should understand that the energy/light is the base raw material of each and every creature and object. If you remove the energy/light from any material, then there are no possibilities of making or creating the material. More clearly to say, actually you can't destroy this light. To say this in a scientific way,

The energy can't be created nor destroyed. But the energy can be transformed from a FORM TO ANOTHER FORM!

Yes, that is the truth! You can't create any new energy. Because it is the ultimate concept beyond human thinking. Enlightened People call it SUPREME POWER/GOD. So the LIGHT is the base raw material of everything. And when the light is been compressed in high density to make it as any kinds of materials, it will get converted as SOUND!

Each and every material has unheard deep level sounds inside. Vedas found that is called OM (AUM). You no need to connect it is Hindu's word or anything related to promoting religion. The actual truth is, the whole universe was made out of this OM (AUM) sound only. The light was converted to Sound. Through this sound & light only, we can see & feel the objects available & seen with us. 

Chanting OM (AUM) & Getting Connected to Cosmic Energy

Whenever a person sits calmly and chants OM (AUM) continuously & slowly, then immediately he/she will get connected to the ultimate energy called cosmic which around the universe. OM is the base to connect our body & mind to the cosmic energy. As the OM (AUM) sound is in everything, even in our body, when a person deeply concentrates and intend to chant slowly & steadily, then it will make a body a receiver of the ABUNDANT HEALING ENERGY from the cosmic

Cosmic is the base for making our desires to convert as materials. So when a person becomes a receiver of the cosmic energy through OM (AUM) chanting, then that person will start to see the miracles in their life. How? Because the whole body will start to work like a magnet and it will attract all the positive energy towards him/her. As a result, making all our needs is possible in this way. People call it as OM (AUM) Mantra With Nature Sound Healing Meditation & sound bowl healing.

How Miracles Will Happen With OM (AUM)?

When a person becomes mature & master in chanting OM (AUM), then his/her whole body will transform from a FOOD level to PRANA/ENERGY level. More clearly to say, Mooladhara, Swadhishtana, Manipuragha, Anahata, Visuddhi, Ajna, Sahasrara chakras will get more power in this way. Don't worry, you will find its deep techniques & secrets for the right approach in your continuous practice. You no need to ask anyone.

There is much difference between normal human body growth with food & enlightened human body growth with PRANA/ENERGY from cosmic. So when the body starts to receive abundant cosmic energy, then the body parts will become more healthy & energetic. 

Especially the BRAIN & MIND will start to work like a GOD! Yes, thinking level, observing nature, speaking ability, finding the truths, finding the secrets of this universe & everything will be possible in this way. People call it WISDOM. There are more ways to become enlightened. One of the most unique & working ways is OM (AUM) mantra chanting meditation.

In this way, a person will come to know everything about the materials, creatures & all the universe's secrets gradually. They will start to grasp every available data from the AIR & ATOMS which is mingled in the universe. More clearly to say, your whole body will work like an ANTENNA to receive cosmic secrets & healing sound waves as a signal!

What are all Possible Through OM (AUM) mantra Meditation?

Sound Healing Benefits

Anything can be possible, as it will work at the QUANTUM level! Yes! Tibetan healing sounds are working in this way only. You can fulfill your desires to come true. Deep & pleasant sleep is possible within minutes. You can heal your body & also another person's body through the healing energy. Through long practice, you can heal any kind of disease too! You can manifest your needful desires too. 

You can help other person's needs by saying & wishing through your mouth as you were filled up with cosmic energy. You will come to know what is going in the other person's mind. You will get the ability to read others' minds, predicting their past, present & future, and more supernatural powers through this method and meditation. Anything can be possible through this highest form of abundant miracle energy. But consistent practice & reliability is a must to make these things happen. Note, patience is much more important to achieve bigger goals!

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