3 Minutes Small Prayer Before an Important Event or Meeting

 3 Minutes Small Prayer Before an Important Event or Meeting

Small Prayer on Your Knees Before an Event or Meeting Gives Miracle Results!

This is not only for Christianity. This prayer habit on your knees applies to all humans beings and all religions in this world. Because, when you go deeper and deeper in spirituality, then you will find the Supreme Power is the same for all. 

Then who is Jesus, Allah, Shivan & Buddha in other religions? 

No doubts, they are all God's messengers! Then who is God? 

Actually, God is not a Shaped/Object Material. It is the ENERGY FORM which is inside all materials & creatures all over this infinite universe as ATOMS!

Then how these God's messengers got powers the same as God? Very simple. All the powers are within you! I mean it is in each and every human being in this world. So when you practice consistently through some Yogic practices or by the fullest Bhakti/Devotion of your beloved God, then your MENTAL STATE will reach a certain level of High-Level Higher Realm Vibrations. 

At that time, you will mingle with the frequency of the Supreme Power. Once you started to feel it & realize it, then you will access all magical things same like Supreme Power and its messengers! Because you got the cosmic's connection now! God's messengers showed the way for us through their sacred books like Bible, Quran, Thirukkural, Bhagavad Gita, Thirumantiram & more through breathing practices, Yogic & Yoga Practices, and all other sacred ways to reach the divine & mingle with the divine.

So can you understand now that you are also God who can access supernatural powers? Ok. Now let's get into the topic of Small Prayer on Your Knees Before an Event or Meetings by having this basic understanding of God. So that you will understand the concept and importance of prayer immediately. After knowing the importance of the Mind, do you think praying in tongues in Rosary is important? Not at all. The mind is the key. And the mind should get convinced. For that, you can choose any way which will make it happen.

Why Should You Pray Before an Event or Meeting?

Because you really don't know the meeting person's real nature. You don't know the outcome of the project or combination with them in the event. You really don't know about people's real intentions. 

So before going to the important happenings, when you become empty in mind & surrender yourself to God through the small prayer, then you are making a cosmic connection! You no need to sit for hours and pray. At the same time, you shouldn't pray for namesake duty too. 

Just 3-5 minutes of prayer without thinking any other thing is more than enough to get an immediate connection with your beloved God. You may not know about the connection Signal. But trust me, when you try to quit your mind, then that time you will get abundant energy from God/Cosmic/Existence. 

So at that time, that positive energy will make the event or meeting positively for you. Even after you did everything right, sometimes, the meeting or event may go negative. But don't worry at all. Because later you will realize the Life-saving reason for your negatively ended meeting or event.

Importance of Praying on Your Knees!

Is it really needed to pray on your knees? Yes! It is! Because, if you pray on your knees, then you will get faster results. You may ask me then, does God expect us to kneel? Not at all! 

God won't expect respect from us. Because God knows very well that, you are also the God who is a part of him. Then why is Kneeling? Because there is a biggest secret in Kneeling! It is actually not in kneeling but in that RESPECTING MENTALITY! Why & How?

Many Yogis & Enlightened humans beings around the world are saying, getting supernatural powers like God, mingle with divine & everything is based on MINDSET only! 

If a person needs to go higher level in spirituality, then they have to learn to CONTROL/UNDERSTAND THEIR MIND first. Because MIND IS THE KEY to the GODLY MAGICS! When the MIND always dominates inside you, then you can't see/realize the Godly experiences within you. Why? Because the EGO is the biggest unbreakable wall in between YOU & DIVINE! That EGO called "I" should get eradicated gradually and then completely to see the live magic & miracles. 

What is the big deal in this? Let me tell you. When you kneel down (Wholeheartedly & Genuinely with full of Trust & Respect) in front of the God, Statues, Church, Mosques, Temples, Buddhist Monarch, or any part of place in this universe, IMMEDIATELY WATCH/WITNESS YOUR INSIDE FEEL! You will surely feel LIGHT/CALM within. And then you will gradually forget that "YOU" (Ego). Because when you realize that you are nothing & completely surrender to the supreme power, then the EGO will die automatically! That is the power of surrender! That means your mental state is changing to the PLEASANT/CALM/POWERFUL FREQUENCY. 

Anything you ACCEPT completely without conflict or judgment, immediately will take you to Peace & Bliss! That is the divine's ultimate secret & MIRACLE OF SURRENDER!

But what is the big deal? You can't accept anything completely just like that! Your mind will calculate & judge many things. Understood now? You are your biggest destroyer!

So when you are in the state of Surrendering, your wishes will reach the Manifestation state very easily. Understand, you are not praying to God. Actually, you are praying to the GOD which is inside you & you are God! Don't underestimate yourself. You are not in the universe. Because YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE! And the unexplainable other dimension particles are inside you!

Importance of Prayer and Fasting in Christian Life!

How the fasting will help you to achieve your goals? Very simple. You are getting energies from many mediums like WATER, FOOD, AIR, FIRE & COSMIC to live here. The deficiency in the certain level of needed energy will make the people sick. That is called diseases. You can get the energies from water, food, air & fire easily. 

But getting the cosmic energy is not a small thing! It will only come when your mind goes calm. When will it happen? At the time of sleeping! So that you are observing the cosmic energy at the time of sleeping as your mind is calm & not thinking anything. And then you are feeling refreshed the next day for your daily works. 

If you overeat, then your stomach will be filled up with it. The human body will expect freely flowing energy nerves & pulses. When you always eat fully, then the cosmic energy won't fulfill the body's needs in healing or transformation in the needful areas. 

Especially to say, to achieve the dream into reality, the cosmic energy is the main key to make the manifestation. To make the cosmic energy to work efficiently and more powerfully, then you will always need half of the stomach eating habit. Tamil Enlightened God's Messenger Vallalar (Ramalinga Swamigal) said this as,

 Pasitthiru (பசித்திரு), Thanitthiru (தனித்திரு), Vizhitthiru (விழித்திரு )!


Pasitthiru - BE HUNGRY (In the light feeling of Hunger AFTER YOU ATE SOMETHING, definitely not full hungry feel as it will make ulcer problem. Exactly to say, half of the Stomach eating will give you this exact feel)

Thanitthiru - BE ALONE (There is much difference between ALONENESS & LONELINESS! Why should you be alone mostly? To Know/Realize Yourself!) 

Vizhitthiru - Always Have CONSCIOUSNESS (To Witness/Experience/Realize the HIGHEND LONG TIME ECSTACY/BLISS & FULLEST POTENTIAL of Human Being)
You can be in full-day fasting once a month. Not more than that. But the Actual fasting which will make you a most powerful & godly person is, above-mentioned LIGHT HUNGRY FEEL which will come after you ate for half of the stomach. In this time only, cosmic energy will flow in high level. Perhaps if you pray for the whole night without so much stress & disturbance, then you will get miracle results as you dedicated your complete midnight time in DEVOTION which destroyed your some part of Ego.

You will feel energetic, positive & you can make your wishes to come true in this habit with prayer. In this same way, praying for others will get faster results! I hope this more than 100 words essay will help you to reach your goals faster.

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