2 Spiritual Pregnancy Help With Infertility Naturally

2 Spiritual Pregnancy Help With Infertility Naturally

Main Leading Cause of Infertility

When we talk about infertility, people and doctors may say many reasons like bad food habits, often masturbation, genetic problems, other diseases, bad habits, and more. But there is only one main reason behind all of these problems. If you find this root cause, then getting pregnant & conceive a baby is really easy. 

But you won't believe it that much easier. And you have to follow certain important things, as this is a purely spiritual way! Don't underestimate this pregnancy cure through the support of supreme power. In this universe, everything is based on vibrations. So when you find the way to deal with cosmic vibrations, then making the miracle things are possible very easily. 

The main reason for the male & female infertility is our previous births' Karmas (Good & Bad Activities). As per our past life only we born again in this world with blessings & curses. It is clearly because of our way of past living only. As per those lives' calculation only we are getting a healthy & unhealthy body, successful opportunities, failures, problems, solutions, and everything! 

So if you make it clear in this way, then getting pregnant is really easy in your current life. If you couldn't get conceive even after many treatments, ways, and pills, then understand there is strong karma that is stopping your blessings from getting pregnant. So, understand this concept clearly, and you will have healthy babies for sure.

Understanding Vibrations & This Universe

This whole universe doesn't know any language. All it knows is VIBRATIONS only. To make you clear, whatever you say, feel, react, respond, it will emit a certain level of vibrations. Those vibrations will directly reach the universe. After observing that vibration only, the universe will decide what are all you need. 

Simply to say, whatever vibration you emit through your activities, this universe will give 10+ times more same vibration to you. For instance, if you emit happy vibrations, you will get the happiest vibrations back. If you emit sad vibrations, you will get the saddest vibrations back. If you emit deadly vibrations, you will definitely get the deadliest vibrations back! That's why mature people always say you to be positive to get more positive things in your life. To say this in a quote,

The universe says, Show me your new VIBRATIONS; I will show you the mind-blowing MIRACLES!

Yes, this complete universe was made out of this main LAW only! It is the law of SUPREME POWER/EXISTENCE. So always be cautious about your thinking, speaking, words usage, activities & everything, as it will get connected to the universe as VIBRATIONS! Through this UNIVERSE'S vibrations only, ReiKi healers are helping the patients to get pregnant.

Unique Infertility Treatment Kit Failures

The couples will go through IVF, IUI, Plan B (Morning-After Pill), ReiKi help with infertility, Apple cider vinegar infertility treatment & many available infertility treatments to conceive a baby when they come to know that they have an infertility problem. But they will face continuous failures only. They might have spent thousands of dollars to become pregnant. But they can't. In some other cases, some couples will get pregnant. But the baby will die before/after delivery due to health issues. 

Why is this happening continuously to the couples? As I said earlier, it is the outcome and curse of our previous births only. It may really hard to believe. But that is the truth. If you can't see something, don't think that it didn't happen. Many unbelievable things with perfect calculations are going with us. That will give a verdict properly as per our blessings & sins. 

Bible verses about infertility say about this clearly in many places. Apart from the bible, many sacred books and enlightened spiritual gurus are saying the same! So, understand when you couldn't get pregnant even after trying all the possible ways, then you are having the BIRTH MARK ON YOUR SOUL to have this infertility problem which is giving more pain and sadness. So finally, can infertility be cured even after a strong bad karmic structure is there? Yes!

How to Overcome Infertility and Get Pregnant Naturally?

First of all, try all the scientific possible ways to get pregnant. Even after you tried everything, if you couldn't make a baby, then this is the time for GETTING THE BLESSINGS MAINLY TO CONCEIVE A BABY! Yes, you have to prepare yourself to gain blessings from many people. In this way only, your strong bad karmic structure on your infertility problem will get broken. 

As I said earlier, vibrations are everything! If you need the vibrations of getting a baby, then you have to VIBRATE yourself at higher frequencies. Then only getting pregnant is possible by the support of SUPREME POWER itself.

How to Get Blessings To Get Pregnant?

1. Sacred Offering of Free Food

When you come to the conclusion of going in a spiritual way to get blessings to get pregnant, then don't waste the time & commit yourself 100% wholehearted to make this happen. The most powerful & irreplaceable remedy is the Sacred Offering of Food to the Poor and homeless people. Finding homeless & hungry people is, little hard at the start. 

But you have to find them and offer free food. And without hesitations, ask them to bless you and your partner for your baby to born. This may seem cheap & useless. But don't underestimate this thing! This will work 200% for sure! Many couples got miracle results in this way! You have to do this regularly till you get pregnant. Perhaps if you are not a wealthy person, at least offer free food for only one person on a daily basis! Their prayers & blessings will hit the universe and it will break your sins and bad karmas for sure!

2. Sacred Offering Of Free Clothes

Find the abandoned/lonely pregnant ladies & homeless people in your area. It is also little hard to find them. But you have to do it! Finding hardly means, you are going all the way to break your own sins/karmas. So find them & offer them free new clothes for them. Same as above, once you offered them, ask them to bless you to have a baby. 

You have to ask this to them without Ego & Arrogance. When you go politely & humbly, then they will pray for sure. And it will work miraculously for you! Even though you and your partner have any kind of physical problems in infertility, these blessings will cure everything for sure! Have trust & follow this regularly!

3. Leaving Non-Veg Eating Habit

This is really hard to do as you love the taste and it is in your deep desires. But understand one thing clearly, even though the Goat, Chicken, Fish, and all other creatures are different in size, shape & color, the ATMAN/SOUL is the same for all including humans. 

The source of power called life/soul is the same for all the living creatures in this universe. So when you kill other living creatures for your selfishness and taste, it is also called murder and killing. Those creatures also have minds. Those creatures also have thoughts. It will curse you for sure as it is having deadly pain and getting killed. Perhaps if you have any doubts or conflicts about leaving non-veg eating habit, then read this detailed article to know it's deep value.

We call it JEEVA KARUNYAM (Loving & Caring All Creatures as One). The base concept is, you like to have a new life in your family. In-between, do you think killing other equal and valuable life is morally good? Not at all! If you want a new life as a baby, then you should understand the value of all lives & creatures in this world! 


Follow these habits regularly without fixing time limits & tiredness. As much as you reach more people & their blessings, you will get your wish to happen early! Just do your duty & leave the responsibility to god. He is seeing you & your activities. And he will fulfill your need for sure!

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